Gambar halaman

men's Association, $1,000; for sufferers by forest fires in Barron County in 1898, $10,000; for improvements at the Veterans' Home, $35,000; additional for use of Fish Commissioners, $6,000 annually; to normal schools, for buildings, $75,000; to the reformatory at Green Bay, $100,000 for maintenace for two years and $150,000 for buildings; to the Girls' Industrial School, $16,000 for buildings and repairs; for the Institution for Feeble-minded at Chippewa Falls, $158,000; for exhibit at the Pan-American Exposition, $25,000; to the Wisconsin Battle Ship Comission, to buy a silver service and a bronze badger for the ship, $10,000.

WYOMING, a Northwestern State, admitted to the Union July 10, 1890; area, 97,890 square miles. Population in 1890, 60,705. Cheyenne. Capital, Government. The following were the State officers during the year: Governor, De Forest Richards; Secretary of State, F. Chatterton; Treasurer, G. E. Abbott; Auditor, Leroy Grant; Adjutant General, Frank A. Stitzer; Attorney General, J. A. Van Orsdel; Superintendent of Education, T. T. Tynan; Supreme Court: Chief Justice, C. N. Potter, Republican; Associate Justices, Samuel T. Corn, Democrat, and Jesse Knight, Republican; Clerk, R. C. Morris.

Finances. The report of the State Board of Equalization shows an assessed valuation of $35,578,806.32, an increase of $4,789,514.58 over that of 1898. The year 1899 shows a gain of $107,322.97 in the value of railroad property over 1898, a gain of $1,050,909 in the value of cattle, a gain of $1.467,516.70 in the value of sheep, and a gain of $230,197 in the value of horses.

The report of the State Board of Charities and Reform for the year ending Sept 30, 1899, included the following items: Expense of State prisoners, $22,303.96; juvenile delinquents, $1,769.11;


deaf and blind, $1,612.45; insane, $14,235.39; Soldiers' and Sailors' Home, $5,523.23; Wyoming General Hospital, $16,281.10.

the treasury during the year were as follow: The earnings of State institutions as paid into Penitentiary, care of United States prisoners, $1,$17.80; Hospital for Insane, care of private 'patients, $714; General Hospital, care and treatment Home (national aid, $1,898.12; pensions retained, of patients, $13,766.97; Soldiers' and Sailors' $409), $2,307.12; total, $18,605.89.

were placed at the following rates upon each dolTaxation. The tax levies for State purposes mills; university income fund, mill; fund for lar of assessed valuation: For general fund, 33 insane, mill; State bond tax fund, mill; Capital tax fund, mill; State Hospital maintenance Big Horn Hot Springs fund, mill; Hospital for fund, mill; university building fund, mill; building fund, mill; total, 6 mills. Insane building fund, mill; General Hospital proportions in 1899. Sheep. The sheep industry assumed gigantic total clip of 17,000,000 pounds, Montana and In 1898 Wyoming ranked third among the wool-producing States, with a Oregon occupying first and second places respectively. It is estimated that the wool clip for 1899 will aggregate 20,000,000 pounds.

produced 3,046,846 tons more than in the preMining. In 1898 the coal mines of the State 30, 1899, the output was 3,727,325 tons, an invious year. During the fiscal year ending Sept. crease over 1898 of 680,479 tons.

There are now 20 coal mines, employing 5 men or more, in active operation in Wyoming.

Political. The Legislature, 1899, consisted of 6 Democrats in the Senate and 3 in the House, On Jan. 25 Clarence D. Clark, Republican, was re13 Republicans in the Senate and 35 in the House. elected United States Senator.

YUKON DISTRICT, THE CANADIAN. Government. This great gold-bearing region was the subject of a very wide political discussion in 1899, as well as of continued interest because of its mineral wealth. In 1898 the central topic of controversy had been the question of a railway from the coast; in 1899 it was one of general administration. On March 20 Sir Hibbert Tupper introduced into Parliament a long resolution preceded by an elaborate speech denouncing the Dominion Government for maladministration, and even corruption, in the Yukon territory. He was replied to by the Hon. Charles Sifton, and after a heated and prolonged debate the motion of censure was thrown out by a strict party vote-82 to 32-with the exception of 3 western Liberal members, who supported Sir Hibbert.

The political point of the whole controversy was Sir Hibbert Tupper's demand for a royal commission of inquiry to take evidence under oath and to be composed of impartial men. was refused by the Government, although Sir This Hibbert offered to retire from public life if he could not prove his principal charges. The exact truth will perhaps never be known. There is no doubt that the administration of the region is now on a perfectly fair and honest basis. On July 7 Mr. Ogilvie's report on the personal inquiry made by him as commissioner concluded with the following words: "How did these rumors get started and become so generally credVOL. XXXIX.-55 A


ited? In reply, I may state that there is a large percentage of population here who are watching for the chance to make something. If they are forestalled by some one else, they immediately jump to the conclusion that there has been something crooked between that some one else and the officials by whom the transaction was consummated. It has not been necessary to do more than insinuate that some official or officials have hours generally so reported, and, I regret to say, been guilty of corrupt acts to have it within a few generally so believed, notwithstanding that there charge. Transactions that have been actuated by may not be a tittle of evidence in support of the the purest and highest motives have been attributed to the very worst. Of this I have personal say that with such a class there can not exist (in knowledge and experience. In concluding, I may their minds at least) any honest government at all, for reasons that are obvious enough not to need mention."

of the Northwest mounted police, and E. C. Steele,
In September, 1899, A. B. Perry, superintendent
Gold Commissioner, were placed upon the Yukon
Executive Council.

get declared that the output for the coming sea-
Mines. On April 8, 1899, the Klondike Nug-
and royalty would be paid on more than $8,000,-
son would be more than double that of the last,
000, while evasions and exemptions would bring
up the total production to twice that figure.

This statement illustrates the difficulties of giving detailed facts regarding the gold output of the Yukon. The value of the chief creeks is now well known, and any that fail to reach the mark have been compensated for in the past by new discoveries. The correspondent of the Toronto Globe, commenting on the spot upon this estimate of $16,000,000 as a result of the ensuing "wash-up," declared that the result would be nearer $25,000,000, and mentioned rich mines that had been omitted from the calculation. Early in January two Ottawa geological experts-R. G. McConnell and J. B. Tyrrell-reported briefly to the Interior Department regarding the general situation, and the following is a summary of their report: They declared that the productive part of the Klondike gold district, as at present known, covers an area of 1,000 square miles, and is between the Klondike and Indian river tributaries of the Yukon and east of the latter river. The region is traversed by a multitude of streams flowing in deep, troughlike valleys. The larger creeks are separated by long ridges, gashed by the smaller streams, and terminating upward in even slopes or lines of rounded hills. The forest growth, which generally covers the district, consists principally of black and white spruce, with some birch and poplar. The approximate area of 1,000 square miles of known gold fields refers to the district traversed by the gold-bearing creeks, and not to the actual area of pay gravels. The latter are confined to the bottoms of a few of the valleys and the lower slopes of the adjoining ridges, and occupy a much smaller area. The rich creeks, so far, are only four-Eldorado, Bonanza, Hunker, and Dominion-and the greater portion of the yield of the past two years has come from the Eldorado and Bonanza. The proved portions of the four producing creeks have an aggregate length of about 30 miles. A number of tributaries of the producing creeks and other streams--such as Bear, Sulphur, Too Much Gold, and All Gold-have yielded small amounts. The gold occurs in the gravels flooring the bottom of the valleys, and in a remarkable moraine or glacial deposit which forms a southern slope of Eldorado and Bonanza creeks for some miles, and which was also found north of the latter creek for some distance above its junction with Eldorado. The stream gravels have a thickness of 2 to 8 feet, and a width along the most productive portions of Eldorado and Bonanza creeks of 100 to 400 feet. They extend across the valley bottoms and increase in width with the gradual enlargement of the latter toward their mouths. The gravels are everywhere auriferous, but the concentration is irregular, and the gold increases in quantity toward the

bottom of the section. The greater part of the pay is usually found within a foot and a half of the bed rock. A considerable portion of the gold is also found in the soft, decomposed, and shattered country rock, on which the gravels rest, into which it has sunk often to a depth of two feet. The beach gravels are of less importance than the stream gravels, and, so far, are worked to a considerable extent only along Bonanza and the lower part of Eldorado creek. The hillsides on the lower portions of the creeks could be washed down by strong streams. Attention is called to the necessity of wagon roads, which could easily be built through the whole country.

The final official announcement of gold production in the Yukon for 1899 was $7,000,000, and this sum must have been doubled in fact through evasion of the authorities and the tax.

Telegraphic Communication. On Oct. 5, 1899, a Toronto newspaper received the first dispatch by wire from Dawson City to Skagway. Thence the message went to the coast-a six days' voyage and then it was telegraphed from New Westminster to Toronto. This was the result of a charter granted in 1898 to an English company, with which the late Sir John Pender was connected, and the removal of the almost complete isolation of the country quickly had a beneficial effect upon general conditions.

Dawson City.-D. C. Fraser, M. P., on Oct. 13, 1899, gave the following description of the Yukon capital, which he had just visited: "In the city of Dawson, which has from 8,000 to 10,000 inhabitants, better order prevails, and greater security for life and property, than there is in any other Canadian town with the same or a smaller population; and this is all the more surprising when the cosmopolitan character of the people there is considered. Although there are an enormous number of men of sterling character in and about Dawson, yet there is quite an element that needs watching, and to the Northwest mounted police alone is due the satisfactory condition of affairs at present existing there. A few mounted police in Dawson without any effort through the knowledge the lawless element has of how they will be dealt with if they transgress-keep the town in most excellent order. Such as come for trial before those charged with the administration of the law are summarily dealt with. No lecturing or moral suasion is attempted by the presiding official. If the prisoner is found guilty he is either fined or, as is usually the case, sent to jail with hard labor on the wood pile, the latter punishment being one that every criminal in Dawson dreads. Dawson has several fine blocks, with plate-glass fronts, and the premises in every respect are modern.”



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Butterworth, Benjamin, obit., iii,

Cabell, E. C., obit., i, 549.
Cabinet, President McKinley's, ii,

Cable, Pacific, iv, 66, 104.
Cable project. Pacific, i, 58.
Cable roads, ii, 743.
Cadiz squadron, iii, 764.
Caird. John, obit., iii, 586.
Calculating machines, ii, 96.
Calderon, P. H., obit.. iii, 587.
Calderwood, Henry, obit.. ii, 633.
California, i, 90: ii, 97; iii, 91; iv,
95: golden jubilee, 93.
Callahan, M., obit., I, 549.
Callis, J. B., obit., iii, 528.
Cambridge, Mass., i. 456.
Cameron, Angus, obit., ii, 581.
Campbell, Alex., obit., ii, 528.
Campbell, H. J., obit., iii, 529.
Campbell. L. J., obit., i. 549.
Camphausen, O. von, obit., i, 599.

Canada, Dominion of, 1, 94; ii,
103; iii, 96; iv, 101; Northwest
Territories, I, 540.

Canals, ancient, iii, 18; Delaware
and Chesapeake, iv, 239; Dis-
mal Swamp, iv, 849; Illinois,
327; New York, iv, 554; Pana-
ma, iv, 166.

Candler, Allen D., port.. iii, 288.
Canning industry, fi, 107.
Cannon, H. S., obit., 1, 549.
Canovas del Castillo, obit., ii, 634.
Canudos, fanatics of, il, 91.
Cape Colony and South Africa, i,
97; ii, 108; iii, 101; iv, 112.
Capital and labor, ii, 502.
Caprivi, G. L. de M., obit., iv, 655.
Capron, Allyn, obit., ili, 529.
Car, double-decked, illus., ii, 746.
Carleton, Charles A., obit.. ii, 581.
Carlington, C. S. P. F., obit., iii,

Carpenter, A. P., obit., iii, 529.
Carpenter, Charles C., obit., iv,

Carpenter, Cyrus C., obit., iii, 529.
Carpenter, G. M., obit., i, 549.
Carpenter, William, obit., i, 549.
Carroll, Lewis. See DODGSON.
Carriages, motor, iii, 469.
Carter, Susan N., obit.. i, 549.
Carthage, tombs, iv, 25.
Cartland, Joseph, obit., iii, 529.
Cascade locks in Oregon, i, 625.
Case, Rufus, obit., iii, 529.
Case, William L., obit., ii, 634.
Casey, T. L., obit., port., i, 549,
Castelar, Emilio, obit., iv, 655.
Castner, H. Y., obit. and port., iv,

Caswell, Oliver, obit., i, 550.
Catechism, Free Church, 305.
Catlin, G. L., obit., i, 550.
Cattell, W. C., obit., iii, 329.
Cattle, breeding of, in Alabama,
iii, 4.

Cautley, Lawrence, obit., iv, 656.
Cavalcaselle, G. B., obit., il, 634.
Cavalotti, Felice, obit., ii, 587.
Ceneri, Giuseppe, obit., iii, 587.
Census, United States, i, 775; iv,

Central Africa, British, iv, 125.
Central American Union, lii, 323.
Ceres, statue of, illus., iv, 27.
Cernuschi, Henri, obit., i, 599.
Century, end of the, iv, 59.
Cerruti claim, iv, 166.

Cervera's fleet, iii, 753; destroyed,

Chaco Indians, illus., iv, 314.
Chadwick, Edmund, obit., iv, 585.
Challemel-Lacour, P. A., obit., i,


Chalmers, J. R., obit., lii, 530.
Chamberlain controversy, 1, 107.
Chambers, T. W., obit., i, 550.
Champney, E. G., obit., iv, 585.
Chapleau, J. A., obit., ill, 587.
Charities of United States, iv, 126.
Chase, A. F., obit., iii, 530.
Chaudordy, Comte A. D. de, obit.,
iv. 656.

Cheese, filled, i, 113.

Cheever, Henry T., obit., ii, 581.
Chemistry, i, 113; ii, 121; ffi, 110;
iv, 146.

Cherbuliez, C. V., obit., iv, 656.
Chesnelong, P. C., obit., iv, 657.
Cheyenne Indians, the, ii, 537.
Chicago drainage canal, iv, 369.
Chickering, G. H., obit., iv, 385.
Chicory, ii, 541.

Child, F. J., obit., i, 550.
Childers, H. C. E., obit., i, 600.
Chili, i, 124; ii, 131; iii, 121; bound-
ary of, 20.

China, i, 127; ii, 133; iii, 122; iv.
157; insurrectionary movements,
131; concessions, iv, 160; map,

Chiniquy, Charles, obit., iv, 657.
Chitty, J. W., obit.. iv, 657.
Christian Church, 1, 131.
Christian Connection, iii, 132.
Christian Endeavor, Societies of,
i, 132; ii, 139; iii, 133; iv, 164.
Christian Knowledge Society, il,


Christian Scientists, II, 139.

Christy, Charles, obit., ii, 581.
Church Army, iv, 7.

Church Congress, i, 15.

Church defense and Church re-
form, i, 14; iii, 6.
Cilley, B. L., obit., iv, 586.
Cinnamon packing, illus., iv, 357.
Circulation. See PHYSIOLOGY.
Cisneros, F. J., obit., iii, 530.
Cities, growth of, in Minnesota, i,

Civil code, the German, i, 319.
Claassen, P. J., obit., i, 551.
Claflin, M. B., obit., i, 551.
Clapp, A. H., obit., iv, 586.
Clapp, A. M., obit., iv, 586.

Clark, Alvan Graham, obit., ii,

Clark, G. T., obit., iii, 588.
Clark, James G., obit., ii, 582.
Clark, Lewis George, obit., ii, 582.
Clark, M. L., obit., iv, 586.
Clarke, J. M., obit., iv, 587.
Clarke, J. S., obit., iv, 586.
Clarke, Mary V. C., obit., iii, 588.
Clarke, Robert, obit., iv, 587.
Clarksville, Tenn., ii, 757.
Clayton, B. F., port., iv, 272.
Clement, N. H., obit., iv, 587.
Clendenin, Paul, obit., iv, 588.
Cleveland College for Women, i,

Cleveland, Louie, obit., iv, 657.
Cliff dwellers, architecture of, i,
19; iv, 19.

Clingman, T. L., obit., il, 582.
Clinton, H. L., obit., iv, 588.
Clitz, John M. B., obit., ii, 583.
Clough, D. M., port., ii, 529.
Cochran, John, obit., iii, 530.
Cochrane, William, obit., iii, 588.
Cockerill, J. A., obit., i, 551.
Coe, G. S., obit., i, 551.
Coffin, G. C., obit., i, 551.
Coffin, G. W., obit., iv, 588.
Coghlan, C. F., obit., iv, 588.
Coinage in Japan, 1, 367.
Coins, mutilating, ii, 198.
Coke, Richard, obit., ii, 583.
Colby, Charles E., obit.. ii, 583.
Cole, E. W., obit., iv, 589.
Coles, A., bust of, illus., ii, 321.
Colgate, Samuel, obit., ii, 583.
Colhoun, E. R., obit., ii, 583.
Collett, John, obit., iv, 590.
Collier, J. W., obit., iii, 530.
Collins, Hiram, obit., i, 552.
Collins, John W., port., ii, 713.
Colomb, P. H., obit., iv, 657.
Colombia, i, 132; ii, 140; iii, 134;
iv, 166; dispute with Italy, iii,

Colony, a Grand Army, i, 311.
Colorado, 1, 133; li, 141; iii, 135;
iv, 166; anniversary of gold dis-
covery, 136; land grant, 136.
Colorado Springs, iii, 136.
Colston, Raleigh E., obit.. i, 552.
Colton, G. Q., obit., iii, 530.
Columbia river, fishing in, i, 626.
Comegys, Cornelius, obit., i, 552.
Comets, i, 52; ii, 53; iii, 56; iv, 56.
Commission of the Danube, i, 696.
Compressed air, ii, 144, 746.
Conant, Helen S., obit., iv, 590.
Concessions, Chinese, iii, 128.
Concilio, J. de, obit., iii, 531.
Confederate Veterans, i, 136.
Conger, O. D., obit., iii, 531.
Congo, Independent State of the,
i, 138; ii, 146; iii, 137; iv, 170.
Congo river, Stanley Falls, iii,
138; Stanley Pool, illustration,

Congregationalists, i, 141; ii, 149;
iii, 139; iv, 171.
Congress of the United States, i,
144; ii, 152; iii, 143; iv, 177; con-
tested seats, i, 219.
Congressional Library, illus., ii,

Congreve, R., obit., iv, 658.
Connecticut, i, 222; ii, 238; iii,
210; iv, 229; Fast Day, ii, 212.
Conover, G. S., obit., iii, 531.
Conrad, F. W., obit., iii, 531.
Constantinople, view, i, 737; riots,


"Constitution," anniversary, il,


Constitutional crisis in France, i,

Conventions, national, i, 759 et

Cook, J. H., obit., iv, 590.

Cook, William H., obit., iv, 590.
Cooke, Augustus P., obit., i, 552.
Cooke, Julia M., obit., i, 552.
Cooke, Lorrin A., port., ii, 238.
Cooke, M. W., obit., iii, 531.
Cooley, T. McI., obit., iii, 532.
Cooney, M. A., obit., iii, 532.
Cooper, Ada A., obit., iv, 590.
Cooper, J. A., obit., iv, 590.
Cooper, Margaret S., obit., iii, 532.
Copan, survey of, i, 17.

Cope, E. D., port., i, 30; obit., il,

Copyright, ii, 179; decision on,

Corbin, Austin, obit., i, 552.
Corea. See KOREA.

Carey, C. H., obit., iv, 590.
Corinth, agora, iv, 22.
Corson, Hiram, obit., i, 553.
Corson, Juliet, obit., ii, 584.
Corvin-Kroukowski, P., obit., iv,


Costa Rica, i, 225; ii, 241; iii, 213;
iv, 232; dispute with Nicaragua,

Cothren, William, obit., iii, 532.
Cotton Growers' Convention, ii,

Couch, Darius N., obit., ii, 585.
Coues, E., obit. and port., iv, 590.
Couldock, C. W., obit., fii, 532.
Cox, George D., obit., i, 553.
Cox, J. F., obit., iii, 533.
Coxe, A. C., obit. and port., i, 553.
Cragin, A. H., obit., ifi, 534.
Cramer, M. J., obit., iii, 534.
Crampton, H. E., obit., iv, 591.
Crane Hook monument, i, 239.
Crane, W. M., port., iv, 477.
Crannog, iii, 13.

Crapo, T., obit., iv, 591.
Crary, Mrs. H. H., obit., iv, 591.
Crater lake, Oregon, ii, 659.
Creamer, H. H., obit., iv, 591.
Cree Indians, the, i, 497.
Crespo, Joaquin, obit., iii, 588.
Crete, 1, 741; map, 745; ii, 241; iii,
213; iv, 233; antiquities, 22.
Crime, pauperism, benevolence, i,

Crisp, Charles F., obit., i, 554.
Cristobal Colon, illus., iii, 763.
Crookes, Sir W., port.. iii, 35.
Crooks, George R., obit., ii, 585.
Crops, the, in 1896, 1, 279; in 1897,
ii, 312; iii, 263.

Crosby, Pierce, obit., iv, 592.
Crouch, F. W. N., obit., i, 554.
Crowe, Sir J. A., obit., i, 600.
Crowninshield, C., obit., ii, 585.
Cruger, S. van R., obit., iii, 534.
Cruiser, U. S., illustration, i, 595.
Crummell, A., obit., ii, 534.
Cuba (with a colored map), i, 225;
ii, 253; iii, 217; iv, 234; affairs
discussed in United States Con-
gress, i, 203; United States ac-
tion toward, iii, 153; military
assembly, 771; military govern-
ment, iv, 236.
Curaçao, i, 823.
Curfew law, iv, 567.
Currency, question of-in Chili, i,
125; in Germany, 317; in Hayti,
342: in India, 353; in Italy, 365.
Currier, Moody, obit., iii, 534.
Cyclone, in Missouri, iv, 512.

Dabney, W. D., obit., iv. 592.
Dahl, Olaus, obit., ii, 585,
Dahlgren, M. V., obit., iii, 535.
Dairies, ii, 814.

[ocr errors]

Dallas, Mary Kyle, obit., il, 585.
Dallas, Texas, il, 766.
Daly, C. P., obit.. iv, 592.
Daly, John. Augustin, obit. and
port., iv, 592.

Dana, Charles A., sketch, ii, 269;
port., 270; home, ill., 271.
Dana, J. J., obit., ill. 535.
Dana, Malcolm M., obit.. ii, 385.
Danforth, G. F., obit., iv. 594.
Daniels, Charles, obit., ii, 586.

Danish Antilles, i, 823; ii, 821.
Danube, European Commission of
the, ii, 721; iii, 683; iv, 755;
navigation, 77.

Darche, Louise, obit., iv, 594.
Daudet, A., sketch, port., ii, 272.
Dauphin, Albert, obit., iii, 588.
Davenport, Fanny, obit. and port.,
iii, 535.

Davidge, William, obit., iv, 594.
Davidson, Samuel, obit., iii, 589.
Davies, T. A., obit., iv, 594.

Davis, Daniel F., obit., ii, 586.
Davis, G. R., obit., port., iv, 594.
Davis, Margaret E., obit., iii, 535.
Davis, J. L., obit., iv, 595.
Davis, Varina A., obit., ii, 536.
Davis, W. G. M., obit., ill, 536.
Dawes, R. R., obit., iv, 595.
Dawes, William, obit., ii, 634.
Dawson, A. R., obit., i, 554.
Dawson, Sir J. W., obit., iv, 658.
Day, David A., obit., ii, 586.
Day, William R., sketch, iii, 729.
Dayton, William L., obit.. ii, 586.
Deaconess Board, ii, 491; work,

Dean, George W., obit., ii, 586.
Deane, Sir T. N., obit., iv, 658.
Decisions, judicial, in California,
i, 92; in Colorado, 135.
Deemer, Edward S., port., ii, 504.
Defective classes, i, 784.
Defense, national, iii, 164.
De Fontaine, Felix, obit., i, 554.
De Forest, Henry L., obit., i, 555.
Delaborde, Comte H., obit., iv,

Delacy, William, obit.. iii, 536.
Delano, Columbus, obit., i, 555.
Delaware, i, 238; ii, 273; iii, 217;
iv, 238; constitutional conven-
tion, i, 241; ii, 274.

Delaware river, i, 630; defenses,
iv, 239.

Delianoff, I. D., obit., iii, 589.
De Lome incident, iii, 737.
Delyannis, Theodore, port., i, 337.
Demarest, D. D., obit.. iii, 536.
Demorest, Ellen L., obit., iii, 536.
Dene, Dorothy, obit., iv, 658.
Denmark, i, 241; ii, 277; iii, 220;
iv. 241.

Department stores, iv, 511.
Derby, Perley, obit.. ii, 586.
De Salla, Barton, obit., iv, 658.
Deshasher, remains at, iii, 16.
De Trobriand, P., obit., ii, 586.
Deus, João de, obit., i, 600.
Deutsch, Solomon, obit.. ii, 587.
De Vivo, Diego, obit., ii, 536.
Devès, Paul, obit., iv, 658.
Dewey, C. P., obit.. iv. 595.
Dewey, George, sketch, iii, 221;
birthplace, illus., 221; portrait,
frontispiece: the first


day." 821; the Arch, ill., iv, 563.
Dhuti, tomb, iv, 23.

Diaz, Porfirio, re-election of, i,
482: port., iv. 501.

Digestion, i, 648; ii, 681; iil, 640.
Dimaput, ruins of, ii, 24.
Dingley bill, the, i, 169.
Dingley, Nelson, obit., iv, 595.
Diplomatic missions, ii, 2.
Disability, removal of. iii, 183.
Disasters in 1896, i, 243; in 1897,
ii, 279; in 1898, iii, 225; in 1899,
iv. 244.

Disciples of Christ, 1, 247; ii, 284;
iii, 228; iv, 248.
Divorce, decision in Oregon, ii,

Divorce law in Montana, ii, 537.
Divorces in North Dakota, i, 538.
Dixon, Maria E., obit., ii, 587.
Dixon, Nathan F., obit.. ii, 587.
Doane, Thomas, obit., II, 587.
Dodd, M. W., obit.. iv, 596.
Dodge, Mary Abigail, sketch, i,

Dodge, R. R., obit.. iv, 396.
Dodgson, C. L.. obit.. iii, 589.
Dodson, Caroline M., obit., iii,

Dodworth, A. T., obit., i, 555.
Dodworth, T. J., obit.. I. 555.
Doe, Charles, obit., 1, 555.
Doerflinger, A., obit., iv, 596.
Dollman, F. T., obit., iv, 658.

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