The Lien Laws of the State of New York: Including Mechanics' Liens on Real Property and Their Enforcement, Liens on Vessels and Their Enforcement, Liens on Personal Property, Chattel Mortgages and Contracts of Conditional Sale, as Contained in L. 1897, Chap. 418, and L. 1897, Chap. 419

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Robert Cushing Cumming, Frank Bixby Gilbert
Baker, Voorhis, 1897 - 493 halaman

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Halaman 320 - ... accompanied by an immediate delivery, and followed by an actual and continued change of possession...
Halaman 457 - ... being duly sworn, deposes and says that he is the petitioner in the above-entitled proceeding ; that he has read the foregoing petition and knows the contents thereof; that the same is true of his own knowledge, except as to matters therein stated to be alleged upon information and belief, and that as to those matters he believes it to be true.
Halaman 287 - After the time for the payment of the claim specified in the notice to the depositor has elapsed an advertisement of the sale, describing the goods to be sold and stating the name of the owner or person on whose account the goods are held and the time and place of the sale, shall be published once a week for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper published in the place where such sale is to be held.
Halaman 260 - The principle is believed to be universal, that a prior lien gives a prior claim, which is entitled to prior satisfaction, out of the subject it binds, unless the lien be intrinsically defective, or be displaced by some act of the party holding it which shall postpone him in a Court of law or equity to a subsequent claimant.
Halaman 390 - The provisions of a law repealing a prior law, which are substantial re-enactments of provisions of the prior law, shall be construed as a continuation of such provisions of such prior law, and not as new enactments.
Halaman 291 - ... and the expenses of advertising and sale thereof; But no such sale shall be made until the expiration of four weeks from the first publication of notice of such sale in...
Halaman 271 - ... shall be deemed to be the true owner thereof, so far as to give validity to any contract made by such agent with any other person, for the sale or disposition of the whole or any part of such merchandise, for any money advanced, or negotiable instrument or other obligation in writing given by such other person upon the faith thereof.
Halaman 86 - ... after deducting all just credits and offsets, with the name of the owner or reputed owner, if known, and also the name of the person by whom he was employed, or to whom he furnished the materials, with a statement of the terms, time given, and conditions of his contract, and also a description of the property to be charged with the lien, sufficient for identification...
Halaman 397 - ... that the same is true to his own knowledge, except as to the matters therein stated to be alleged on information and belief ; and that as to those matters he believes it to be true.
Halaman 102 - The notice shall state the name and residence of the lienor, the name of the contractor or sub-contractor for whom the labor was performed or materials furnished, the amount claimed to be due or to become due, the date when due...

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