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Act Oct, 1,

31 Stat. 1309.

stock subscribed for or taken, and all property owned by said company and the amount for which said stockholders shall be liable in excess of their stock, shall be taken and considered as the security required by law for the faithful performance of its duties, and shall be absolutely liable in case of any default whatever; and in case of the insolvency or dissolution of said company, the debts due from the said company as trustee, guardian, receiver, executor, administrator, collector, or committee of the estate of lunatics, idiots, or any other fiduciary appointment shall have a preference.

Sec. 746. BOND MAY BE REQUIRED.—The supreme court 1890, sec. 32; 26 Stat. L., 631. of the District of Columbia, or any justice thereof, shall 1901, sec. 746' have power to make orders respecting such company

L., whenever it shall have been appointed trustee, guardian,

receiver, executor, administrator with or without the will annexed, collector, committee of the estate of a lunatic, idiot, or any other fiduciary, and require the said company to render all accounts which might lawfully be made or required by any court or any justice thereof if such trustee, guardian, receiver, executor, administrator with or without the will annexed, collector, committee of the estate of a lunatic or idiot, or fiduciary were a natural person. And said court, or any justice thereof, at any time, on application of any person interested, may appoint some suitable person to examine into the affairs and standing of such companies, who shall make a full report thereof to the court, and said court, or any justice thereof, may at any time, in its discretion, require of said company a bond with sureties or other security for the faithful performance of its obligations, and such sureties or other security shall be liable to the same extent and in the same manner as if given or pledged by a natural

person. Act Oct. 1, SEC. 747. CORPORATIONS ORGANIZED UNDER STATE LAWS.26 Stat. L., 631: No corporation or company organized by virtue of the 1961, sec. 747; laws of any of the States of this Union and having its

L., principal place of business within the District of Colum

bia shall carry on in the District of Columbia any of the kinds of business named in this subchapter without strict compliance in all particulars with the provisions of this subchapter for the government of such corporations formed under it, and each one of the officers of the corporation or company so offending shall be punished by fine not exceeding one thousand dollars or imprisonment not exceeding one year, or by both fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the court.

SEC. 748. RIGHT TO AMEND OR REPEAL RESERVED TO Con. 34 28 stat. L., 632. GRESS.—Congress may at any time alter, amend, or repeal Act Mar:a3: this subchapter, but any such amendment or repeal shall

L, not, nor shall the dissolution of any company formed

under this subchapter, take away or impair any remedy given against such corporation, its stockholders or officers, for any liability or penalty which shall have been previously incurred.

1890, sec. 33;

31 Stat. 1309.

Act Oct. 1,

1901, sec. 748;
31 Stat.






any bank.....

Acknowledgment. (See Oath.)
Act authorizing “Additional círculation:”
Duration of .

118 50
Acting Comptroller of the Currency..


Chronological index of .

Savings banks in District of Columbia. (See Index to Code of

District of Columbia.)
Special, authorizing change of name or location of national

266 112
Trust, loan, mortgage, etc., companies. (See Index to Code

of District of Columbia.)
Additional circulation, act May 30, 1908:

Application to issue, to be approved by the Comptroller and

99, 101 44, 46
Comptroller to order the preparation of.

Conditions under which issuable..

101 46
Disposition of deposits to retire.

69 34
Disposition of taxes paid on.

156 65
Distribution of, how determined

105 48
Liability for redemption of, by members of national currency

99 44
Limit of, including United States bond-secured, issuable by

103 48
Limit of, issued by all national banks.


Monthly returns of, for taxation...

156 65
Per cent of, issuable on securities, including commercial
paper, through national currency association.

99 44
Per cent of, issuable on State bonds, etc...

99, 101

Plates for printing of....

75 37
Redemption fund of other banks available, when.


Redemption fund required on.

104 48
Redemption of, in lawful money at Treasury

110 49
Reduction of, provision for.

69 34
Sale of securities to redeem

99 44
Stock of, to be deposited in the Treasury or subtreasuries..

75 37
Subject to applicable provisions of law, relating to United
States bond-secured circulation.

102 47
Tax rate on....

156 65
Withdrawal of, on deposit of lawful money or national-bank

69 34
Administrator. (See Trustee.)
Advertisements (see also Notice; Publication):
Imitation of circulation in, penalty for..

96 42
Agency, National Bank Redemption, provisions for.

90, 91, 124 40,53
Association as fiscal, of Government.

50 25
Bonds, examination by..

Central reserve, city..

131 56
Central reserve, city, additional.

133 57


[blocks in formation]


Circulation, to witness destruction..
Liquidating bank.
Reserve, city, additional provisions for...
Reserve, city, additional central, provisions for.
Shareholders, appointment and qualification of..
Shareholders, duties of..
Special, to examine bank failing to redeem notes..

Witnessing destruction of circulation by...
Aiding misdemeanors of officers..
Allotment. (See Shares.)

Proposed, to national-bank act to be made in Comptroller's


Restriction of, to articles of association..

Agent to examine bonds..
Agent to witness destruction of circulation.
Committee to examine plates, etc......
Committee to witness destruction of circulation..
Deputy Comptroller.
Directors of associations.
Dissenting shareholders, committee of appraisal.
Examiners of associations..
Clerks of Comptroller's office.
Officers of associations.
Receivers of associations..
Special commission for preliminary examination of associa-


Vacancies in board of directors.
Appraisal. (See Shares.)
Articles of association:

Amendment of, for extension of corporate existence...
Amendment of, restricted...
Converted State bank, execution of, by.
Increase of capital stock by amendment of..
Proceedings in regard to, and form of....
Provisions for elections when not provided for in.
Reduction of capital stock..
Specification of object of association in..

Title and location, change of...

Examiner, compensation of.
Impairment of capital...
Plates, engraving of..
Redemption of circulation.
Repayment of tax.
Reports of circulation, failure to make.
Semiannual duty...
Shareholder's personal liability.
Tax on unauthorized circulation.

[blocks in formation]

Transportation of notes....

Shareholders' lists accessible to..

Additional circulation banks' assets liable for redemption.
Comptroller's annual report to contain statement of national

[blocks in formation]

Expenses of receiver paid from..
Failed bank, may be turned over to agent..



[blocks in formation]


Insolvent banks, distribution of..
Of consolidated banks..
Receiver to collect, etc.
Receiver to sell on order of court..
Reports of condition to contain statement of.
Shareholders' agent to distribute.

United States as paramount lien on.
Assignment (see also Treasurer United States; Bonds, United

Of assets after insolvency, void.
Register of bonds....

United States bonds as security for circulation.
Assistant Treasurer, United States:

Circulation, unfit, to be sent to Treasurer for redemption..
Fraudulent notes to be marked by.
Public moneys to be deposited with.

Unauthorized withdrawal of public money from..


Not to issue prior to final judgment of court.
Attorney General, Opinions of.

Bonds of expiring associations...
Bonds of liquidating associations..
Bonds, sale of, when association has failed to pay its circu-

lating notes...
Enforcement of assessment, impaired capital.
Purchase of property by receiver..
Sale of delinquent national-bank stock..

Sale of dissenting shareholders' stock.
Authority. (See Certificate.)

[blocks in formation]

Bad debts:

Ballot. (See Elections; Shareholders.)
Bank circulation. (See Circulation.)
Banking house:

Association may own.
Banking powers (see also Real estate and National banking asso-


Bills of exchange:

Discount of..
Illegal transfer of, void..
Interest on...
Penalty for official malfeasance, relative to.
Restriction on loans, not applicable to...
Restriction on association's liability, not applicable to.

Transfer of, to create a preference, void..
Board of directors (see also Directors):

Election of...
Election postponed.
National Monetary Commission.
Number constituting..
Provisions for.
Three-fourths to be residents of State.
Vacancy, filling....

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Bonds, official:

Deputy Comptroller..
Officers of associations.
Public depositaries.
Shareholders' agent.

Shareholders', on election of agents..
Bonds, United States:

Annual examination of, provided for..
Assignment or transfer of, to be countersigned by Comptroller.
Association to be notified of transfer or assignment.
Cancellation of, forfeited, for circulation redeemed.
Circulation issuable on.
Circulation obtainable on.
Comptroller, access to records of and deposit with Treasurer..
Converted State banks to deposit....
Coupon, to be exchanged for registered.
Deficiency in proceeds from sale of, what first lien.
Deposit of, required to begin business.
Depositaries required to deposit..
Depreciation in value of, how made good.
Exchange of, permitted.
Forfeiture of, for failure to redeem circulation..
General provisions respecting.
Gold banks to deposit.
Government depositaries, deposit of, required.
Increase of deposit of.
Interest on, liable for penalty for failure to make returns and

pay tax...
Interest on, liable for penalty for failure to make reports to

Interest on, withheld on impaired capital..
Lawful money, deposit of, to retire circulation and withdraw..
Minimum amount to be deposited..
Maximum circulation issuable on.
Obligations of United States, including, defined.
Panama Canal, available as security for circulation.
Panama Canal, additional issue of authorized
Panama Canal, authorized by act of Aug. 5, 1909, not receiv-

able as security for circulation....
Penalty for illegal dealing in counterfeit..
Penalty for illegal possession or use of material for printing..
Penalty for passing counterfeit.
Penalty for taking or possessing unauthorized impressions of

[blocks in formation]


tools, etc., used in printing..
Reassignment of, to liquidating bank.
Record of transfer or assignment of, to be kept by Comptroller.
Refunding of..
Registered, to be deposited with Treasurer United States.
Relation of, on deposit to capital....
Return of, to association...
Sale of, at auction, for failure to redeem circulation
Sale of, privately, at not less than par, for failure to redeem

Taxation, exempt from.
Tax on circulation secured by Panama Canal bonds.
Transfer of, how effected..
Treasurer United States to have access to records of Comp-

troller relative to.
Treasurer United States to hold, in trust for association.
Withdrawal of, and of circulation..
Withdrawal of .



93 69 31 99 29 30 32 72

175 210 58 61



32 31 33 30

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