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On the minds of the comparatively few who have seen the work on the Treasury De partment, with the commendations at the end of the second volume, by two successive Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States, justices of the Supreme Court, members of the Senate and of the House of Representatives, five successive Secretaries of the Treasury, heads of Bureaux in the Treasury, War, and Navy Departments, and the favorable report of the Joint Library Committee of the two Houses of Congress, &c., a considerable degree of confidence has been impressed, in advance, in behalf of the further efforts made and making to extend the plan of that work to all the other Departments of the Government; therefore little or nothing more need be said to elicit their trust in this and other fruitions of it. But to those into whose hands this volume may casually fall, who have not seen the work on the Treasury, two or three of the testimonials in behalf of that work, and yet a few of the flattering incentives to the continued exertion of this laborious enterprise, may not be out of place here, to account, in some degree, for the kindness with which this volume on the Pension Laws, fc., has already been received, in the short space of time since it was issued from the press. The late Judge Woodbury, who had such ample experience in the legislative, executive, and judicial departments of the Government-twice a Senator of the United States, for many years Secretary of the Navy, and for a longer time Secretary of the Treasury, and late a distinguished member of the Supreme Court of the United States, spoke of the work on the Treasury as follows:

“ WASHINGTON, February 21, 1848. "DEAR SIR: I have been much obliged by a copy of your Treatise on the Treasury Department, and much interested in its contents. Without some such compilation, the records and decisions of the Department, and the divisions of business among its bureaux, are almost a sealed book. These matters, as exhibited in your work, will be useful to all the officers connected with the Department; and much more so to claimants, and to legislators in Congress. I hope it may meet with the patronage and suc cess it deserves.



This letter is here selected on account of its brevity and force, as a fair illustration of the spirit of the rest, to which we will only add that of the late Attorney General of the United States on the uses of the same work:

" WASHINGTON, January 8, 1851. “DBAR SIR: I think that upon a former occasion I stated to you the high estimate I put upon your work on the Treasury Department.

" It gives me pleasure to repeat it, and to add, that subsequent and frequent use of the work whilst I was Attorney General served yet more to confirm my high opinion of it. In very many instances I found it of great service as a book of reference; and, in revenue cases, most invaluable.

“When your entire plan shall be completed, I cannot doubt that the whole will commend itself to the favor of professional gentlemen, as well as to all who are, officially or otherwise, immediately in terested in the practical administration of the Government; and then, I trust, your ability, labor, and sacrifices in its preparation will meet with the amplest reward.

"With much regard, your obedient servadt, * DR. R. Mayo, Washington.


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