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The Appendix contains copies and abstracts, more or less full, of a great number of documents not previously published. Some of these will, it is believed, prove of interest to the general reader; and many of them, as supplying valuable material of colonial history, seem scarcely less worthy of preservation than the Record itself. These papers have been brought together, under several titles, with such regard to classification and arrangement in order of time, as was found practicable. Of some of the transactions to which they refer, (as for example, the controversy with Gov. Andross, and the affair at Saybrook, in 1675,) an attempt has been made to compile as complete a documentary history as the records and files in the State Department would supply.

In the selection and arrangement of the letters, &c., incorporated with the Journal of the Council, as well as of the documents contained in the Appendix, the principal difficulty has been the compression within the limits of a single volume, of all that seemed essential to the explanation of the record, or that possessed sufficient historical value and interest to render its publication desirable. With what degree of success this difficulty has been encountered, the readers of the volume must themselves determine; and the hope is indulged that those whose experience in similar labors has best qualified them to appreciate the embarrassments and perplexities incident to their prosecution, will prove the most lenient judges.

Indexes of names and of subjects have been prepared with considerable care; and, if less perfect than those who have occasion to consult them might desire, are, to say the least, somewhat more satisfactory than those given with a former volume.

The initial letter of the Charter of 1662, enclosing a head of Charles the Second, is a reduced copy, in fac-simile, of a finely executed drawing on the original Charter.

To friends, in this and other States, whose commendations of the compiler's earlier labors have encouraged him to their further prosecution, he returns grateful acknowledgments; and especially, to the Connecticut Historical Society, upon whose memorial to the General Assembly, in behalf of the continued publication of the Colony Records, a resolution extending the patronage of the State to the volume now published, was predicated.

J. H. T.

Hartford, April 10th, 1852.


The Charter of Connecticut; 3

Records of the General Court, from May, 1665, to Oct. 1669, [from

Vol. H. pp. 206-271.] . . 13

Records of the General Court, from May, 1670, to Oct . 1677, [from

Vol. HI. pp. 1-91.] ... 126

Journal and Correspondence of the Council, 1675-1677; . . 331

Certificate of the Secretary of State; *. • . • • • • 510


L Reports of the Committee to hear Uncas's Complaints; 511

II. Tawtanimo's grants to Richard Baldwin; . . . 513

HL Letters from King Charles H. (1666;) . . .514

IV. Correspondence with Massachusetts, respecting a Synod; 616

V. Lists of Freemen in the several towns, Oct . 1669; . 518

VL The Rhode Island Boundary, (1665-1677;) . . 526

VII. The Mortgaged Lands; Major Atherton and his part-
ners; 641

V1LL. Lands granted by Massachusetts, in the Pequot Country; 545

EX. The rumored Indian Plot, of 1669; .... 548

X. Proceedings of the Commissioners to establish the Rhode

Island boundary; June, 1670; .... 661

XL Correspondence with Massachusetts respecting the boun-

dary line; 1671-1673; 554

All. New London and Lyme Riot; 1670; . . . . 557

XUL Letter from the King, announcing the declaration of war

with the States General, &c 559

XIV. Hostilities with the Dutch, 1673-4; . . . .561

XV. The published Laws, of 1672-3; .... 567

XVL Claims of Gov. Andross; 1674-1676; . . .569

XVH. Laws for the Pequots; 1675; 574

XVITJ. Stonington Petition; 1675; 577

XIX. Gov. Andross at Saybrook; 578

XX. The King's Letter, respecting William Harris; . . 586

XXI. Report of a Committee, abont the Narragansett Lands;

1677; 589

XXII. Letters from Rev. James Fitch, respecting Uncas and

the Surrenderors; 591


Jmrln tip fond, 3h| tjre

DrarP of God, King of Eng. land, Scotland, France and Ireland, defender of the Faith, &c.; To all to whome theis presents shall come, Greetinge: Whereas, by the severall Navigaqons, discoveryes and successfull Plantaqons of diverse of our loveing Subjects of this our Reulme of England, Severall Lands, Islands, Places, Colonies and Plantaqons have byn obtayned and setled in that parte of the Continent of America called New England, and uiereby the Trade and Comerce there hath byn of late yeares much increased, And whereas, We have byn informed by the humble Petiqon of our Trusty and welbeloved John Winthrop, John Mason, Samuell Willis, Henry Gierke, Mathew Allen, John Tappen, Nathan Gold, Richard Treate, Richard Lord, Henry Woolicott, John Talcott, Daniell Clerke, John Ogden, Thomas Wells, Obedias Brewen, John Clerke, Anthony Haukins, John Deming and Mathew Camfeild, being Persons Principally interested in our Colony or Plantaqon of Conecticutt in New England, that the same Colony or the greatest parte thereof was purchased and obteyned for greate and valuable consideraqons, And some other parte thereof gained by Conquest and with much difficulty, and att the onely endeavours, expence and Charge of them and their Associates, and those vnder whome they Clayme, Subdued and improved, and thereby become a considerable enlargement and addicon of our Dominions and interest there,—Now Know yea, that in Considerac,on thereof, and in regard the said Colony is remote from other the English Plantaqons in the Places aforesaid, And to the end the Affaires and Busines which shall from tyme to tyme happen or arise concerning the same may bee duely Ordered and managed, Wee have thought fitt, and att the humble Petiqon of the Persons aforesaid, and are graciously pleased to Create and Make them a Body Pollitique and Corporate, with the powers and Priviledges herein after menqoned; And accordingly Our Will and pleasure is, and of our especiall grace, certeine knowledge and meere mocon, wee have Ordeyned, Constituted and Declared, And by theis presents, for vs, our heires and Successors, Doe Ordeine, Constitute and Declare That they, the said John Winthrop, John Mason, Samuell WiU lis, Henry Clerke, Mathew Allen, John Tappen, Nathan Gold, Richard Treate, Richard Lord, Henry Woollcott, John Talcot, Daniell Clerke, John Ogden, Thomas Wells, Obadiah Brewen, John Clerke, Anthony Hawkins, John Deming and Mathew Camfeild, and all such others as now are or hereafter shall bee Admitted and made free of the Company and Society of our Collony of Conecticut in America, shall from tyme to tyme and for ever hereafter, bee one Body Corporate and Pollitique in fact and name, by the Name of Governour and Company of the English Collony of Conecticut in New England in America; And that by the same name they and their Successors shall and may have perpetuall Succession, and shall and may bee Persons able and capable in the law to Plead and bee Impleaded, to Answere and to bee Answered vnto, to Defend and bee Defended in all and singuler Suits, Causes, quarrells, Matters, Actons and things of what kind or nature soever, And alsoe to have, take, possesse, acquire and purchase lands, Tenements or hereditaments, or any goods or Chattells, and the same to Lease, Graunt, Demise, Alien, Bargaine, Sell and dispose of, as other our leige People of this our Realme of England, or any other Corporac,on or Body Pollitique within the same may lawfully doe. And further, that the said Governour and Company, and their Successors shall and may for ever hereafter have a Comon Seale to serve and vse for all Causes, matters, things and affaires whatsoever of them and their Successors, and the same Seale to alter, change, breake and make new from tyme to tyme att their wills and pleasures, as they shall thinke fitt. And further, wee will and Ordeine, and by theis presents for vs, our heires and Successors Doe Declare and appoint, that for the better ordering and manageing of the affaires and businesse of the said Company and their Successors, there shall bee one Governour, one Deputy Governour and Twelve Assistants, to bee from tyme to tyme Constituted, Elected and Chosen out of the Freemen of the said Company for the tyme being, in such manner and forme as hereafter in these presents is expressed; which said Officers shall apply themselves to take care for the best disposeing and Ordering of the Generall busines and affaires of and concerning the lands and hereditaments herein after menconed to bee graunted, and the Plantaqon thereof and the Government of the People thereof. And for the better execucon of our Royall Pleasure herein, Wee

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