Transactions of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland: Vol. I-XXXVI and XXXVII. ...

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Halaman 212 - None of you shall approach to any that is near of kin to him, to uncover their nakedness: I am the Lord.
Halaman 64 - ... grooves the occipital bone and the inferior angle of the parietal bone along the attached border of the tentorium. Reaching the temporal bone, it is joined by the superior petrosal sinus ; and leaving the tentorium, it suddenly curves downwards and inwards, in the deep furrow upon the mastoid portion of the temporal bone, and the jugular process of the occipital bone. Lastly, it turns forwards and disappears into the posterior compartment of the jugular foramen, where it terminates in the bulb...
Halaman 195 - In 1786 Dr. Joseph Clarke had advised the practice of " pursuing with a hand on the abdomen the fundus uteri in its contractions until the foetus be entirely expelled, and afterwards continuing for some time this pressure, to keep the uterus if possible in a contracted state.
Halaman 129 - Secondly, that puerperal women may be self inoculated by poisonous matter originating within their own bodies, from the decomposition of blood clots, or of portions of the membranes or placenta which have been retained in utero.
Halaman xxvi - They shall have the power of filling up any vacancies which may occur in any of the offices of the Society between one Annual Meeting and another. They shall decide upon all questions relating to the reception of communications and to their publication in the Society's
Halaman 63 - ... undeveloped state of the mastoid process, the mucus is retained in the horizontal part which is bounded by the squamous portion of the temporal bone, externally, and above by the lamina of the tympanic wall ; hence, when disease occurs in the mastoid cells in early life, the cerebrum is the part of the brain which becomes engaged — the cerebellum in more advanced years. When the mastoid cells are fully developed we find them separated from the cerebellar dura mater and wall of the lateral sinus...
Halaman xxv - May, 1853, when the existing bye-laws will cease to be in force, after which time the persons so registered shall be admitted as Members of the Society on payment of the entrance fee, and the subscription for the current year.
Halaman xxvi - Fellows. 11. Honorary Fellows, limited in number to 25, may be nominated by the Council, and elected, on motion at a General Meeting of the Academy by a majority of at least two-thirds of those present and voting. Members. 12. Any Registered Medical Practitioner may be elected as a Member, the election to be conducted in the same manner as that of Fellows. Privileges of Members.
Halaman xxix - Meeting, for the consideration of particular business, the initure of which must be specified in the letter of summons convening the meeting, and at such meeting no other business can be transacted. In the event of the President being unable, from any cause, or declining, to summon a Special General Meeting of the Academy, it shall be in the power of tin...
Halaman 252 - I first saw her, had been for nearly eighteen mouths confined to bed with apparent complete loss of power of the extremities. During this period she had been actively treated by several practitioners, by whom she had been alternately submitted to faradization, the various nerve-tonics, blistering, cold and hot baths and douches, as well as ultimately being enclosed in a plaster jacket, to remedy the supposed spinal cause of her condition. None of these remedies, however, proved of the smallest use...

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