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out permission of the Grand Master, and with the consent of the Grand Lodge.

"You admit that no person can be regularly made a Mason, or admitted into any lodge, without previous notice, and due inquiry into his character.

"You promise that no visiter shall be received into your Lodge, without due examination, or producing proper vouchers of their having been made in a regular lodge.

"These are the regulations of free and accepted Masons: The Grand Master then addresses the Master elect in the following manner:

"Do you submit to these charges, and promise to support these regulations, as Masters have done in all ages before you ?"

The new Master having signified his submission, the Grand Master says:

"Brother, In consequence of your conformity to the charges and regulations of the order, you are now to be installed Master of this new lodge, in full confidence of your care, skill and capacity to govern the same."

He then invests him with his jewel, and thus addresses him :

"I invest you with the honourable badge of the office of Master of this lodge. And now present you the insignia of your office, and the necessary furniture of your lodge.*

"This [great light] will guide you to all truth; will direct you to the temple of love; and point to you the whole duty of man.


"This square, the use of which is to bring all rude matter into form,' teaches you to form and instruct all

* When the Grand Master is present, this ceremony may be performed by the Deputy Grand Master; but, in all other cases, it should be performed by the presiding brother, whether as officer of the Grand Lodge, or deputy for the occasion.

Masons under your care, and to make them perfect in their order.

"The compasses direct you to keep your brethren within the limits of Masonry; and so to regulate your lodge, that none be admitted but such as are worthy that higher sphere of merit and of worth.

"I present you, also, this book, which contains the Constitutions of Masonry. Search it at all times. Let it be read in your lodge; that none may pretend ignorance of the excellent precepts it enjoins. I also place in your personal custody, the charter or warrant; [making such remarks as are well known to the expert workman.]


Lastly, I give into your charge the by-laws of your lodge. See that every member abides by them."

After this, the jewels of the officers of the new lodge being returned to the Master, he delivers them to the several members of the Grand Lodge, who proceed to invest the other officers: the Grand Wardens investing the Wardens of the new lodge, the Grand Secretary the Secretary, and so on; each giving a short charge.*


"Brother, I invest you with the badge of your office. "This level, as an instrument in your hands, you will use to preserve that equality which ought to subsist among Masons, which nature assigns, and which love requires.

"Your regular attendance on the stated and special meetings is highly expedient. In the presence of the Master you are to assist him in the government of the lodge, and in his absence to take the charge of it.

"You will undoubtedly discharge with faithfulness the

* The officers of the new lodge should be presented to the Grand officers who invest them, by the Grand Marshal.

duties of this important office, and become a pillar of strength to the Lodge.-Look well to the west!"


"Brother, I invest you with the badge of your office, as Junior Warden of this lodge.

"The plumb teaches you to act with that uprightness which belongs to your office.

"Your regular and punctual attendance on the lodge is particularly requested.

"The examination of visiters is within your care.

"In the absence of the Master and Senior Warden you know your duty; and will then, and at all times, faithfully discharge it.

"Beautify your column in the temple of Masonry."


"Brother, I invest you with the badge of your office, as Secretary to this lodge.

"It is your province to keep the records regularly, fairly and faithfully: To examine and settle accounts; and to issue summonses at the Master's direction.

"Your love to the craft, and attachment to this lodge, will induce you cheerfully to fulfil the duties of your office; and in so doing you will merit the esteem of your brethren."


"Brother, I invest you with the badge of your office, as Treasurer of this lodge.

"Your honour, and the confidence the brethren repose in you, will excite to that faithfulness in the discharge of the duty of your office, which its important nature demands.".



"Brother, I invest you with the badge of your office, as Senior Deacon of this lodge.

"You are sensible that your station is not one of the least important.

You will be attentive to the Master; careful in introducing visiters, and in accommodating them.

"Be watchful in preparation. And, although you halt at the door of the temple, lead those rightly who require it. "Your regular attendance on the lodge will be your duty and inclination."


"Brother, I invest you with the badge of your office, as Junior Deacon of this lodge.

"What is delivered to you in the west, faithfully carry to the south.

"To that which is more immediately your care, be particularly attentive.

"Prepare duly. Lead upon the square. And prompt

like a workman.

"Your regular and early attendance upon the lodge is highly necessary."


"Brother, I invest you with the badge of your office, as first steward of this lodge.

"You are to make necessary provision, by the advice of the Master, and see the table furnished at his command. You are to keep an exact account of all expenses for supplies, and give information of what may be in store, or what may be wanting.

"Your regular and early attendance on the lodge will be a sure proof of your attachment to it."


"Brother, I invest you with the badge of your office, as Second Steward to this lodge.

Encourage the labourers at their work.

"Be punctual: and let your countenance delight them."



"Brother, I invest you with the badge of your office, as Tyler to this lodge.

"A faithful discharge of your duty is necessary for the safety of the craft: and your constant attendance upon the lodge cannot be dispensed with, but by the permission of the Master."

The Master of the new lodge then returns thanks to the Grand Master and officers, in the following words :*

Right Worshipful.-Permit me to render to you, and to the Grand Lodge, my thanks, and the thanks of this Lodge, for the honour now conferred on us.

It will be our care and delight to cultivate the sublime art, and assiduously to perform the duty incumbent on us.†

The Grand Master, or some specially appointed brother, then delivers an address to the brethren.

The Grand Master then proclaims the lodge by its name and style, and orders the Grand Secretary to register the same in the archives of the Grand Lodge.

* Or in such other appropriate address as he may prepare or select. †The Master need not confine himself to this form of thanks. The principal object is the style and subject, which may be varied at plea


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