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Any act or thing by this Act authorised

to be done by the police authority may be done by any person authorised by

him in that behalf : Secretary of State" means one of Her Majesty's

principal Secretaries of State.

The term “ License Holder ” does not include a mere refreshment house keeper. The definition of

License has been amended by Section 32 of the Act of 1874.

It has been thought advisable to set out the definitions fully, but many of the terms here mentioned have been either explained or entirely omitted.

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An Act to amend the Laws relating to the Sale and Consumption of Intoxicating Liquors. This Act refers to the Act of 1872 as

"The principal Act.”


Section 1.--Both Acts, as far as possible, to be construed as one, and may be cited as "The Licensing Act, 1872-1874 ;" but this Act may, if necessary, be cited separately as "The Licensing Act, 1874."

“ Section 2, (Relates to Commencement of Act.]

Section 3, [Hours of Closing Premises, &c.]--See Title “Closing Hours &c." ."

&c Section 4, [Exemption as to Theatres repealed ] - See Title "Exemption from Closing Hours."

Section 5.- Particulars of this section are contained under Title “Exemption from Closing Hours."

Section 6, [See "Closing Hours &c. : Sunday Afternoon."]

Section 7, [See “Early Closing Licenses."]

Section 8, [See “Early Closing Licenses," and “ Six-day Licenses."]

Section 9, (Infringement of Hours of Closing: see "Closing Hours &c."] Section 10, [See “Bona fide Travellers.")

-] Section 11, [See "Refreshment Houses."


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Section 12, Mitigation of Penalties.]
Section 13, (Record of Convictions. See

]“Conyictions, Record of."

Section 14, Conviction for Adulteration.) -See"

Adulteration.” Section 15, [See "Forfeiture and Disqualification."]

Section 16, [See “Constables."]
Section 17, See " Warrant to search."]
Section 18, (See “Races and Fairs."]
Section 19, [See "Occasional Licenses."]

Section 20.- Persons holding occasional Licenses are, for the purpose of sections

18 (both inclusive) of the Act of 1872, to be deemed "licensed persons." Section 21.-- County justices may

act for borough in cases of insufficiency of number of borough justices.

Section 22, [See “Provisional Grant.”]

Section 23, [Justices' Authority and Excise License ]--One justices' License may extend to several excise Licenses.

But only one fee will be payable to licensing justices' clerks. Section 24.-Confirmation not

necessary in of new

of License. See Confirmation of Licenses."

Section 25.-- This section relates to the making of rules by a Joint Committee as to confirmation of new Licenses.




Section 26, [Adjourned Brewster Sessions.] - The publican need not attend the adjourned general annual licensing meeting in person unless he is required to do so by the justices.

A notice must be given where he is required to attend, and it cannot be given unless it is for cause personal to the License Holder, and should state in general terms the grounds of opposition.

The publican should, however, see that the neces. sary fees are paid at the first meeting, as directed by a notice which he receives each year.

The word “personal” above mentioned is capable of very wide signification, but see Title “Discretion of justices."

Section 27, [Appeal.]—There is no right of appeal against the refusal to grant a License under Wine and Beerhouse Acts, 1869.

Section 28.--A part of Section II of the Act of 1872 was repealed by this section, but the former has been altered and remains in this Manual as the law now stands,

Section 29.-See Owner.”
Section 30.-See “Friends of Publican."
Section 31.—(Repealed).

Section 32, [Definitions. ]—“The Metropolitan Districtmeans the city of London, or the liberties thereof, or any parish or place, for the

for the time being, subject to the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Board of Works, or within the area contained within a circle, the radius of which is four miles from Charing Cross.


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Townmeans an urban sanitary authority with not less than 1,000 inhabitants.

Populous placemeans any area with a population

' not less than 1,000, which, by reason of the density of such population, the County Licensing Committee may by order determine to be a populous place. " Occasional License"

a License to sell beer, spirits, or wine, granted in pursuance of the 13th section of 24 and 25 Vic., cap. 22, and other Acts. See “Occasional Licenses.” “ New License"

a License for the sale of intoxicating liquors granted at a general annual licensing meeting, or adjournment thereof, in respect of premises in respect of which a similar License has not thereto. fore been granted.

Section 33.--Repeals certain sections which if mentioned in this work have been altered accordingly.


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