The Ecclesiologist, Volume 19

Sampul Depan
Cambridge Camden Society, 1861

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Halaman 105 - The painting and gilding of the architecture of the east end of the church, over the communion-table, was intended only to serve the present occasion, till such time as materials could have been procured for a magnificent design of an altar, consisting of four pillars, wreathed, of the richest Greek marbles, supporting a canopy hemispherical, with proper decorations of architecture and sculpture ; for which the respective drawings and a model were prepared.
Halaman 296 - Albert Durer, his Life and Works ; including Autobiographical Papers and Complete Catalogues. By WILLIAM B. SCOTT. With Six Etchings by the Author and other Illustrations. 8vo. 16s. Half-Hour Lectures on the History and Practice of the Fine and Ornamental Arts.
Halaman 105 - The judgment of the surveyor was originally, instead of painting in the manner it is now performed, to have beautified the inside of the cupola with the more durable ornament of mosaic work, as is nobly executed in the cupola of St. Peter's...
Halaman 266 - COLLEGE, President, in the chair. The following gentlemen were elected Members of the Society : — The Hon.
Halaman 335 - The Arcades round the Chapels of the choir at Westminster are almost identical in shape and design with that round the chancel at Stone. The proportions of their trefoil cusps are very peculiar, and as nearly as possible the same. The spandrils are filled with foliage carved exactly in the same spirit. The labels are terminated upon small corbels level with the capitals : a very unusual arrangement. The arcades rest upon a stone chamfered seat ; and the arch-moulds, though not the same, are of the...
Halaman 265 - PBOFESSORSTANLEY said that Mr. Froude was out of England, or he would no doubt reply. He certainly must be allowed the merit of candour, because it seems that he himself has supplied most of the documents which have been used against him. The account of the moderate party, he added, was certainly a most interesting one, and well deserving of study ; and it would be curious to observe how those moderate views which Pole held, passed off into those which he adopted on his return to England. The MASTER...
Halaman 336 - I do not wish to lay too much stress on any one of these points of resemblance : it is not to be expected that two churches, built by the same architect, so unlike in size, in position, and in dignity, should show anything more than some general resemblance of character : but I cannot help thinking, that when I have pointed to such a general agreement in the proportions, the materials, the sculpture, and the details, as we find at Stone and Westminster, it would be almost enough to decide the question,...
Halaman 69 - Dublin ; but I cannot approve of the intolerance of some of its admirers. I think it the most beautiful of architectural styles ; but I claim the liberty of preferring, for the purposes of worship and devotion, a description of building which, though not so beautiful in outline, is more in accordance with the ritual of the present day, which is more cheerful in its interior, and which admits more naturally of rich materials, of large pictures or mosaics, and of mural decoration.
Halaman 308 - I can assure you that, after a most close and impartial investigation, I feel perfectly convinced the Roman Catholic Church is the only true one, and the only one in which the grand and sublime style of church architecture can ever be restored.
Halaman 47 - O Key of David, and sceptre of the House of Israel, thou that openest and no man shutteth, and shuttest and no man openeth ; Come and bring the...

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