Narratives of Sorcery and Magic: From the Most Authentic Sources, Volume 2

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R. Bentley, 1851

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Halaman 26 - ' For God's sake, let me,' said the king; 'shall I, shall I?' then lolled about his neck. ' Then, for God's sake, give thy lady this kiss for me.
Halaman 20 - I shall die,' said he, 'ere Thursday night.' Monday came, all was well. Tuesday came, he not sick. Wednesday came, and still he was well ; with which...
Halaman 297 - Bishop, in her orchard, going toward her house; but he had not power to set one foot forward unto her. Whereupon returning into the house, he was immediately accosted by the monster he had seen before; which goblin was now going to fly at him. Whereat he cried out, " The whole Armour of God be between me and you!
Halaman 264 - ... whereupon this deponent made haste to come to her, but before she could get to her, the child fell into her swooning fit, and at last, with much pain...
Halaman 298 - Here he is!" But he, having a quarterstaff, made a blow at them. The roof of the barn broke his blow, but following them to the window he made another blow at them and struck them down; yet they got up and got out, and he saw no more of them. About this time there was a rumor about the town that Martin had a broken head, but the deponent could say nothing to that.
Halaman 160 - ... about the room, until he was out of breath; then they rested him a little, and then ran him again ; and thus they did for several days and nights together, till he was weary of his life, and was scarce sensible of what he said or did. They swam him at Framlingham, but that was no true rule to try him by ; for they put in honest people at the same time, and they swam as well as he.
Halaman 33 - You shall therefore give him assurance in my name, that if he will yet before his trial confess clearly unto the Commissioners his guiltiness of this fact, I will not only perform what I promised by my last Messenger, both towards him and his wife, but I will enlarge it, according to the phrase of the civil law, quod gratiac sunt ampliandcC.
Halaman 268 - ... her hand, which produced the same effect as the touch of the witch did in the Court. Whereupon the gentlemen returned, openly protesting that they did believe the whole transaction of this business was a mere imposture.
Halaman 32 - Whether, if my lord of Somerset should break forth into any speech of taxing the king, he be not presently by the lord Steward to be interrupted and silenced ; and, if he persist, he be not to be told, that if he take that course, he is to be withdrawn, and evidence to be given in his absence...
Halaman 302 - ... sometimes forced upon the afflicted; which, when they have with much reluctancy swallowed, they have swoln presently, so that the common medicines for poisons have been found necessary to relieve them ; yea, sometimes the spectres in the struggles have so dropt the poisons, that the standarsby have smelt them and viewed them, and beheld the pillows of the miserable stained with them.

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