Les voyages de Cyrus: avec un discours sur la théologie et la mythologie des payens, Volume 1

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chez Bossange, Masson et Besson., 1802

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Halaman 128 - All men have their frailties. Whoever looks for a friend without imperfections, will never find what he seeks : we love ourselves with all our faults ; and we ought to love our friends in like manner.
Halaman 107 - SÉSOSTRIS, roi d'Egypte, vivait ( à ce que l'on dit ) quelques siècles avant la guerre de Troie. Son père ayant conçu le dessein d'en faire un conquérant , fit amener à la cour tous les enfans qui naquirent le même jour. On les éleva avec le même soin que son fils. Ils furent surtout accoutumés, dès l'âge le plus tendre , à une vie dure et laborieuse. Ces e'nfans devinrent de boni mnistreset d'excellens officiers; ilsaccompagnèrent Sésostris dans toutes ses campagnes.
Halaman 13 - Mandane, being soon after obliged to leave Media and return to Cambyses, would have taken her son with her, but Astyages opposed it. " Why, said he, will you deprive me of the pleasure of seeing Cyrus? He will here learn military discipline, which is not yet known in Persia. I conjure you...
Halaman 167 - Pisistrate, qui étoit revenu comme moi des égaremens de la jeunesse. Vous voyez, lui dis-je, les malheurs qui nous menacent. Une licence effrénée a pris la place de la...
Halaman 16 - Cyrus , mais d'un cara&ère bien différent; Il avoit de l'efprit & du courage , mais il étoit d'un naturel impétueux & fier , & ne montroit déjà que trop de penchant pour tous les vices ordinaires aux jeunes Princes. Caflandane ne pouvoit aimer que la vertu ; fon cœur avoit fait un choix ; elle craignoit plus que la mort une alliance qui devoit être fi flatteufe pour fon ambition.
Halaman 69 - Mythras, or the second spirit, and under him Psyche, or the goddess Mythra ; around their throne, in the first rank, are the Jyngas, the most sublime intelligences ; in the lower spheres are an endless number of genii of all the different orders. " Arimanius, chief of the Jyngas, aspired to an equality with the god Mythras, and by his eloquence persuaded all the spirits of his order to disturb the universal harmony, and the peace of the heavenly monarchy. How exalted soever the genii are, they are...
Halaman 121 - Trismegistus expressed the virtues and the passions of the soul, the actions and the attributes of the gods, by the figures of animals, insects, plants, stars, and divers other symbolical characters : hence it is, that sphynxes, serpents, birds, and crocodiles were placed in their ancient temples, and upon their obelisks ; but these were not the objects of their worship. Trismegistus concealed the mysteries of religion under hieroglyphics and allegories, and exposed nothing to the eyes of the vulgar...
Halaman 188 - Dans une jeunesse vive et bouillante on ne peut fixer l'attention de l'esprit qu'en l'amusant. Cet âge est toujours en garde contre les préceptes ; il faut pour les faire goûter les déguiser sous la forme du plaisir.
Halaman 49 - Lycians governed by women, and found it the easiest and most convenient form of government. Their queens had a council of senators, who assisted them with their advice. The men proposed good laws, but the women caused them to be executed. The sweetness and mildness of the sex prevented all the mischiefs of tyranny ; and the counsel of the wise senators qualified that inconstancy with which women are reproached.
Halaman 135 - ... familiarity which so much offends you is allowed. Lycurgus thought it possible to deaden the fire of voluptuous desires, by accustoming the eye sometimes to those objects which excite them. At all other times the women are very reserved; nay, by our laws, new-married persons are permitted to see one another but rarely, and that in private ; and thus our youth are formed to temperance and moderation, even in the most lawful pleasures. By this means also are prevented those disgusts which frequently...

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