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to the Sons of such Son successively
in Tail Male, limits the same to his
two Daughters in Moieties, with Sur-
vivorship for Life, to take exclusively
of their Husbands, with the same Re-
mainders in Tail to their respective
Children in Succession, with cross ulti-
mate Remainders; the Whole being di-

rectory of a Settlement to be made Devise of a Sum to be applied in releasing

poor Prisoners Preamble to a Will, the Testator being about

to go to Sca General Form of a Codicil to a Will where

only a few additional Legacies are

given Another general Form of Codicil to a Will



where several Legacies are revoked A nuncupative Will Conclusion and Attestation of a Will, writ

ten on several Sheets Common Form of Attestation Attestation of a Codicil

ibid. 699

700 701 ibid.

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