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NOVEMBER TERM, 1837. At the opening of the Court, this term, the Chief Justice announced, that the Court had come to the determination, henceforth, to appoint the Examiners from the list of Counsellors at large, and that the Sergeants appointed at the last Term, retain the places they then occupied on the list of Counsellors.



Abbot a Brown,

319 Admrs. of Basset v Pettit,

421 Bowne a Norcross,

310 - Brick a Eakin,

98 Morrts v Morris,

526 Porter a Rice,

440 - Taylor a Thompson,

100 Alexandria v Bethlehem,

119 Allen et al, y Shurts

221 Allowaystown B. Trustees a Miller,

251 Altera Scull et al.

147 Anon,

271, 346, 355, 393, 394, 396, 415, 496 a The State,

437 Appleby v Obert,

336 Applegate v Applegate, Arrowsmith a Little, - Exr. a Meeker,

227 -- et al. Den, v Sayre,

532 Assignees of Clement a Eakin,

103 Austin, Den, v Thompson,

72 - - et al. v Brown,

268 363

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Baldwin et al. v Quick,
Ballantine a Bracken,

a Flax and Hemp Manufacturing Company,
- et al v Haight,
Baptist Church Trustecs a Miller,
Barclay a Johnson,
Barkalow y Johnson et al,
Basset's admr. v Pettit
Berdan, Den, v Van Riper,
Berrien v Conover,
Bethlehem a Alexandria,
Bidleman a The State,
Bilderback et al. a Den, Smallwood,
Bonnel a Robbins,
Bordine et al. y Service,
Boulton admr. a Norcross,
Bowers a Stevens,
Bownes' admr. a Norcross,
Boyle a Danser,
Boylston v Valentine et al.
Brackon v Ballentine,
Bray's executors a Terhune,
Brick's admr, a Eakin,

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Den Watson et al. r Kelty et al.

517 Wilson et al. v Sayre,

532 v Ganoe,

439 v Seagrave, v Smith,

438 De Witt et al. v Vliett,

356 Dickinson a Morris Bank,

354 Doremus a Taylor,

473 Du Bois a Den, James,

285 Dunham v Rappleyea,

75 v Solomon, Dunlap a Sheldon et al,

245 Dyer v Ludlum,

531 Eager a Westbrook et al.

81 Eakin v Brick's administrator,

98 v Clement's assignees,

103 Earle v Earle,

273 Eastburn administrator a Thompson, Eddy o Williamson,

415 Evans a Cook et al.

177 Executors of Bray a Terhune,

55 McKinney a Van Atta,

235 Schenck a Hoagland,

370 Ex parte N, J. Rail Road Co.

393 Shough,

264 Farlec, administrator, a Ten Eyck,

269, 348 Farwell et al. v Smith,

133 Ferguson v Reeve,

193 Fisher et al. v Miller,

233 Flax and Hemp Manufacturing Company v Ballentine. 454 Forman, Treasurer a Weeks, Fox et al. a The State,

152 v Hall,

S33 Franklin a North Brunswick, Freas v Jones,

358 Freeholders of Warren y Wilson et al.

110 Freese a Crane,

305 Frisby, a Williamson et al. Gale a Sinnickson,

21 Ganoe a Den,

439 Garland a Meeker,

486 Garr v Stokes et al.

403 Garrard v Hitsman et al.

124 Geschchiat v Mulford,

272 Gilmore a Griscom et al.,

105 Green et al. a Gulick,

186 Griscum et al. v Gilmore,



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