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Table of Cases
Volume 21

Issue 5
Case Name
ACN Communications
AT&T Corporation
AT&T Corporation
ATET Corporation
AT&T Corporation
ATET, Inc.
Acceris Communications Corp.
Adelphia Long Distance
Airadigm Communications, Inc.
Alltel Communications, Inc. and Midwest Wireless Holdings, LLC
Amendment of Part 2 Spectrum Below 3 GHz for MFS et al.
Anendment of Part 2 Spectrum Below 3 GHz for MFS et al.
America Net LLC
Annual Adjustment of Revenue Thresholds
Application Filed by AT&T Inc. and BellSouth Corporation
Application for Transfer of Control of Birch Telecom, Inc.
Aquila, Inc. to Everest Connections Holdings, Inc.
Auction of 800 MHz Air-Ground Radiotelephone Service Licenses
Auction of Advanced Wireless Services Licenses
Broadway Baptist Church Files Petition for Exemption
Business Network Long Distance
Business Network Long Distance
Business Network Long Distance
Cbeyond Communications, LLC
Citadel Broadcasting Corporation and The Walt Disney Company
Clear Channel Broadcasting Licenses, Inc.
Closed Auction of Auction No. 67 is Cancelled
Connent Sought on Petition of Pioneer Cellular for Waiver
Comnent sought on a Petition by North Dakota Network Company
Comment on Petitions for Reconsideration for U-NII Devices
Comments Sought on AT&T Petition for Waiver of Section 61.42 (g)
Comments Sought on Hawaiian Telecom Inc. Petition for Waiver
Commercial Spectrum Enhancement Act and Modernization
DigitalGlobe, Inc. Request for Public Notice of Milestone Completion
Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc. and American Cellular Corporation
Echostar Satellite LLC
Echostar Satellite LLC Petition for Reconsideration
Erratum Charter Communications
FCC and NTIA Coordination Procedures in 1710-1755 MHz Band
FCC's Independent Panel Announces Next Meeting
Fee Decisions of the Managing Director Available to the Public
Foreign Carrier Affiliation Notification
Form 601 Application for Station WPWV537, Bruce, MS
Form 601 Application of Station WPZA238, Chicago, IL
GT Telecomm
Georgia Public Service Commission Petition
Globcom, Inc. d/b/a Globcom Global Communications
Guerilla Productions Files Petition for Exemption
Hawking Technologies, Inc.
ICG Telecom Group, Inc. to Level 3 Communications, LLC
International Authorizations Granted
International Authorizations Granted

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Case Name
International Authorizations Granted
Interstate Communications, Inc. Files Renewal Application
KM Television of El Dorado, L.L.C. v. Cox Communications
LPTV and TV Translator Digital Companion Channel Applications
Lamar County Cellular, Inc.
Life Matters, Inc. Petition for Exemption
Long Distance Consolidated Billing
Loral Skynet Corporation
Loral Skynet Network Services, Inc.
Lost Nation-Elwood Telephone Company and Iowa Telecom
MCI, Inc.
MCI, Inc.
McAlmont Church of Christ Files Petition for Exemption
Measurement Standards for Digital Television Signals
Mid America Computer Corporation Petition for Interim Waiver
Midwest Wireless Holdings LLC and Alltel Communications Inc.
Montezuma Mutual Telephone Company et al.
NECC Telecom
NECC Telecom, Inc.
National Weather Networks, Inc.
New Rochelle Telephone Company
Notice of Non-Streamlined Domestic 214 Application Granted
Notice of Request for Access to Carrier Data filed in NRUF Reports
Notice of Streamlined Domestic 214 Application Granted
Notice of Streamlined Domestic 214 Application Granted
Notice of Streamlined Domestic 214 Application Granted
Notice of Streamlined Domestic 214 Applications Granted
Notice of Suspension and Initiation of Dabarment Proceedings
OneTouch Communications
Partner Communications Cooperative and Iowa Telecom
Petition by Forest Conservation Council for NEPA Compliance
Petition for Linited Waiver Filed by Country Code 1 ENUM LLC
Petition of AT&T Inc. for Special Temporary Authority and Waiver
Petition of BellSouth for Special Temporary Authority and Waiver
Petition of TelCove, Inc. for a Declaratory Ruling
Petition of Verizon for Special Temporary Authority and Waiver
Policy Branch Information
Policy Branch Information
Policy Branch Information
Promotions International LTD
Qwest Communications Corp.
Quest Communications International Inc. in States of NM, OR and SD
Qwest Corporation by Sacred Wind Communications, Inc. et al.
Qwest Petition for Special Temporary Authority and Waiver
RCN Telecom Services, Inc.
RFD Communications, Inc. Petition for Declaratory Ruling
Ralph Sexton Ministries Files Petition for Exemption
Region 12 700 MHz Public Safety Regional Committee Meeting
Region 30 700 MHz Regional Planning Committee Meeting
Region 49 700 and 800 MHz Public Safety Committees Meetings
Region 5 Public Safety Planning Committee 4.9 GHz Meeting
Removal of Domestic 214 Application from Streamlined Treatment
Rural Telephone Service Company, Inc. et al.
SBC Communications Inc. in State of Nevada by Operation of Law
Schlumberger Omnes Files Application
Silv Communication Inc.

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