To Extend for One Year the Authority for More Flexible Regulations of Maximum Rates of Interest Or Dividends, Higher Reserve Requirements and Open Market Operations in Agency Issues: Hearings, Ninety-first Congress, First Session, on H.R. 13939 ... Oct. 6, 20 and 21

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1969 - 172 halaman

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Halaman 21 - Each Federal reserve bank shall keep itself informed of the general character and amount of the loans and investments of its member banks with a view to ascertaining whether undue use is being made of bank credit for the speculative carrying of or trading in securities, real estate, or commodities, or for any other purpose inconsistent with the maintenance of sound credit conditions...
Halaman 47 - The board of directors of the Corporation shall determine and prescribe the manner in which its obligations shall be incurred and its expenses allowed and paid.
Halaman 88 - Currency, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Board of Directors of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Federal Home Loan Bank Board...
Halaman 22 - Board, purchase and sell in the open market, at home or abroad, either from or to domestic or foreign banks, firms, corporations, or individuals, cable transfers and bankers' acceptances and bills of exchange of the kinds and maturities by this Act made eligible for rediscount, with or without the indorsement of a member bank.
Halaman 145 - There is hereby established a commission to study mortgage interest rates and to make recommendations to assure the availability of an adequate supply of mortgage credit at a reasonable cost to the consumer...
Halaman 45 - The Treasury may from time to time give such directions to the Bank as, after consultation with the Governor of the Bank, they think necessary in the public interest.
Halaman 22 - All such discounts for individuals, partnerships, or corporations shall be subject to such limitations, restrictions, and regulations as the Board of Governors of the federal reserve system may prescribe.
Halaman 1 - ... any obligation which is a direct obligation of, or fully guaranteed as to principal and interest by, any agency of the United States.
Halaman 22 - Federal reserve bank shall report to the Federal Reserve Board any such undue use of bank credit by any member bank, together with his recommendation. Whenever, in the judgment of the Federal Reserve Board, any member bank is making such undue use of bank credit, the Board may, in its discretion, after reasonable notice and an opportunity for a hearing, suspend such bank from the use of the credit facilities of the Federal Reserve System and may terminate such suspension or may renew it from time...
Halaman 98 - ... the realization as soon as feasible of the goal of a decent home and suitable living environment for every American family...

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