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Halaman 37 - family" refers to a group of two or more persons related by blood, marriage, or adoption and residing together; all such persons are considered as members of the same family.
Halaman 38 - Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas West— Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah...
Halaman 36 - Since the estimates are based on a sample, they may differ somewhat from the figures that would have been obtained if a complete census had been taken using the same schedules, instructions and enumerators.
Halaman 39 - ... cannot play for long periods at a time. School-age children: limited to certain types of schools or in school attendance, eg, need special schools or special teaching, cannot go to school full time or for long periods at a time.
Halaman 39 - Workers and all other persons: limited in amount or kind of work, eg, need special working aids or special rest periods at work, cannot work full time or for long periods at a time , cannot do strenuous work.
Halaman 17 - The survey design, general qualifications. and information on the reliability of the estimates are given in appendix I. Definitions of terms are given in appendix II] 'Includes unknown when doctor first seen.
Halaman 39 - Workers and all other persons: Not limited in regular work activities but limited in other activities such as church, clubs, hobbies, civic projects, sports, or games. 4. Persons not limited in activities (includes persons...
Halaman 38 - ... incorporated towns of 2,500 inhabitants or more except in New England, New York, and Wisconsin, where "towns...
Halaman 37 - A lodger and his wife who are not related to the head of the household, or a resident employee and his wife living In, are considered as a separate family and not as part of the head's family.
Halaman 38 - towns" are simply minor civil divisions of counties, (c) the densely settled urban fringe, including both incorporated and unincorporated areas, around cities of 50,000 or more, and (d ) unincorporated places of 2,500 inhabitants or more outside any urban fringe.

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