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sioners of common schools in and for the said city, and in common council shall perform all the duties of such commissioners, and shall have and possess all the rights, powers, and authority of commissioners of common schools in the several towns of this state. The clerk of the city shall be the clerk of the said commissioners, and shall perform all the duties enjoined by law upon the clerks of commissioners of common schools in the several towns of this state.

$ 2. The moneys required by law to be raised by tax School tax for the support of common schools shall be levied and raised in the city of Rochester by the supervisors of the county of Monroe, in the same manner as such taxes are directed to be raised in the several towns in the county of Monroe, and the amount raised in the said city shall be paid to the treasurer thereof: and directions to that effect shall be given in the warrants delivered to the collectors in the said city, and the sum apportioned to the said city by the superintendent of common schools shall be paid to the treasurer of the said city by the treasurer of Monroe county.

S 3. The common council shall have the same power Additional to raise any additional sum for the support of common sums. schools, as is given by law to the towns of the state; which shall be assessed, levied and collected, and paid into the city treasury, in the same manner as the sums raised to defray the general expenses thereof.

$ 4. The moneys so paid into the city treasury shall be Distribution distributed among the several school districts therein, by mor the common council, in the same manner prescribed by law in relation to the distribution of common school moneys among the districts of towns, and the said common council shall receive and make the several returns and reports required by law of commissioners of common schools in towns, and the members thereof shall be individually liable for any neglect of duty in the premises, in the same manner as town commissioners of schools.

S 5. The common council shall annually appoint a School in number of inspectors of common schools in the said city, spectors. not exceeding twelve, and not less than five, who shall possess all the powers and authority of inspectors of common schools elected by any town, and shall be subject to the like duties and obligations. In case of the refusal of any person so appointed to serve, or in case of a vacancy in the office, the common council shall, from time to time, appoint others, who shall have the like powers and be subject to the same duties.

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colo $ 6. The freeholders and inhabitants of any school dismay be creo trict in the said city may, by a vote of two-thirds of the ated.

persons present, and entitled to vote at any meeting of such district convened after notice of the object of such meeting shall have been published for one week in some newspaper of the said city, and after the said notice shall have been served on every such freeholder or inhabitant, by reading the same to him, or in case of his absence, by leaving the same at his place of residence, at least five days previous to such meeting, determine either separately or in conjunction with any other school district or districts in the said city, to have a high school created for such district or districts as shall so agree to unite for that purpose; and may vote a sum, not exceeding five thousand dollars, to be raised for erecting a building for such high school; and on evidence of such vote, and of such notice having been published and served as above provided, being presented to the common council, they may, in their discretion, authorize the erection of a high school in such district, or may authorize the several districts so agreeing to be erected in one district, which shall thereafter form one school district; and all the property, rights and interests of the several districts so united shall belong to, and be vested in, the trustees of the said united districts; and the trustees thereof shall have all the powers of trustees of school districts; shall be elected in the same manner, and shall be subject to all the duties and obligations of trustees of common school districts.

S 7. Upon such authority being given, the trustees of such district shall proceed to raise the sum which shall have been voted at such district meeting or meetings for the erection of a building, in the same manner that moneys voted by school districts to build school houses, are directed by law to be raised; and the same proceedings shall be had in all respects; and the moneys so raised shall be expended by the trustees and accounted for by them to

the common council. Rights and S 8. Such school district shall have all the rights, priprivileges.

vileges and benefits of a common school district, and the freeholders and inhabitants thereof may vote a sum not exceeding seventy-five dollars in each year, to be raised for the purpose of keeping such building in repair, which shall be assessed and collected in the same manner as sums voted by district meetings for the repair of school houses, arc directed by law to be raised and collected.

S9, The three last preceding sections shall not extend high school. to any school district in which there is now a high school,

or which is attached to the Rochester high school.

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$ 10. It shall be the duty of the trustees of the Roches. To make se ter high school to make the reports and returns which by ports. law they are required to make as trustees of a school district, to the common council, as commissioners of common schools.

S 11. The common council shall annually publish in Number of some newspaper of the city, a statement of the number of published high schools and common schools in the said city; the num-" ber of pupils instructed therein the year preceding; the several branches of education pursued by them; and the receipts and expenditures of each school, specifying the sources of such receipts, and the objects of such expenditures.

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ers of hia! ways.

Of streets, highways, bridges and public improvements.

S 1. The common council shall be commissioners of commissies highways for the said city, and shall have the care and superintendence of the highways, streets, bridges, lanes, alleys and public squares therein, and it shall be their duty,

1. To give directions for the repairing and preservation of such highways, streets, bridges, alleys and public squares, and to cause them to be repaired, cleansed, improved and secured from time to time, as may be necessary.

2. To regulate the roads, streets, lanes and alleys already laid out, or which shall be hereafter laid out, and to alter such of them as they shall deem inconvenient, subject to the restrictions hereinafter contained.

3. To cause such of the streets and roads as shall have been used for six years past as are not sufficiently describe ed, or have not been duly recorded, to be ascertained, described, and entered of record in the city clerk's office; and the recording of such roads, streets, lanes, alleys or public squares, so ascertained and described, or which shall hereafter be laid out by the said common council, in books

kept by the clerk of the said city, by order of the said · common council, shall be evidence of the existence of such

roads, streets, alleys, lanes and squares, as therein de scribed. .

4. To divide the said city from time to time, into so many districts as they shall judge expedient, by an ordinance to be entered in their minutes: and,

5. To appoint and assign to each of the said districts, so many inspectors of streets, as they shall from time to time deem proper, who shall give security, if required, for the faithful performance of their duties, and assign to them

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such duties in relation to the opening, laying out, making repairs, and preservation of the said streets, roads, lanes, alleys and squares, as they shall think fit; and the said inspectors shall possess all the powers of overseers of highways in towns, and be subject to all their duties and obliga

tions, so far as the same may be applicable to the said city. Money to bo S 2. The common council may annually raise by tax hig.waya, &e on the real and personal estate within the said city, such

sum as they shall judge necessary to constitute a general fund for the construction and repair of highways, streets, alleys, lanes and public squares, and other public buildings and improvements belonging to the said city, and for the construction and repair of wells, pumps, aqueducts and cisterns of water, not exceeding in any one year, the sum of two thousand dollars, which sum shall be assessed, raised, levied and collected in the same manner, and at the same time, as the taxes for the contingent expenses for the said city, and shall in like manner be paid into the city

treasury, subject to the order of the common council. High war la $ 3. Whenever the common council shall deem it expebu assessed. dient to assess highway labor upon any district of the said

city, for the opening, working, or repair of highways or streets therein, thcy may direct the inspector or inspectors of such district, to furnish a list of the names of all person's owning or occupying land in the said district, or owning land therein, although not residing therein, and of all male inhabitants of the age of twenty-one years, residents of such districts; and a statement of the contents of all lots, pieces or parcels of land within the said district, not occupied by residents thereof, and the value of all such lands, as the same were assessed in the last preceding assessment roll of the city; which lists and statements shall be returned to the clerk's office of the said city, and there

filed of record. Roure to be $ 4. The city clerk shall publish for at least one week

in some newspaper printed in the city, a notice that such lists and statements are returned to his office, and all persons interested may examine the same, with a view to apply to the common council for the correction of any error

therein. l-ists how to S 5. The common council shall assign a day to hear

applications to correct the said lists and statements, which shall be at least ten days after the first publication of the said notice, and shall be specified in such notice, when they shall proceed to hear and determine the said applications, and therein shall receive in evidence, the oath of the party, to be administered by the mayor or clerk of the said city.


be corrected.

$ 6. After correcting the said lists and statements, the number of common council shall determine the whole number of days to bod days' works which will be necessary for the ensuing year, for opening, working, and repairing the streets and highways in the said district, over and above what the common council shall have appropriated from the general fund for that purpose, or may thereafter appropriate, and shall assess the same as follows:

1. Every male inhabitant of the age of twenty-one years, excepting ministers and priests of every denomination, paupers, idiots and lunatics, shall be assessed at least one day's work.

2. The residue of the said estimated days' works shall be apportioned on the real estate within the said district, and on the personal estate of residents therein, and upon each tract of land of which the owners are non-residents, contained in the lists made and corrected as aforesaid, as the same shall appear by the last assessment roll, and if the value of any lot or tract of land cannot be ascertained from such assessment roll, then according to the value thereof, to be assessed by the assessor of the ward in which such lot may be situated.

$ 7. A day's work shall be estimated at fifty cents, and a day's the common council shall make out a list of the persons work'50 mts. assesscd, and of the lots and tracts belonging to non-resident owners of land assessed, with the number of days' work apportional to each person and lot, and the amount of such days' works estimated at fifty cents for each day; and shall annex thereto a warrant directed to the collector of the wards in which such district may be situated, commanding him to collect the said amount in money, in the same manner as the taxes for contingent expenses of the said city are herein directed to be collected, and to return the said warrant and pay over the money collected to the city treasurer, at such times as shall be appointed in said warrant.

$ 8. The collector to whom such list and warrant shall amount as. be directed, shall proceed in the collection of the same, in the same manner in all respects as herein before provided in relation to the taxes of the said city, and shall be entitled to the same fees on moneys collected, and shall possess the same powers, and shall in like manner make return of the amount collected, and of the amount remaining unpaid; and the same proceedings shall be had to collect the highway tax so assessed on real estate, as are herein before provided in relation to other taxes on real estate; and the sanie may be sold with the like effect and with the like rights to the purchaser.

sessed to be collected.

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