Laws for the Regulation and Support of the Common Schools, 1885: With Notes and Forms for School Officers

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T.D. Thacher, State Printer, 1885 - 103 halaman

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Halaman 59 - Each member of such board shall before entering upon the duties of his office be sworn to support the constitution of the United States, the constitution of the state of Wisconsin, and to faithfully discharge the duties of his office.
Halaman 54 - The public schools of each city organized in pursuance of this act shall be a body corporate, and shall possess the usual powers of a corporation for public purposes, by the name and style of ' The board of education of the city of , of the state of Kansas...
Halaman 48 - ... with interest, at a rate not exceeding ten per cent• per annum, payable annually, at such place within ^ or without the boundaries of this state as shall be therein named.
Halaman 4 - Fund," the interest of which shall be appropriated to the support of the State university; and no sectarian instruction shall be allowed in such university.
Halaman 3 - That when the lands in the said Territory shall be surveyed under the direction of the government of the United States, preparatory to bringing the same into market, sections numbered sixteen and thirty-six in each township in said Territory shall be and the same are hereby reserved for the purpose of being applied to schools in said Territory, and in the States and Territories hereafter to be erected out of the same.
Halaman 46 - ... certify to the county clerk, who is hereby authorized and required to place the same on the tax roll...
Halaman 4 - The proceeds of all lands that have been, or may hereafter be, granted by the United States to the State for the support of a university, shall be and remain a perpetual fund, to be called "The University Fund...
Halaman 60 - ... shall serve for one year, two for two years, and two for three...
Halaman 4 - The proceeds of all lands that may be granted by the United States to this State for the support of schools, which may be sold or disposed of, and the five hundred thousand acres of land granted to the new states, under an act of Congress distributing the proceeds of the public lands among the several states of the Union, approved AD one thousand eight hundred and forty-one, and all estates of deceased persons who may have died...
Halaman 16 - Kansas, and in that name may sue and be sued, and be capable of contracting and being contracted with, and holding such real and personal estate as it may come into possession of by will or otherwise, or as is authorized to be purchased by the provisions of this act.

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