Annual Report of the Rail Road Commissioners of Alabama, for the Year Ending ..., Volume 13

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Office of Rail Road Commission of Alabama, 1894

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Halaman 326 - Manufactures: Petroleum and other oils Sugar ..... Naval stores .... Iron, pig and bloom Iron and steel rails Other castings and machinery . Bar and sheet metal Cement, brick, and lime Agricultural implements Wagons, carriages, tools, etc. Wines, liquors, and beers Household goods and furniture Other manufactures Total .... Merchandise .... Miscellaneous: Other commodities not mentioned above . Total tonnage Freight originating on this road.
Halaman xiii - January, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, it shall be unlawful for any such common carrier to haul or permit to be hauled or used on its line any car used in moving interstate traffic not equipped with couplers coupling automatically by impact, and which can be uncoupled without the necessity of men going between the ends of the cars.
Halaman xv - States district attorney in the district court of the United States having jurisdiction in the locality where such violation shall have been committed...
Halaman 332 - COMPANY, on my oath do say that the foregoing return has been prepared, under my direction, from the original books, papers, and records of said company ; that I have carefully examined the same, and declare the same to be a complete and correct statement of the...
Halaman 586 - Commodity. Freight originating on this road. (Whole tons.) Freight received from connecting roads and other carriers.
Halaman 177 - Date and authority for each consolidation? .6. If a reorganized company, give name of original corporation, and refer to laws under which it was organized?
Halaman xiii - An Act to promote the safety of employees and travelers upon railroads by compelling common carriers engaged in inter-state commerce to equip their cars with automatic couplers, and continuous brakes, and their locomotives with driving wheel brakes, and for other purposes.
Halaman xiv - Commission, it shall be unlawful for any railroad company to use any car in interstate commerce that is not provided with secure grab irons or handholds in the ends and sides of each car for greater security to men in coupling and uncoupling cars.
Halaman 472 - Miles run by freight trains Total mileage trains earning revenue Miles run by switching trains, Miles run by construction and other trains Grand total train mileage Mileage of loaded freight cars, north or east Mileage of loaded freight cars, south or west...
Halaman xiv - ... the American Railway Association is authorized hereby to designate to the Interstate Commerce Commission the standard height of drawbars for freight cars, measured perpendicular from the level of the tops of the rails to the centers of the drawbars, for each of the several gauges of railroads in use in the United States, and shall .fix a maximum variation from such standard height to be allowed between the drawbars of empty and loaded cars.

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