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HEALTH LAws, &c. .

An ACT to provide against infectious andpesti-
. . . lential Diseases.

Passed 30th March, 1801.
I. Eitenactedly the People of the State of New-

P Tork, represented in Senate and Assembly, That there shall continue to be a health-office in the city of New-York, under the superintendance of three commissioners, who shall consist of a health-officer, and of a physician to be styled the resident physician, and one other person; that the health-officer shall reside at Staten-Island, the resident physician in the city of New-York, and the

Commissioners of the Health-Office in N. York, and their residence.

other commissioner at or near the marine hospital.

on Staten-Island or in the city of New-York, as a majority of the said commissioners may deem most proper; that the said commissioners shall be appointed by the person administering the government of this state by and with the advice and consent of the council of appointment; Provided Jowever, That the persons now holding and exercising the office of commissioners aforesaid, may continue therein until others shall be appointed in their stead; Andprovided further, That it shall be lawful for the mayor, or in his absence the recorder of the city of New-York, in case of the death or resignation of any of the said commissioners, to appoint a suitable person to supply such


Further provi.

vacancy, until the sense of the council of appoint. ment shall be declared thereon. vessels sub. II. And be it further enacted, That all vessels #. ... arriving in the port of New-York, from any port, island or other place in the East-Indies, or from any port, island or other place on the coast of Africa, or from any port, island or other place in the Mediterranean, or from any port, island or other place in the South Seas, or from any port, island or other place in the West-Indies, er from any port, Island or other place whatever in America lying on the south of Georgia, or from any port or other place in the Bermuda Islands, at any time in any year, or from any foreign port, place or island whatever, between the last day of May and the last day of October in any year, shall be subject to quarantine of course, and to the examination of the health-officer, under the regulations vessel, sus. herein prescribed; and that all vessels arriving in {...}. the port of New-York, from any port, island or ent. other place in the United States south of SandyHook, between the first day of June and the first day of October in any year, shall anchor at the place assigned for quarantine, and shall be subject to such regulations as vessels which are to perform quarantine of course, if on the examination of the health-officerit shall by him be deemed exrenalty to pedient; and that any master or commander of a :** vessel offending in the premises shall be consider. o ed as guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall for each offence befined by the court having cognizance of the same, in a sum not exceeding two thousand dollars, or be imprisoned

for a time not exceeding twelve months.

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