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which were associated with peculiarly melancholy recollections, made him thrill. Helas ! mon enfant ! he used to say, as some orphan was brought up to him ; and he would then lean down to caress the child of a friend who had perished on the scaffolde of the Revolution."

Mr. Sheil, after mentioning that he was placed at Kensington under the tuition of a Genoese, of the name of Molioari, and that Molinari was suddenly ordered to proceed to Siberia, with instructions, if possible, to find his way as a missionary into China, štates that he was himself removed to the College of Stonyhurst, of which he gives the following account:

“The College of Stonyhurst is situated in Lancashire, at the foot of the high hill of Pendel

, which, as it was formerly the favourite resort of sorcerers, has, in the opinion of a neighbouring parson, afforded, by a natural succession, a residence to the mysterious ecclesiastics who are adepts in the witchcraft of Ignatius. The scenery by which it is surrounded is of a solemn and almost dreary character. Immediately before the great entrance, which apens into a considerable

square, and is surmounted by two very lofty towers, an avenue, in the old English fashion, rises between two large basing of artificial water, whose stagnant tranquillity gives to the approach a dismal aspect. This avenue leads, on the right-hand, to a very extensive deer-park, the neglected walls o. which indicate that the spirit of the chase has long since departed from the spot where learning and religion have fixed their abode. A rookery spreads behind the castle (for such it may be justly designated), of ancient and venerable trees. The remains of a noble garden occupy the front; and although its terraces are now dilapidated, and the playground which is used by the students has usurped upon its fine parterres, a noble walk of thickly interwoven yew-trees, which is called the Wilderness, has been spared, and still offers the memorials of magnificence in its long and molancholy vistas. It was originally intended that the building should consist of two wings; only one, however, was completed, as the expense exceeded the fortune of the projector. The portion of the edifice which is finished, is of great extent. It is of & Gothic character, in the exterior; but its apartments, and especially the splendid hall, which is flagged with white and polished marble, are of far greater dimensions than the rooms which are generally found in buildings of a similar style. As you look from the great central window of massive stone, you see the ridge of Pendel stretched out in a long line of black and dismal

The rivers Odder and Ripple, whose banks are


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