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and the Burt, ma of Charles Burt, the namartha Pewater, mas


may take the name of Eliza Davis Parker; Israel Putnam Richardson, of Medway, minor, may take the name of Putnam Richardson Clark; John Bullough, junior, of Needham, may take the name of John Ballou ; and his wife, Sarah, and their minor children, John Warren, Sarah Eliza, William Henry, and Joseph Willard Bullough, may severally take the surname of Ballou ; all of the county of Norfolk.

Eliot Benjamin Sheffield, of Rochester, minor, may take the name of Stafford Benjamin Brownell; Daniel Howard, 2d, of North Bridgewater, may take the name of Daniel S. Howard ; Joshua Crooker, 3d, of North Bridgewater, may take the name of Allen Jay Crooker; Martha Proctor Ball, of Hingham, minor, may take the name of Martha Ball Corthell ; Charles Seaver Burt, of West Bridgewater, may take the name of Charles Seaver; and his wife, Celinda Taylor Burt, may take the name of Celinda Taylor Seaver; and their minor son, Charles, may take the surname of Seaver; Charles Henry Lovett, of Hingham, minor, may take the name of Charles Augustine Lovett; all of the county of Plymouth.

Alfred Heyer, of New Bedford, minor, may take the name of Alfred H. Perry ; Almira Frances Reed, of New Bedford, may take the name of Almira Frances White ; Arthur Donley, of Berkley, may take the name of George Burt; Peter Stewart, his wife, Anna C., and their children, Caroline Amelia, Catharine Gibbs, and Henry Ridgway, of Attleborough, may severally take the surname of Bishop; all of the county of Bristol.

Michael Angelo Nuzze, of Provincetown, may take the name of William Gale; Elizabeth Taylor, of Yarmouth, may take the name of Elizabeth Joice Taylor; Vinson Cahoon, junior, of Harwich, may take the name of Vinson Franklin Cahoon; Polly Hallett Berry, of Yarmouth, may take the name of Mary Hallett Berry; Reuben Cahoon, of Harwich, may take the name of Reuben Calhoon; Flora Augustine Childs, of Barnstable, may take the name of Adulsa Nickerson Childs ; Isaiah Nickerson Handy, of Barnstable, may take the name of Robert Childs Handy ; Lewis Thacher Crowell, of Barnstable, minor, may take the name of Timothy Baker Crowell; Jesse Hall, of Dennis, minor, may take the name of Jesse Sumner Hall; all of the county of Barnstable.

And the several persons before mentioned, from and after the passage of this act, shall be known and called by the names which, by this act they are respectively allowed to assume as aforesaid, and said names shall hereafter be considered as their only proper and legal names, to all intents and purposes.

May 2, 1849.

y of severally take the Henry Ridgwren, Caroline



HION 1. The hidroad Company in the town in so doing, the head about

road Company, and Cape Cod

[F. R. 1844, 100 ; 1845, 226, 234 ; 1846, 259 ; 1847, 210; 1848, 83; 1849, 169. C.C. B. Chan. 198

1846, 194; 1848, 19.] An Act concerning the Fall River Railroad Company. Be it enacted, &c., as follows :

SECTION 1. The Fall River Railroad Company, and the Fall River RailCape Cod Branch Railroad Company, are hereby authorized to change their respective locations in the town of Middle- Branch Railroad borough, near their intersection: provided, that in so doing, change location they cross with their railroads no highway or town-way on certain condiother than is now crossed by the said railroads, as already located: and provided, also, that the said companies respectively file their locations with the commissioners of the county of Plymouth, in one year from the passage of this

Company, may

in Middleborough on certain conditions.



vided, thate issued fphan the paid

SECTION 2. The Fall River Railroad Company is hereby Capital stock inauthorized to increase its capital stock one hundred and“ fifty thousand dollars : provided, that no shares in the cap- Proviso. ital stock hereby authorized shall be issued for a less sum or amount, to be actually paid in on each, than the par value of the shares in the original capital stock of said corporation.

May 2, 1849. [1849, 212; 185 , 67; 1854, 133.] An Act to incorporate the Georgetown and Andover Railroad Company Chap. 199 Be it enacted, &c., as follows :

SECTION 1. Jedediah H. Barker, William Johnson, and Corporators. Joshua T. Day, their associates and successors, are hereby made a corporation, by the name of the Georgetown and Andover Railroad Company, with all the powers and priv- Powers and duileges, and subject to all the duties, liabilities, and restric- ties. tions, set forth in the forty-fourth chapter of the Revised Statutes, and in that part of the thirty-ninth chapter of said statutes relating to railroad corporations, and in all other laws which have been, or shall be, passed, relative to railroad corporations.

SECTION 2. Said company may locate, construct, and Route of road. maintain a railroad, with one or more tracks, from some convenient point on or near the Newburyport Railroad in the village of Georgetown, through the town of Boxford, to some convenient point on or near the Essex Railroad, near the centre of the North Parish in Andover, at which points the said company may enter upon, and unite their railroad, by proper turn-outs and switches, with the Newburyport Railroad and with the Essex Railroad, and may use the same, under the provisions and restrictions of the laws relating to railroads.

SECTION 3. The capital stock of this company shall con- Capital stock. sist of not more than fifteen hundred shares, the number


be reduced after

enter on this

of which shall, from time to time, be determined by the directors of said company, and no assessment shall be laid thereon, of a greater amount, in the whole, than one hundred dollars on each share; and said company may invest and hold such part thereof, in real and personal estate, as

may be necessary and convenient for the purposes of their Value of shares. incorporation. All shares in the capital stock of said cor

poration shall be issued for the same value or amount, to be

actually paid in on each. Rate of toll may SECTION 4. The general court may, after the expiration five years.

of five years from the time when the said railroad shall be opened for use, from time to time, reduce the rates of tolls and other profits upon said road; but the same shall not be so reduced, without the consent of said company, as to yield, with said profits, less than ten per centum per annum

to the stockholders. Other roads to SECTION 5. The general court may authorize any other

company to enter, with another railroad, upon, and use the said Georgetown and Andover Railroad, or any part thereof, by complying with such reasonable rules and regulations as the said Georgetown and Andover Railroad Company may prescribe, or as may be determined according to the pro

visions of law. Location.

SECTION 6. If the location of said railroad shall not be

filed within one year from the first day of September next, Completion. and if said railroad be not completed within two years from said first day of September, then this act shall be void.

May 2, 1849.

[1852, 160.) [1836, 232; 1837, 152, 190; 1838, 193; 1839, 74, 122; 1841, 90; 1844, 133; 1845,

246; 1846, 245; 1847, 70, 182, 293; 1848, 186, 292.] Chap. 201 An Act authorizing the Eastern Railroad Company to extend their Road.

Be it enacted, &c., as follows: Route of exten- SECTION 1. The Eastern Railroad Company are hereby

authorized to locate, construct, and complete an extension of their railroad, with one or more tracks, from some con

venient point in their railroad, in North Chelsea, to the Partial repeal. Salem turnpike, at or near the same point at which the 1863, 306. Grand Junction and Depot Company are authorized to cross

said turnpike; thence crossing Island End River by a suitable bridge and draw, and crossing the dam and dyke at such a grade, and in such a manner, as not. to impair the same, to a point in Malden, westerly of the United States Marine Hospital, near the junction of said Island End River with Mystic River; thence crossing said Mystic River, with the necessary draws in the bridge, at the channels of said river, of not less than forty feet space, to a point in the city of Charlestown, westerly of the Salem Turnpike; thence,

sion described.

1861, 264.

by the most convenient line, through said city of Charlestown to Thompson's Wharf, in said Charlestown; thence crossing Charles River to the wharf owned or occupied by the Gas Company, in Boston, below Charles River Bridge, making and maintaining a suitable and convenient draw in the bridge, at the channel, to Commercial Street, in Boston: prorided, that no bridge shall be constructed over any of the rivers aforesaid, exceeding thirty feet in width; and the same shall be constructed under the direction of a commissioner, to be appointed by the governor and council, and paid by the Eastern Railroad Company, and any bridge so constructed, shall be deemed to be the limit of the location across said rivers.

SECTION 2. Said company shall provide such effectual Searity to trav. security against any danger to the travel over Charles River et Bridge, as the governor and council may, from time to el may require. time, require.

SECTION 3. The mayor and aldermen of the city of Mayor and aldez. Charlestown, for the time being, may regulate the rate of speed at which the engines and trains may pass over such late the rate of portions of said railroad as may cross the streets of said city at grade.

SECTION 1. Vo stone, gravel, or other building materials, the remai of shall be taken by said company from the lands of the Winnisimmet Company, without the consent of said company, excepting only the land, over or upon which said railroad shall be actually located, as aforesaid. And said company, of strmata man and other proprietors of the marsh within said dam on Lland vaja tirited by End River, shall have the right to build and maintain continuous streets and ways, connecting their estates divided by said railroad, and cross and recross the same, over, under, or on a level with it, where it divides their said estates, or separates them from Island End River, as they shall find most convenient, not obstructing the locomotives and ears running on the said railroad, as allowed in the aets beretofore passed in relation thereto.

SECTION 5. This act shall be void, unless the same shall The set es bevbe aceepted by the stockholders of said company, at a meet- setare ing of the same, called for the purpose, and unless the road shall be located within two years from the passage of this set; and unless the road shall be completed within two Lantas sad years from the time said location shall be filed.

SECTIOS 6. For the purposes of this act, said Eastem w stare Railroad Company may create new stock, to an amount 1 exceeding fise hundred thousand doilars: provided, thaPeva. no shares in the capital stock here og authorized, shall be issued for a less sum or amount, to be actually raid in on

Of water pipes laid by city of Boston to East Boston.


Railroad and De

use this road.

Wharves extended.

each, than the par value of the shares in the original capital stock of said corporation.

SECTION 7. It shall be lawful for the city of Boston, under the direction of the commissioner aforesaid, to lay and construct their water pipes under, or by the side of said bridges, for the purpose of conveying water into and through East Boston, without compensation to the said railroad corporation : provided, however, that said pipes shall be so laid, maintained, and repaired, as not to retard, or in any manner obstruct, the regular and convenient use of

said bridges, for all the uses of said railroad company Grand Junction SECT. 8. The Grand Junction Railroad and Depot Compot Company may pany may enter upon and use the road, or any part thereof,

that may be constructed by said Eastern Railroad Company, within the limits herein chartered, according to the provisions of law.

May 2, 1849. [1851, 128, 242, 264 ; 1852, 164, 167, 305, 306; 1853, 387, 415; 1854, 46, 54, 310,

395; 1855, 149, 227, 375; 1856, 305; 1857, 220; 1858, 18.] Chap. 203 An Act authorizing Rhoades G. Lockwood, and others, to extend their

Wharves in Charlestown.
Be it enacted, &c., as follows :

Rhoades G. Lockwood, and the devisees of Hamilton Davidson, deceased, who are proprietors in common of a wharf or wharves situated in Charlestown, in the county of Middlesex, between Charles River Bridge and the wharf or wharves of Abel Fitz, John Wesson, and John Gary, are authorized to extend and maintain said wharf or wharves upon and into that part of the channel or harbor which lies between a line drawn parallel with the easterly boundary line of Warren Avenue, so called, and the line of said boundary continued south, in the same course, and distant seventy-one feet easterly therefrom, and their other wharf adjoining Charles River Bridge, as far as the line established by the act entitled “ An Act concerning the Harbor of Boston," passed March seventeenth, in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty, or may hold, use, and enjoy the same in part for the extension of their said wharves, and in part for a dock connected therewith, as they may at any time see fit, and shall have the right to lay vessels at the ends of their said wharves, and receive wharfage and dockage therefor: provided, however, that this grant shall not be construed to extend to any flats or land of this Commonwealth, lying in front of the flats of any other person, or which would be comprehended by the true lines of such flats, continued to the commissioners' line: and provided, also, that so much of said wharf as may be constructed below low-water mark shall be built on piles, which piles




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