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Mathewş Thomas, labɔrer, Fulton st
Meech Samuel L. forwarding and commission merchant,

River st
Merrick A. W. joiner, Centre st
Merrill William P. r. American Hotel
Miller Alexander G. joiner, Hanover st
Miller William, foundryman, Detroit st. ab. Washington st
Miner Seldon,.carpenter & joiner, Tremont Block, Main st
Moore Seth, Detroit st
Morgan Eli, salt merchant, River st
Murcott Charles, proprietor of Jefferson House, Terrace st
Murphy John, grocer, Detroit st. below Pearl st
Musgrave John, laborer, Hicks st
NEAL William, joiner, Lorain st. near Columbus st
Newton Henry, book keeper, r. Washington st
Nicholson Guy, carpenter and joiner, Fulton st
North Noah, portrait painter, Ohio City Exchange
North Samuel, carpenter. Pearl st
OAKLEY & Clemons, cabinet warehouse, Detroit st. c.

Wall st O'Connor Armon, joiner, Detroit st O'Connor Bostwick, land agent and broker, Columbus st O'Donnell John, furnaceman, Terrace st Ohio CITY ARGUs, office Tremont Block, Main st Ohio City EXCHANGE, H. H. Wickware, corner of Main

and Centre sts Ohio CITY DISTRICT School, Vermont st Ohio City Drug STORE, Detroit sl. near Turnpike st Ohio City FREE SCHOOL, Church st Olin Miss, assistant teacher free school, r. Clinton st O’Rorke George, mason, Pearl st Osborn William, joiner, Vermont st Osmon George, ferryman, River st PARKS E. N. (Tufts & P.)r. Franklin House, Cleveland Patridge Samuel, boot and shoe maker, Pearl st Patridge William, boot and shoe maker, Pearl st PEARL STREET House, Pearl st. c. Detroit st

Pearson & Sheldon, physicians and surgeons, Pearl st. near

corner of Detroit st Pearson Amos, (P. & Sheldon,) r. Wall st #Peek Henry, laborer, Detroit'st Peters Lanson W. foundryman, Pickans Rev. J. D. Turnpike st Post OFFICE, Detroit st. below Pearl. Powell Archibald, tavern keeper, Detroit st. c. Washington QUIAN John, foundryman, Detroit st. above Washington RAY John, warehouseman, Church st Read Gustavus A. joiner, Hanover st Richaley Ann, boarding house, Pearl st Risley Luke, post-master, Detroit st. below Pearl st Roche Michael, laborer, Pearl st Rogers John, laborer, Fulton st Rogers Mrs. tailoress, Miami st Ross James, tcamster, Monroe st Russel & Strong, attornies at law, Detroit st. bel. Pearl st Russel C. L. justice of the peace, Detroit st. below Pearl st

r. at Mr. Winslow's, Washington st. c. West st SANFORD Daniel, ship joiner, Hanover st Sargcant Levi, laborer, Pearl st Sayles & Turney, hat and cap manufacturers, Tremont

Block, Main st. and Detroit st Sayles S. W.(S. & Turney,) r. Detroit st Scilar Ransom D. laborer, Vermont st Sedgwick Jason, joiner, Vermont st Seldon Gcorge, brick maker, Monroe st Shanks Henry, moulder, Hanover st Sheldon Benjamin, (Pearson & S.) r. between Detroit and

Vermont sts Sheldon Seth H. Clinton st Sims John, master mariner, Detroit st Slaght Edgar, joiner, Washington st Smart Nathan, joiner, Lorain st Smead T. H. editor and publisher of the Ohio City Argus,

Tremont ck. r. bn. Vermont and Detroit sts

Smith George P.joiner, Vermont st. r. Washington st
Smith Hiram, painter, Vermont st
Smith James P. grocer, Pearl st
Smith J. B. (S., Luther & co.) r. at Chester's, Pearl st
Smith, Luther & co. dry goods and hardware merchants,

Tremont Block, Main st
Solloway & Humpries, butchers, Detroit st. bel. Pearl st
Spicer William, cabinet maker, Pearl st
Standart N.M. (Griffith & S. Cleveland,)r. Washington st
Stone Garad, laborer, River st.
Strong Homer, painter, Monroe st
Strong Finlay, (Russell & S. r. at Brunson's, Turnpike st
Sweet Bemsley, master mariner, r. American Hotel

TAINTOR Jesse F. r. Clinton st
Taintor Mrs. Clinton st
Taintor William, clerk for C.P. Leonard, Detroit at
Taylor Charles, farmer, Detroit st
Taylor Uriah, cabinet maker, York st
Thayer L. C. carpenter and joiner, Clinton st
Thomas Charles, farmer, Pearl st
Thompson Jonathan, joiner, Hicks st
Thorp James H. joiner, Clinton st
Tilden Philo, proprietor of the Middleburg furnace, r. Turn.

pike st
Tisdale Erastus, boat builder, Hicks st
Tomkins Silas, joiner, York st
Toms William, butcher, Pearl st
Townsend Horace G. tallow chandler, Turnpike st
Tufts & Parks, forwarding and commission merchants,

River sti opposite Cleveland Centre
Tufts Amos, (T. & Parks, r. Centro st. c. Spruce st
Tyler D. C. & co. dry goods merchants, Detroit st. above

Turnpike st
Tyler Lorenzo, (D. C. T. & co.) r. Detroit st.
Tyler S. & L. grocers, River sti corner Main ist
Tyler Samuel, (s. & L. Tyler,) r. Washington st
Tyley David, ship carpenter, Pearl

UPHAM Joshua, painter and glazier, Vermont st
TAFT Wm. P. architect and builder, Turnpike st
Van Tick Joseph, M. D., Hicks st
Van Tine D. C. Prospect st
Vaughan John, grocer, Pearl st
Viets Henry, Vermont st
Viets, Ludlow & Holmes, commission and produce mer.

chants, River at
Viets William A. (V., Ludlow & Holmes,) r. Turnpike st.
WAGGONER William, warehouseman, River st
Waller, C. C. Clinton st
Wansor Jacob, tinner, Detroit st
Ward H. N. (W. & Smith, Cleveland) at Judge Barber's,

Pearl st
Ward William T. (Hoyt, W. & co.) r. Pearl st
Weaver Peter, Vermont st
Wenbel John, waggon maker, Wall st
Wenham James, gardiner, Main st
Wheat Solomon, painter and glazier, Turnpike st
Wheat Solomon, Vermont st
Wheelock E. G. at Murphy's, Detroit st. corner Pearl st
White Andrew, grocer, Pearl st. r. Detroit st
White Samuel, farmer, Carroll st
Whiter Alfred, Vermont st
Whitney Rev. Jacob, Hicks st
Wickware H. H. proprietor of Ohio City Exchange, Main

st. corner Centre st
Wigginton Joseph, ship carpenter, River st
Wilcox Aaron, blacksmith, River st
Williams Cyrus, architect and builder, State st
Wilson Ephraim, grocer, Detroit st. r. Church st
Winslow Charles, Washington st. corner West st
Winslow Seymour, book keeper, Washington st
Wornington William, carpenter, Prospect st

..$4 80

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THOSE, THE VALUE OF WHICH IS ISTABLISHED BY LAW. £ sterling of Great Britain and Ireland, ... Florin or Guilder of the United Netherlands,

40 Mark banco of Hamburg,

337 Rix Dollar of Denmark,

1 00 Real plate of Spain, ..

10 Vellon,

05 Milrea of Portugal,..

1 24 Tale of China,....

1 48 Pagoda of Bombay,...

1 84 Do. of Madras, Bengal and Calcutta,..

2 00 Sicca Rupee of Bengal or Bombay,....

50 Parts of the foregoing. The £ of England, Ireland, Halifax, Quebec, &c. is divi. ded into 20s. Each shilling,

12d. A Florin or Guilder of Netherlands, .......100 centimes. “ Mark Banco of Hamburgh,

16 schillings. * Rix Dollar of Denmark, .... “Rupee of Bengal, &c...

16 annes. each anne,,

12 pice. Milrea of Portugal,

1000 reas. 66 Tale of China,

10 mace. each mace,

..10 candareens. each candareen, 10 cash. " Pagoda of India,.....

.42 fanams. each fanam,


THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT. A Florin of Java is.....

.$0 40 « Rix Dollar of Bremin,...

75 Milrea of Brazil, according to its value compar.

ed with Spanish or American Dollars. u Franc of France,...


• 96

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