Treatise Upon the Estate and Rights of the Corporation of the City of New York, as Proprietors, Volume 1

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Halaman 50 - All offices for the weighing, gauging, measuring, culling or inspecting any merchandise, produce, manufacture or commodity whatever, are hereby abolished; and no such office shall hereafter be created by law; but nothing in this section contained shall abrogate any office created for the purpose of protecting the public health or the interests of the State in its property, revenue, tolls or purchases, or of supplying the people with correct standards of weights and measures, or shall prevent the...
Halaman 155 - If granted for public purposes exclusively, they belong to the corporate body in its public, political, or municipal character. But if the grant was for purposes of private advantage and emolument, though the public may derive a common benefit therefrom, the corporation, quoad hoc, is to be regarded as a private company. It stands on the same footing as would any individual or body of persons upon whom the like special franchises had been conferred.
Halaman 47 - In the popular meaning of the term, nearly every corporation is public, inasmuch as they are all created for the public benefit. Yet if the whole interest does not belong to the government, or if the corporation is not created for the administration of political or municipal power, it is a private corporation.
Halaman 76 - When private property shall be taken for any public use, the compensation to be made therefor, when such compensation is not made by the State, shall be ascertained by a jury or by not less than three commissioners appointed by a court of record, as shall be prescribed by law.
Halaman 88 - ALBANY, be and shall be, forever hereafter, persons able, and in law capable to have, get, receive and possess lands, tenements, rents, liberties, jurisdictions, franchises and hereditaments, to them and their successors, in fee simple, or for term of life, lives or years, or otherwise ; and also goods and chattels, and...
Halaman 351 - ... or obstruct the construction or operation of said railroad as herein authorized. And it is hereby made the duty of the said Mayor, Common Council and other officers to do such acts within their respective departments as may be needful to promote the construction, and protect the operation of the said railroad as provided in this law; any act or thing done in violation hereof shall be inoperative and void.
Halaman 75 - They are the attributes of political sovereignty, for the exercise of which the legislature is under no necessity to address itself to the courts. In imposing a tax, or in appropriating the property of a citizen, or a class of citizens, for a public purpose, with a proper provision for compensation, the legislative act is itself due process of law ; though it would not be if it should undertake to appropriate the property of one citizen for the use of another, or to confiscate the property of one...
Halaman 44 - A private corporation, whether civil or eleemosynary, is a contract between the government and the corporators ; and the legislature cannot repeal, impair, or alter the rights and privileges conferred by the charter, against the consent, and without the default of the corporation, judicially ascertained and declared.1 This great principle of constitutional law was settled in the case of Dartmouth College v.
Halaman 441 - It is well settled that where such an offense occasions, or is likely to occasion, a special injury to an individual, which cannot well be compensated in damages, equity will entertain jurisdiction of the case at his suit...
Halaman 191 - An act to reduce several laws relating particularly to the city of New- York, into one act...

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