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as may from time to time be deemed necessary for the govern

ment of said company, and the management of its affairs. Powers of cor- SEO. 2. The said company shall have power to hold, and disporation.

pose of at their pleasure, and to improve the same, all and singular, of the lands now held by the association aforesaid, in township eleven, (11) range twenty-five, (25) east of the sixth (6) principal meridian, and that all contracts, entered into by said association in their associated capacity, shall be binding upon the corporation hereby erected, and also binding upon the parties with whom said association have contracted for real estate, labor or other property, and the plat filed by said association in the office of the recorder of deeds, &c., of and for the county of Leavenworth, be, and the same is hereby made binding on all the parties concerned as the same would have been, had the said plat been filed by the corporate body, hereby erected, and the said company shall have power to purchase, hold and dispose of such other lands as they may from time to time see proper to purchase and hold, not to exceed one thousand two hundred and eighty

acres, and divide, manage and dispose of the same at pleasure. May pass by- SEC. 3. The said company shall have power to pass by-laws lawdo.

for the election of such officers, and at such time, as may be necessary to conduct the business of said corporation, and until otherwise ordered by said company. John McAlpin, the present trustee of said association, shall sign deeds for the conveyance of the real estate of said corporation, by direction of the company, and said deeds so signed, with the corporate seal attached thereto, shall be deemed and held a sufficient execution and authentication of such deeds, in all courts of this Territory or elsewhere.

This Act to be in force from and after the date of its passage.

Speaker of House of Representatives.


President of the Council.
Approved February 11, 1858.

Acting Governor.

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I, HUGH S. WALSH, Secretary of the Territory of Kansas, do hereby certify that the printed Acts contained in this volume, are true copies of the enrolled Laws on file in my office, which were passed at the regular session of the Legislative Assembly of said Territory, held in the months of January and February, A. D. 1858, with the exception of the correction of clerical


Given under my hand and the great seal of the Territory, at Lecompton, this first day of July, A. D. 1858.


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