Critical Theory and Methodology

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SAGE Publications, 24 Jun 1994 - 390 halaman
Critical Theory traces its roots from Marxism, through the renowned Frankfurt School, to a wide array of national and cultural traditions. Raymond Morrow's book traces the history and outlines the major tenets of critical theory for an undergraduate audience. He exemplifies the theory through an analysis of two leading social theorists: J[um]urgen Habermas and Anthony Giddens. Unique to this volume is the emphasis on the link between Critical Theory and empirical research and social science methodology, often thought to be incompatible.

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What Is Critical Theory?
Between Subjectivism
Postempiricist Critiques of Positivism and Empiricism
A Historical
Beyond Objectivism
Reflexive Procedures
Empirical Procedures in Critical Research
Contexts of Critical Empirical Research
Theory and Practice
About the Authors
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