Green Talk in the White House: The Rhetorical Presidency Encounters Ecology

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Tarla Rai Peterson
Texas A&M University Press, 10 Nov 2004 - 304 halaman
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The environment figures prominently in American political debate of the twentieth century. Issues of wilderness and wetlands preservation, clean air and clean water, and the sustainable use of natural resources attract passionate advocacy and demands for national as well as local action. Presidents since Theodore Roosevelt have addressed these issues, rhetorically (though not always prominently) in their public addresses and pragmatically in their policies and appointments to pertinent positions.

Green Talk in the White House gathers an array of approaches to studying environmental rhetoric and the presidency, covering a range of presidential administrations and a diversity of viewpoints on how the concept of the “rhetorical presidency” may be modified in this policy area.

Tarla Rai Peterson’s introduction discusses both methodological and substantive issues in studying presidential rhetoric on the environment. In subsequent chapters, noted scholars examine various aspects of half a dozen modern presidencies to shed light not only on those administrations but also on the study of environmental rhetoric itself. The final section of the book then directs attention to the future of presidential rhetoric and environmental governance, with looks “in” at state-level environmental issues and looks “out” at the international context of environmentalism.

As a whole, the volume is ideal for those looking to better understand the particular intersection of presidency, policy, and rhetorical studies.

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Environmental Communication Meets Presidential Rhetoric
Environmental Rhetoric and the New Frontier
Preaching Conservation Theodore Roosevelt and the Rhetoric of Civil Religion
Presidential Public Policy and Conservation W J McGee and the People
Environmental Rhetoric and Political Pragmatism
The President and the Reformer Rhetoric Politics and the Environment under Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Conservative Politics and the Politics of Conservation Richard Nixon and the Environmental Protection Agency
Conservation Reconsidered Environmental Politics Rhetoric and the Reagan Revolution
The ReMaking of the Environmental President ClintonGore and the Rhetoric of US Environmental Politics 19921996
Colliding Ironies and Clintons Salvage Rider Rhetoric in the Northwest Timber Controversy
Were Coming Clean Clinton Public Advocacy and the Human Radiation Experiments
Presidential Rhetoric and Environmental Governance for the Twentyfirst Century
Topical Analysis and the Problem of Judgment in Environmental Disputes The Case of Sustainable Forestry in New Hampshire
Global Gridlock The American Presidency and the Framing of International Environmentalism 19882000

The Environmental President Who Wasnt

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TARLA RAI PETERSON is currently a professor at the University of Utah. She served as principle organizer of the Presidential Rhetoric Conference that focused on environmental rhetoric while an associate professor of communication at Texas A&M.

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