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27. The Sanitary Priy:It* Porpose and Constructire. Pj PCT

1919. 24 Az 12 En Pager. Seccot eterni 28. General Carratas on the Boocmis ot the Portes 111 Emi. Tas

By M. B. Mi znala 1:10. 34 jazes. Paper
39. opon Lemy. Se ember. 1916. 50 Fazes. Puget.

IX. Matoes in relation to the Trapsuo of Leçr sy.
X. E in Relation to the Transmission of Lars B, D


XI. Hethit, Versus Enviroareci in Lertosy. By E. T. E **). Transactions of the Ezh Ana Ceference of state 121 17:!

Heath Oicers with the Union States Pati H2- 3 Warne
Hranial Service Noteraber, 1910. 101 pa zes Parer. Supera-

of Doome.tx 10 reris. 41. Siding dron Leprosy. Ncember. 1919 36 pazes Per. XII. Notes on the Stoly of Histories of Leters fera e Sic:

Transmission. By D. H. Carrie
XIII. A Contribution to the Sudy of Pat Let'sy. By D. H Carrie

and H. T. Homann. 42. Disinfectante: Their ['se and Artigo in the Pre-tica of Coin

municable Diseases By T. B. Malintic Deretr.ber. 1945 pages

Paser. (Savond edition) 43. Experimental Stadium of Pane ard a Parieke Disease 240: Psierts

By George W. McCoy. April. 1911. 11 pazes. i Pire. 41. Ante Anterier Poliomyelitis (Isfantile Paralysis). By Wade H. Frost.

Febriary, 1011. 52 pages. Parer. (Seund sisa) 45. A Digest of the laws and Regulations of the Partics & relating to

the Reporting of Cases of Sicksess. By J. W. Trask Ji's. 1911. 191

pages Paser. 46. Transactions of the Ninth Annual Corference of Srate and Territorial

Health Officers with the Public Health and Marise Hiital Service,

San Franjun, Cal., June 24, 1911. September. 1911. 54 pages. Parer. $47. Suvies upon Leprosy. By D. H. Currie. M. T. Ciezg. ad 1. T. Hollmann.

September, 1911. 62 pages. Bibliography. Paper. Superintendent of
Domments 10 cents.
XIV. The Artificial Cultivation of the Bacillus of Lermy,

XV. Attempts at Sperific Therapy in Leprosy. 48. Pellagra. A Preris. (Revised edition.) By C. H. Larinder. September,

1911. 37 pages. 7 figs. Paper. (Second edition.) 49. Ophthalmia Vernatorum. An Analysis of the laws and Regulations relat

ing thereto in force in the United States. By J. W. Kerr. October,

1911. 20 pages. Paper. 150. Studies upon Leprosy. October, 1911. 23 pa ges. Parer. Superintendent

of Documents. 5 cents.

XVI. Immunity. By D. H. Currie and M. T. Ciesz
XVII. Further Observations in Rat Leprosy. By D. H. Currie and

H. T. Hollmann.
XVIII. A Statistical Study of the Nasal Lesions in Leprosy. By

H, T. Hollmann. 51. The Causation and Prevention of Typhoid Ferer. With Special Reference

to Conditions Observed in Yakima County, Washington. By L. L Lumsden. November, 1911. 53 pages. 13 figures. 5 charts. 2 maps Paper. (Second edition.)

52. Vaccination. An Analysis of the Laws and Regulations relating thereto in

Force in the United States. By J. W. Kerr. January, 1912. 82 pages.

Paper. 53. Studies of Plague and Tuberculosis among Rodents in California. By

G. W. McCoy and C. W. Chapin. January, 1912. Paper. 54. Organization, Powers, and Duties of Health Authorities. An Analysis of

the Laws and Regulations relating thereto in Force in the United States. By J. W. Kerr and A. A. Mall, A. B. August, 1912.

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