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To equalize costs of production..

Unauthentic antique furniture.
Allowance in, for-

Impurities and moisture
Loss in bonded warehouse.

Shortage, decay, or damage.
Based upon weight, effective date of..
Collection of additional or increased.
Deposit of estimated
Disposition of, pending litigation.
Drawback of
Effective date of rates
Entered value as minimum for assessment of_
False claim for refund of..
For unfair method or act..
Increase or decrease of, by President-
Liquidation of
On imports before passage of act.
On mixed goods.
On repairs and equipment for vessels.
On goods from wrecked vessels
Paid under protest, deposit of duty receipts.
Payment of
President, power of, to change.
Protest by American producer against, as fixed.
Refund of excessive.

Caused by manifest clerical error.-
False claim for

Found due on liquidation.
Refund after delivery of goods.
Unascertained, deposit of duty receipts.

Effective date:

Of act.
Of certified invoice provision
Of convict labor provision.
Of marking provisions.-
Of proclamation by President.

Of rates of duty-
Effect of reenactment of existing law.

Of war or otherwise, free importations.

Vessels in distress, unlading of_
Enforcement of act, employees for, in District of Columbia.
Entry of merchandise

Amendment of value..
Cost of production, statement of
Declaration under oath, requirement of
Deductions from invoice prices in
For immediate transportation..
For transportation and exportation.
For warehouse
From vessel in distress
Modification of
· Of articles not regarded as imported merchandise.
On carriers' certificate.
On duplicate bill of lading-
Ownership for purposes of_
Packages included.
Pending reappraisement-
Place of
Production of bill of lading--
Production of certified invoice
Release of.
Reliquidation on account of fraud.
Requirement of
Signing of..
Statement attached to.
Statistical enumeration.
Time for
Under bond-

For unfair practice..

Pending production of invoice or bill of lading-
Under regulations.
Without invoice.

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337 (f)
484 (b), (c)

484 (b)

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Falsity or lack of, penalty for.
Form of
For merchandise from contiguous countries.
Of vessels and vehicles from contiguous countries.
Omitted articles from, post entry of..
Production of, to customs officer

Requirement of..
Manipulation in warehouse.
Manufacturing in warehouses.
Marking of imported articles
Master, definition of...

Cured with imported salt-

Unfit for human food..
Medicinal preparations, drawback on.
Abandoned or forfeited-

Allowance for
As unclaimed

Destruction of
Appraisement of
In bonded warehouse-

Consignee may abandon within three years.
Deemed abandoned after 3 years.
Proceeds of sale of..

Sale of after 1 year
Allowance for draft and tare.
Allowance for loss in warehouse.
Analysis of..
Appraisement of -
Appraisers' report on..
Bearing trade-mark of American citizen, importation prohibited..
Carriers of, bonded...
Cartage of, entered for warehouse.
Commingling of.
Concealed in bonded warehouse.
Condemned, allowance for.
Consignee as owner of..
Convict-made, prohibited..
Custody of, by collector, before entry
Decayed, allowance for..
Declaration upon entry of..

Bond for
Definition of
Destruction of
Domestic value of imported
Drawback on

False claim for
Dutiable according to weight, effective date of rates-
Entry of.

Amendment in..
Before passage of act.

Under regulations.
Expense of weighing, etc.
Exported and returned.
Examination of

Appraisers' report upon
Articles not invoiced

Before delivery.
Export value of.
False claim for drawback on.
For different ports.
Foreign value of
From contiguous country.

Articles not included in declaration and entry-
Burden of proof in actions for
Destruction of
For false swearing on examination.
For gross undervaluation.
For illegal importation of..

Omissions from manifest.
Fraudulent removal from or manipulation in warehouse
Illegal importation of...

Before passage of act
In American vessels, discount in duties (act of 1913)
In bond for exportation

In foreign vessels, discriminatory duty on.
In sealed cars
In bonded warehouse. (See Bonded warehouse and Vessels.)
In public stores.
Inspection of, from contiguous countries..


Lading of, on Sunday, holiday, or at night.

Penalty for unlawful..
Liens upon.-
Manifest for. (See Manifest.)
Manipulation of, in bonded warehouse.
Marking, labeling, etc., of..--
Materials for vessels, for drawback.
Mingled, subject to different rates.

Segregation of, by importer..
Not conforming to specification, drawback on.
Not to be unladen before entry
Not unladen within 25 days.
Omitted from invoice
Omitted from manifest_
Ownership for customs purposes.
Post entry of...
Protest against collector's decision upon. (See Protest.)
Reappraisement of..
Recovered from sunken or abandoned vessels.
Refunds upon. (See Duties.)
Regulations for entry of..
Relanded without entry, penalty for
Relinquidation of entries of..
Remanufacture of forfeited.
Salvaged, free entry of..
Seizure of. (See Seized property.)
Smuggling of
Statistics of imports of.
Summary sale of..

Disposition of proceeds of.
Transit of, to foreign country.
Transportation, immediate, without appraisement.
Transportation of, between ports.-
Transported from one port to another through contiguous countries.

Due to stress of weather..


Proceeds of sale of..
Unlading of

At port of entry
Due to stress of weather, etc.
On Sunday, holiday, or at night.

Extra compensation for
Permits and preliminary entries.
Place of..

Without permit or license-
Unlawful relanding of.-
Warrant for seizure of.
Weighing, etc., expense of..
Withdrawal of
Wrecked at sea..
(See also Appraisement; Baggage; Invoice; Entry; Vessels; Bonded

warehouse; Cargo.)
Metals, crude, smelting of..
Milling-in-bond provision, so-called.
Models, illustrators' and photographers'.
Models of women's apparel imported in bond for exportation.
Moisture and impurities, allowance for excessive
Motor boats imported in bond for exportation.
Motor cycles imported in bond for exportation.

Naval officers as comptrollers of customs.
Navigation laws, enforcement by boarding officers.

Definition of..
Lading and unlading. (See Merchandise.)

Oaths, administration of
Obscene books prohibited.
Offenses relating to seals.
Officers not to be interested in vessels or cargo.
Opium for smoking, penalty.

Assaying and sampling of.

Smelting of, in warehouse
Owner's declaration. (See Declaration.)
Ownership for entry--

483, 485 (f)

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