The Works of the English Poets: With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, Volume 21

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Samuel Johnson
C. Bathurst, 1779
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Halaman 4 - Cadwallador and Arthur, kings Full famous in romantic tale) when he, O'er many a craggy hill and barren cliff, Upon a cargo of fam'd Cestrian cheese, High over-shadowing rides, with a design To vend his wares, or at th' Avonian mart, Or Maridunum, or the ancient town Yclep'd Brechinia, or where Vaga's stream Encircles Ariconium, fruitful soil!
Halaman 5 - Disastrous acts forebode. In his right hand Long scrolls of paper solemnly he waves, With characters and figures dire inscrib'd, Grievous to mortal eyes.
Halaman 6 - The wasp insidious, and the buzzing drone, And butterfly proud of expanded wings Distinct with gold, entangled in her snares, Useless...
Halaman 220 - I'd shun, with as much studious care, As I would dens where hungry lions are ; And rather put up injuries, than be A plague to him, who'd be a plague to me. I value quiet at a price too great...
Halaman 4 - Thus while my joyless minutes tedious flow, With looks demure, and silent pace, a Dun, Horrible monster ! hated by gods and men, To my aerial citadel ascends...
Halaman 53 - Sylvan (hades, and filent groves, (Haunt of the Druids) whence the earth is fed With copious fuel ; whence the fturdy oak, A prince's refuge once, th...
Halaman 7 - My weary limbs, my fancy's still awake ; Thoughtful of drink, and eager, in a dream, Tipples imaginary pots of ale In vain; awake, I find the settled thirst Still gnawing, and the pleasant phantom curse.
Halaman 295 - By great example to wise actions led : Much to the fame her lineal heroes bore She owes, but to her own high genius more; And, by a noble emulation mov'd, Excell'd their virtues, and her own improv'd ; Till they arriv'd to that celestial height, Scarce angels greater be, or saints so bright.
Halaman 322 - Fills it with restless doubts, and wild debates* Concerning what we, living, cannot find. None know what Death is. but the dead; Therefore we all, by nature, dying dread, As a strange, doubtful way, we know not how to tread.
Halaman 54 - Fresh blooming in thy generous son ; whose lips, Flowing with nervous eloquence exact, Charm the wise senate, and attention win In deepest councils: Ariconium pleas'd, Him, as her chosen worthy, first salutes. Him on th...

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