The Manitoba Reports, Volume 11

Sampul Depan
Law Society of Manitoba., 1897
Containing reports of cases decided in the Court of the King's Bench and Court of Appeal for Manitoba.

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Halaman 135 - The Court or a judge may at any stage of the proceedings order to be struck out or amended any matter in any indorsement or pleading which may be unnecessary or scandalous or which may tend to prejudice, embarrass, or delay the fair trial of the action...
Halaman 532 - Release of the same, unless in the meantime some Part of the Principal Money, or some Interest thereon, shall have been paid, or some Acknowledgment of the Right thereto shall have been given in Writing signed by the Person by whom the same shall be payable, or his Agent, to the Person entitled thereto, or his Agent...
Halaman 532 - ... judgment, or lien, or otherwise charged upon or payable out of any land or rent, at law or in equity, or any legacy, but within twenty years next after a present right to receive the same shall have accrued to some person capable of giving a discharge for or release of the same, unless in the meantime some part of the principal money, or some interest thereon, shall have been paid...
Halaman 135 - The Court or a Judge may, at any stage of the proceedings, either upon or without the application of either party, and on such terms as may appear to the Court or a Judge...
Halaman 36 - A written contract not under seal is not the contract itself, but only evidence — the record of the contract. When the parties have recorded their contract, the rule is that they cannot alter or vary it by parol evidence. They put on paper what is to bind them, and so make the written document conclusive evidence between them. But it is always open to the parties to show whether or not the written document is the binding record of the contract
Halaman 575 - We think that so long as he has made no election, he retains the right to determine it either way, subject to this, that if in the interval, whilst he is deliberating, an innocent third party has acquired an interest in the property, or if in consequence of his delay the position even of the wrong-doer is affected, it will preclude him from exercising his right to rescind.
Halaman 161 - ... unless the agreement upon which such action shall be brought, or some memorandum or note thereof, shall be in writing and signed by the party to be charged therewith...
Halaman 415 - And here the fundamental and universal rule, which is as reasonable as it is necessary, is, that while the construction is to be just, seeking first of all for the legislative intent in order to give it fair effect, yet any ambiguity or doubt as to the extent of the power is to be determined in favor of the State or general public, and against the State's grantee.
Halaman 396 - No person shall be excused from answering any question upon the ground that the answer to such question may tend to criminate him, or may tend to establish his liability to a civil proceeding at the instance of the Crown or of any other person...
Halaman 315 - Take notice, that you are hereby required to produce and show to the Court on the trial of this all books, papers, letters, copies of letters, and other writings and documents in your custody, possession, or power, containing any entry, memorandum.

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