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Charles Sawyer, Secretary

Roy V. Peel, Director

A Report of the Seventeenth Decennial Census
of the United States

Census of Population: 1950

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A. Ross ECKLER, Deputy Director

HOWARD C. GRIEVES, Assistant Director

CONRAD TAEUBER, Assistant Director

MORRIS H. HANSEN, Assistant Director for Statistical Standards
LOWELL T. GALT, Assistant Director for Operations

CALVERT L. DEDRICK, Coordinator, International Statistics

LEON E. TRUESDELL, Chief Demographer

FRANK R. WILSON, Information Assistant to the Director

Population and Housing Division


HENRY S. SHRYOck, Jr., Assistant Chief for Population

ROBERT B. VOIGHT, Assistant Chief for Operations

WAYNE F. DAUGHERTY, Assistant Chief for Housing

EDWIN D. GOLDFIELD, Program Coordinator

Demographic Statistics-Henry D. Sheldon, Chief
Social Statistics-Paul C. Glick, Chief

Coordinator for Manpower Statistics-Gertrude Bancroft

Economic Statistics-Robert B. Pearl, Chief

Occupation and Industry Statistics—David L. Kaplan, Chief

International Population Statistics-W. Parker Mauldin, Chief

Territories and Possessions-Joel Williams, Chief

Statistical Sampling-Joseph Steinberg, Chief

Statistical Procedures-Morton A. Meyer, Chief

Processing Operations-Milton D. Lieberman, Chief

Administrative Service Division-WALTER L. KEHRES, Chief

Agriculture Division-RAY HURLEY, Chief

Budget Officer-CHARLES H. Alexander

Business Division-Harvey KAILIN, Acting Chief

Decennial Tabulation Office-JOHN J. LENNON, Chief

Field Division-JACK B. ROBERTSON, Chief

Foreign Trade Division-J. EDWARD ELY, Chief
Geography Division-Clarence E. BATSCHELET, Chief
Governments Division-ALLEN D. MANVEL, Chief
Industry Division-MAXWELL R. CONKLIN, Chief
Machine Tabulation Division-C. F. VAN AKEN, Chief
Personnel Division-HELEN D. ALMON, Chief

This volume comprises Series P-A, P-B, and P-C bulletins.


U. S. Bureau of the Census. U. S. Census of Population: 1950. Vol. II, Characteristics of the Population,
Part 41, South Dakota. U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C., 1952.

For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C. or any of the Field Offices of the Department of Commerce Price $2.00

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This volume presents statistics on the number of inhabitants and the characteristics of the population of the State, its counties, standard metropolitan areas, urban places, and other constituent areas. The data are based upon tabulations from the Seventeenth Decennial Census of the population of the United States, its Territories and possessions, conducted as of April 1, 1950. Provision for the Seventeenth Decennial Census was made in the act providing for the Fifteenth and subsequent decennial censuses, approved June 18, 1929, as amended.

The major portion of the information compiled from the Census of Population of 1950 is contained in Volume I, Number of Inhabitants, and in Volume II, Characteristics of the Population. These final volumes first appeared in the form of three series of State bulletins: Series P-A, “Number of Inhabitants"; Series P-B, "General Characteristics"; and Series P-C, "Detailed Characteristics."

Final Population Volumes I and II are assembled as follows:

Population Volume I comprises the Series P-A bulletins, thereby providing in a single publication the distribution of the Nation's inhabitants among and within the States and the Territories, possessions, etc.

Population Volume II comprises all three series of bulletins (Series P-A, P-B, and P-C). This volume is divided into a United States Summary part, a part for each State, and parts for the Territories and possessions, each part comprising the three bulletins for that area. All reports for a given State are thereby made available within a single binding. The three bulletin series (P-A, P-B, and P-C) represent Chapters A, B, and C of the corresponding State part of Population Volume II.

The materials presented here were prepared under the supervision of Howard G. Brunsman, Chief, Population and Housing Division, and Dr. Henry S. Shryock, Jr., Assistant Chief for Population Statistics, with the assistance of Edwin D. Goldfield, Program Coordinator, and Charles Merzel. They were prepared by Dr. Paul C. Glick, Chief, Social Statistics Section, assisted by Severn Provus, Emanuel Landau, Elizabeth A. Larmon, and Arthur F. Grube; Dr. Henry D. Sheldon, Chief, Demographic Statistics Section, assisted by Charles P. Brinkman, Tobia Bressler, Robert L. Rowland, and Suzanne F. Bershad; Gertrude Bancroft, Coordinator for Manpower Statistics, assisted by Max Shor, Herman P. Miller, Lillian Palenius, and Leon R. Paley; and David L. Kaplan, Chief, Occupation and Industry Statistics Section, assisted by Claire Casey, Dorothy S. Hayden, Elsie K. Goodman, and William J. Milligan.

The compilation of the statistics was under the direction of Robert B. Voight, Assistant Chief for Operations, assisted by Morton A. Meyer, Milton D. Lieberman, E. Richard Bourdon, Edward I. Lober, Mary E. Ivins, Eva Tolchinsky, Lillian I. Hoffman, and Martin Frishberg. Sampling procedures were under the direction of Joseph Steinberg, Chief, Statistical Sampling Section, assisted by Joseph Waksberg. The technical editorial work and planning were under the supervision of Mildred M. Russell, assisted by Dorothy M. Belzer.

The collection of the information on which these statistics were based was under the supervision of Lowell T. Galt, then Chief, Field Division, with the assistance of Jack B. Robertson, John M. Bell, Leon S. Geoffrey, and Harold Nisselson. The geographic work, including the delineation of special types of urban territory and the preparation of maps, was under the supervision of Clarence E. Batschelet, Chief, Geography Division with the assistance of Dr. Robert C. Klove, Dr. Vincent M. Throop, and William T. Fay. The tabulations were under the supervision of C. F. Van Aken, Chief, Machine Tabulation Division, with the assistance of Morton Boisen, and Howard T. Jenkins. Robert H. Brooks of the Administrative Service Division was responsible for printing arrangements.

In addition to those of the present staff, important contributions to the general planning of the 1950 Census were made by the late J. C. Capt, Director of the Census until his retirement on August 17, 1949, and Dr. Philip M. Hauser, Acting Director until March 9, 1950.

December 1952.


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