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Senior and Junior Wardens,

The holy writings, square and compass, carried by the oldest member of the lodge not in office, accompanied with the Chaplain,

Past Masters,



Order of Procession, when the Ceremony of Consecrating and Constituting a Lodge, is performed in public, &c.

Two Tylers, with drawn swords,

Music, (when there are two bands,)

Tyler of the oldest lodge, with a drawn sword,
Two Stewards of the oldest lodge, with white rods,
Entered Apprentices,

Fellow Crafts,

Master Masons,

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New Lodge,

(To form as in No. I., omitting Past Masters and Chaplain.)


Grand Tyler, with a drawn sword,

Grand Stewards, with white rods,

When Masonic Halls are to be dedicated, &c. the corn, wine and oil, are to be carried as in No. III.

Grand Secretary and Treasurer,

Master of a lodge bearing the sacred writing, square and compass, on a crimson velvet cushion; supported by the Stewards of the second oldest lodge, with white rods, first Steward on his right, the second on his left, Grand Chaplain,

Past Grand Wardens,

Grand Marshal.

Past Deputy Grand Masters,
Past Grand Masters,
Grand Wardens,

Deputy Grand Masters,

Master of the oldest lodge, bearing the book of constitutions on a velvet cushion,

Grand Junior Deacon on the left with a black rod.

on a line five feet apart.

Grand Senior Dea

on the right

No. III.


with a black rod.

Grand Master,

Grand Sword Bearer, with a drawn sword,

Two Stewards, with white rods,


Gentlemen invited to join the procession, follow,two and two.

Order of Procession at laying the Foundation Stones of Public Buildings, &c.

Two Tylers, (as in No. 2.)
Music, (as in do.)

Tyler of the oldest Lodge, (do.)
Two Stewards of the oldest Lodge, (do.)


Grand Marshal.


Entered Apprentices,
Fellow Crafts,

Master Masons,



Junior Deacons,

Senior Deacons,



Past Wardens,
Junior Wardens,
Senior Wardens,
Past Masters,


Grand Tyler, (as in No. 2,)
Grand Stewards, (do.)

A brother carrying a golden vessel containing corn, Two brethren carrying silver urns, one containing wine,

the other oil,

Principal Architect,

Grand Secretary and Treasurer,

Bible, square and compass, carried by a Master of a lodge, supported by two Stewards, as in No. 2, when not supported by Stewards, the Grand Chaplain walks with the Master of the lodge, who supports the Bible, &c.

Past Grand Wardens,

Past Deputy Grand Masters,
Past Grand Masters,

Chief Magistrate of the place,

Two large lights, borne by two Masters of Lodges,
Grand Wardens,

One great light, borne by a Master of a Lodge,
Deputy Grand Masters,

Master of the oldest Lodge, bearing the book of Constitutions, (as in No. 2.)

Grand Deacons, with black rods, (placed as in No. 2,) Grand Master,

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Grand Sword Bearer, (as in No. 2,)
Two Stewards, with white rods,

Gentlemen who choose to join the procession follow.

Note. When two or more lodges walk in procession, they form as above, either in one body, or in separate lodges; if separately, the youngest lodge precedes the elder. The cushion, on which the Holy Writings are carried, is covered with crimson satin or velvet.

Marshals are to walk on the left of the procession.

All officers of lodges, in processions, should wear the badges of their office.

None but Master Masons are to wear decorated aprons. Those of the lower degrees may have an edging of silk, or a square and compass made of silk-the aprons of those of higher degrees, according to their order. Attention must be paid to colours. None but officers (who are always to be master masons) are to wear sashes; and this decoration is only for particular officers.

If a past or present Grand Master should join the procession of a private lodge, or Deputy Grand Master, or the Grand Wardens, attention is to be paid to them. They take place after the Master of the lodge. Two Deacons with black rods, one on the right, and another on the left, attend a Grand Warden; and when a Grand Master is present, or Deputy Grand Master, the book of constitutions is borne before him; a sword bearer follows him, and the Deacons, with black rods, are placed on his right and left, at an angular distance of five feet, as in No. 2.

Musicians, if they are of the fraternity, walk in the pro

cession, after the Tyler; if not, they precede the Tyler, walk on the right and left of the procession. When there is but one band, and the Grand Lodge attends, they follow the Grand Tyler.

The order of procession No. 1, is suitably formed for funerals. The cushion, on which is carried the Holy Writings, is covered with black silk or cloth: a black silk knot is placed at the end of each Steward's rod-the same on the musical instruments. The procession immediately precedes the corpse.

The brethren all walk two and two, excepting such officers as from their station are to walk otherways.

When a new lodge is to be consecrated, &c. that lodge is always to form separately;-its place in the procession is immediately preceding the Grand Lodge.

On entering public buildings, &c., the Bible, square and compass, book of Constitutions, &c., are placed before the Grand Master. The Grand Marshal and Grand Deacons keep near him.


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