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thirteen acres, and to pay for the same in the manner and according to the terms of the contract made by the said agent with the said John B. Dill. But such purchase shall not be made, unless an absolute and unincumbered title shall be obtained for said land.

$ 2. The said agent, under the direction of the inspec- Walls to be tors, is authorized to extend upon the said land, when so purchased, the walls of the prison, and to erect shops and ware-houses thereon, for the convenience of the said prison; but the said inspectors shall not authorize the expenditure of any funds in and about such purchase of land and improvements, beyond the surplus moneys arising from the earnings of the convicts.

$ 3. The members of the fire-engine company attached Fire compato the prison at Auburn, who shall have served nine years by: previous to the time when this act shall take effect, shall be forever exempt from militia duty, except in time of war or insurrection, and be entitled to a discharge from said company after one year's service after this act shall take effect. All other members of said company shall, in like manner, be exempt and entitled to a discharge, after having served ten years from the period of their enlistment; and all members who shall hereafter join the said company, shall in like manner be exempt and entitled to a discharge, after a service of nine years.

CHAP. 147. AN ACT respecting inspectors and sealers of weights and measures in the city of New-York.

Passed April 22, 1834. The People of the State of New-York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

S 1. It shall be lawful for the common council of the city of New-York to appoint two inspectors of weights and measures instead of one, as now provided by law for the said city, and at pleasure to remove them or either of them, and to appoint others in their place.

$ 2. The said common council may assign a particular district of the said city for each of the said inspectors, and likewise for each of the sealers of weights and measures in the said city, and may confine them in the performance of their duties to such districts respectively.

CHAP. 148.
AN ACT concerning the New-York society for promoting

the manumission of slaves, and protecting such of them
as have been or may be liberated.

Passed April 22, 1834. The People of the State of New-York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows :

S 1. It shall be lawful for the New-York society for the manumission of slaves, and protecting such of them as have been or may be liberated, to sell, grant and convey all or any part of their estate, real or personal, to the public school society of New-York.

S 2. It shall also be lawful for the society first above named, to pay, grant and convey, all or any part of their estate to the managers of the society for the reformation of juvenile delinquents in the city of New York, upon such terms and conditions as the aforesaid societies may agree, to be applied to any of the purposes for which the last mentioned society was incorporated.

Corporation crotted.

CHAP. 149.
AN ACT to incorporate the Washington county mutual

insurance company.

Passed April 22, 1834. The People of the State of New-York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows :

S 1. Jonathan Todd, William Woods, Isaac W. Thompson, William Whitney, Levi T. Rowley, Samuel Standish, junior, Charles Chandler, Nathan Doane, and their associates, and all such persons as shall hereafter have property insured by the said company, shall be and hereby are ordained, constituted and declared to be a body corporate and politic, in fact and in name, by the name of “ The Washington County Insurance Company."

$ 2. The said corporation hereby created, shall have power and authority to make contracts of insurance with any person or persons, or any body politic or corporate, situate and resident in the county of Washington, against losses by fire of any houses, stores or other buildings whatsoever, and of any goods, chattels, or personal estate whatsoever, for such term or terms of time, and for such premium or consideration, and such modifications and restrictions as may be agreed on between the said



eorporation and the person or persons agreeing with them for such insurance.

$ 3. All such persons as shall at any time hereafter in- Members of sure in or with the said corporation, or be allowed so to tion. do, shall be deemed and taken as members of the said corporation during the period they shall remain insured by the said corporation, and no longer; and the property and concerns of the said corporation shall be managed and conducted by thirteen directors, to be chosen by ballot, from and among the members. David Woods, Leonard First dires. Blanchard, Charles Chandler, Lee T. Rowley, William R. Huggins, Samuel Standish, junior, Cornelius L. Allen, Gerrit Wendell, John Gall, William Stevenson, junior, William A. Moore, Jehiel Dayton and Reuben Skinner, shall be the directors of the said corporation, and shall continue in office for the period of one year, and until others may be chosen, and no longer; which directors shall be elected on the first Monday in October in each year, at such hour of the day, and at such place in the county of Washington, as the board of directors for the time being shall appoint; of which election public notice shall be given in one of the public newspapers printed in the county of Washington, at least thirty days immediately preceding such election; and such election shall be hol-' den under the inspection of three members, not being directors, to be appointed previous to every election, by the board of directors; and such election shall be made by ballot, and by a plurality of the votes of the members then present, or their proxies, allowing to each member one vote.

S 4. The directors herein before named shall, as soon President. as may be after the passing of this act, and the directors to be chosen at such annual elections, shall, as soon as may be thereafter, proceed to choose out of their body one person to be president; and in case of the death, resignation or inability to serve, of the president or any director of the said corporation, such vacancy may be filled, for the remainder of the year, by the board of directors; and in case of the absence of the president, the board of directors shall have power to appoint a president pro tempore, who shall have and exercise such powers and functions as the by-laws of the said corporation may provide.

$ 5. If it shall at any time happen that an election of Election directors shall not be made on any day when, pursuant to this act, it ought to have been made, the said corporation shall not for that cause be deemed to be dissolved; but it shall be lawful on any other day, to hold and make an election of directors in such manner as shall have been


regulated by the by-laws and ordinances of the said cor

poration. Policies of $ 6. The policies of insurance and other contracts

founded thereon, hereafter to be made or entered into by the said corporation, though not under seal, if subscribed by the president, or in case of his absence, resignation or inability to act, by such officer or officers, or person or persons as may be for that purpose authorized by the act of incorporation or the by-laws of the said corporation, and countersigned by the secretary, shall be binding and obligatory upon the said corporation, and shall have the like force and effect, to all intents and purposes, as if the seal of the said corporation had been or was affixed thereto: and further, all such policies or contracts may be so signed and attested; and all other business of the said corporation may be conducted and carried on by committees or otherwise, without the presence of a board of directors, and shall be binding and obligatory on the said corporation, if the same be done under or in conformity to the

by-laws and ordinances of the said corporation. Assignments. S 7. In case any person or persons insured, named in

any policy or contract of insurance, made by the said corporation hereby created, shall sell and convey or assign the subject insured, during the period of time for which it is insured, it shall be lawful for such insured, to assign and deliver to the purchaser or purchasers such policy or contract of insurance; and such assignee or assignees shall have all the benefit of such policy or contract of insurance, and may bring and maintain a suit thereon, in his, her or their own name or names: provided, that before any loss happens, he, she or they shall obtain the consent in writing of the said corporation, to such assignment, and have the same endorsed or annexed to the said policy of insu

rance. Real estate. S 8. It shall and may be lawful for the said corporation

to take and hold any real estate, bona fide mortgaged to the said corporation, by way of security for the payment of any debts which may be contracted with the said corporation, and to proceed on the said mortgaged securities, for the recovery of the moneys thereby secured, either in law or equity, in the same manner as any other mortgagee is or shall be authorized to do; and also, to purchase on sales made by virtue of any proceeding at law, or any order or decree of any court of equity, or any other legal proceedings or otherwise, to receive and take any real estate, in payment or towards the satisfaction of any debt previously contracted, and due to the said corporation, and to hold the same until they can conveniently and advan

be indemni

tageously sell and convert the same into money or other personal property.

S 9. The said directors, and such others as may be Directors to chosen by the said corporation, shall be indemnified and fied. saved harmless, by the members of the said corporation in proportion to the amounts of property that each and every member may have insured, at and after the rates of insurance of such property, by the said corporacion, in and for their giving out and signing policies of insurance, and all other lawful acts, deeds and transactions done and performed in pursuance of this act; and neither of the said directors shall be answerable for, or charged with, the defaults, neglects or misdeeds of others of them.

S 10. Every member of said company shall be and here. Lorsor by is bound to pay his proportion of the losses and expenses accruing in and to said company, and all buildings insured by said company, together with the right, title and interest of the assured to the lands on which they stand, shall and hereby are pledged to said company, and said company shall have a lien thereon against the assured during the continuance of his, her or their policy; the lien to take effect whenever the said company shall record in the book of mortgages kept by the county clerk of the county where the property is insured, a memorandum of the name of the individual insured, and a description of the property; the said lien in no case to exceed the sum of one hundred dollars.

S 11. This act shall continue for the term of twenty Juration of years, and the legislature may, at any time hereafter, re-“ peal or modify this act.

$ 12. It shall not be lawful for the said corporation, to Restriction deal or use, or employ, any part of the funds or moneys thereof, in buying or selling any goods, wares or merchandize, in the way of traffic, or in any banking operations, or in the purchase or sale of any stock or funded debt, created or to be created under any law of the United States, or any particular state; but it shall nevertheless be lawful for the said corporation to purchase and hold any such stock or funded debt, for the purpose of investing therein any part of their funds or moneys, and also to sell and transfer the same, and again to renew such investment, when and as often as a due regard to the interest of the said corporation shall require; and also, to make loans of the funds on bond and mortgage, and the same to call in and reloan as occasion rnay render expedient.

$ 13. The operations and b'usiness of the said corpora- Business tion shall be carried on and conducted at the village of carried on. Granville corners, in the cowaty of Washington.

where to be

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