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instruction in the Medical College of

Indiana physicians at New Orleans meet-

ing; the State meeting at Richmond;
clinical and laboratory summer course
in the Medical College of Indiana; the
Deaconess Hospital of Indianapolis;
Dr. Billing's address on medical educa-
tion; Dr. Lorenz, as seen by the new
Orleans Picyaune; Butler College, Uni-
versity of Indianapolis..... ....519-526


Drs. E. H. C. Heusler, Lewis, Bonnell,

Wishard, Burckhardt, MacCannon,
Cline, Hodges, Florer and Mr. E. H.

Drs. W. H. Wishard, John H. Oliver, A.

C. Bartholomew, G. S. Weever, A. E.
Bulson, Sr.; M. H. Rose and L. A.Hyde;
Geo. L. Servoss, L. M. Turner, C. A.
MeNeil, Norman E. Jobes, Eugene


Drs. R. C. N. Cook, A. B. Graham, F. W.

Foxworthy, S. R. Cunningham, A. E.
Bulson, W. R. Davidson, R. R. Thomp-
son, Chas. Trueblood, Wm. Eshelman,
Bransford Lewis, Calvin Weidner, V.

E. Andrews, J. H. Pennington.....172-172
Drs. Welch, Fischbein, Keiper, Welborn,

Hutcheson, White, Andrews, Dorsey,
Gaylord, Erdman, Harbeson, Straug-

han, Loeb, Nehrbas, Love, Hibberd .223-224
Drs. Homer J. Hall, W. N. Williams, C.

N. Cline; President Swain, of Swarth-

Dr. W. L. Miller; the late publicist, E.
L. Godkin....

Drs. Jennie Jenkins, A. E. Sterne, John

Moffett, John Geis' new chemistry; G.

H. Brodbeck, Mary B. Wilson...... 348
Dr. Allen, of Telluride; Health Officer

McGaughey; Dr. Terry Townsend, of
New York City; Dr. Bransford Lewis,
of St. Louis; Dean G. M. Sternberg, of
Washington, Post-graduate; Dr. H.
Spalding, of Chicago; Dr. Young, of
Newark, Ind......

Drs. Trent, Franks, Link, Austin, Moff-

ett, Hutcheson, Kinneman, Hoskins,
Laughlin, Parrington ..


Society, June 10-27; American Medi-
cal Association-section on diseases of

M. V. M. A. at Kansas City; Washing-

ton meeting of American Association
of Obstetricians and Gynecologists-
report by President L. H. Dunning;
diseases of eye as taught in Medical
College of Indiana; Ohio Valley Asso-
ciation at Evansville, Nov. 6-7; Indi-
ana Medical College in 1870; opening
of the Indiana Medical College; open-
ing of Central College of Physicians
and Surgeons.....

The Indianapolis Medical Society; the

Medical Society of Marion County. 266-270
The Indianapolis Medical Society; the

Medical Society of Marion County,
meetings of November 25 and Decem-
ber 2.....

Indianapolis Medical Society officers; St.

Joseph County Medical Society; West-
ern Ophthalmologic and Oto-Laryn-
gologic; Wayne county on the anat-
omy law; secretary's report of the In-
dianapolis Medical Society; member-
ship in the Indianapolis Society; du-
ties of the judicial council; Dr, T. B.
Noble on ectopic gestation with dis-
cussion; Dr. Guido Bell on the bio-
logic conception of the human consti-
tution, with discussion...

Vigo county; Indianapolis Medical So-

St. Louis Medical Society; Indianapolis

Society-Bransford Lewis and L. F.

. 445-48.
Indianapolis Medical Society; March

24th, Dr. Wynn on Rentgen ray treat-
ment; March 31st, Dr. Kahlo on thera-
peutics of Indiana mineral waters;
April 7th, Dr. Noble on rupture of
uterus with passage of feces by uterus,
and vagina-operation and recovery;
Dr. A. W. Brayton on idiopathic multi-
ple pigmented (hemorragic) sarcoma
cutis of Kaposi; April 14th, smallpox
symposium: Drs. C. E. Ferguson
(diagnosis), N. D. Brayton (treatment
and pathology), F. W. Foxworthy
(school vaccination), Eugene Buehler
(municipal control smallpox);
April 21st, Dr. O. G. Pfaff: the basis
for the surgical treatment of appendi-
cular disease; Plymouth Medical So-
ciety, twenty-fifth annual meet-




Marion County Medical Society; papers

of Drs. A. E. Sterne, F. W. Foxwor-
thy and J. G. Nehrbas, with discus-
sions; the Esculapian Society ban-

Marion County Medical Society-Re-

ports by Dr. T. Potter-case reports
and discussions of papers of Drs.
Pantzer, Chas. E. Ferguson, W. T. S.
Dodds; the American Proctologic So-

ciety-papers and discussions.......81-88
Indiana State; Dr. Osler and the St.

Louis Society; American Dermatolog-
ical Association; Mississippi Valley
Medical Association; Marion County

Drs. B. Bartholomew, W. F. Curryer and
Joseph Eastman..

Drs. W. G. Johnson and S. A. Elbert. 90

Death of Virchow, September 5th. .178-181
Dr. Rainey, of Indianapolis.....

Major_Walter Reed, of Washington.. 265
Drs. Eugene Davis and Ralph G. Mor-

gan; De Blowitz, the "friend of kings" 356.
Dr. Heath's daughter Agnes; George W.
Sloan; Dr. Gatling, the inventor......


Mr. Joseph R. Perry, of Indianapolis;

Dr. David Wall, of Indianapolis; death
of Senator Gibson from black small-
pox; Dr. Herman Mynter; Dr. Walter
Reed; three eminent gynecologists:

Davis, Thomas and Saenger........440-45
Drs. Wooden, of Greensburg; Markle, of

Winchester; Chenoweth, of Winches-

Drs. Hadley and Moffett.



Fox on Smallpcx; Quain's Dictionary of

Medicine; Judson on Feeding of In-
fants; Report of the Presbyterian Hos-
pital of New York; Wood's Reference
Hand-Book of the Medical Sciences;
Paget's Selected Addreses and Essays;
Hemmeter's Diseases of the Intes-
tines; Hare's Progressive Medicine;
American Food and Game Fishes-
Jordan and Evermann; Ultzmann's
Neuroses of the Genito-Urinary Sys-
tem in the Male; Robb's Nursing

Ethics; American Gynecology .......40-48
The Wisdom of Sydenham; Some of

Blackiston's Publications; Jacobson's
Operative Surgery; Budgett's Essen-
tials of Physiology; Wharton's Minor
Surgery; Nothnagel's Encyclopedia-
volume on smallpox, chicken-pox, etc.;
Warren's International Text-Book of
Surgery; Cohen's Physiological Ther-
apeutics, Vol. VI-Diet and Food in
Health, by N. S. Davis, Jr.; Modern
War Wounds--Foxworthy; Vaughn
and Novy on Cellular Toxins; Fort
Wayne Medical College Catalogue;
Review of Reviews; The Perverts;
Practical Medicine Series—General
Medicine; Resume of Treatment of

The Compensations of Invalidism; Os-

trom on Massage; Chicago Patholog-
ical Society; Stelwagon on Diseases of
the Skin; Lockwood's New Harmony
Community; Solis Cohen's System-
Hydrotherapy and Climatology; Soci -

ologic Studies; Mother and Child. .143-148
Hemmeter on the Stomach; Rosenau on

Disinfection; Chase on General Pare-
sis; Henry on Practical Gynecology;
Practical Medicine Series, Vols. VII-
X; Gottheil on Syphilis; Hare on
Diagnosis; Schleif on Materia Medica;
Woolsey on Surgical Anatomy; Gibson
and Russell on Physical Diagnosis;
Jewett on Childhood Nursing; Gant on

the Rectum and Anus..... .182-188
International Text-Book of Surgery; In-

diana Academy of Science; American
Food and Game Fishes; Hare's Thera-
peutics; Gerrish's Anatomy; Review
of Reviews; LeFevre's Diagnosis;
Brouardel Death and Sudden
Death; Reynold's Obstetrics; Progres-
sive Medicine; Koplick's Diseases of

Infancy and Childhood; International
Clinics; Byford's Gynecology; Text-
Book of Histology; Sternberg's Bac-

Pocket Text-Book of Dermatology;

Practical Dietics, with Special Refer-
ence to Diet in Disease; Dudley's Gyn-
ecology; Physicians Visiting List for
1903; The Medical News Visiting List
for 1903; Text-Book of the Science
and Art of Obstetrics; Schalek on Dis-
eases of the Skin; Text-Book of Med-
ical Jurisprudence and Toxicology; A
Text-Book of Pathology and Patho-
logical Anatomy; Syphilis a Symposi-
um; A Nurse's Guide for Operating
Room; Sheffield Scientific School,

Regional Minor Surgery; The Living

Age; Tuley's Obstetrical Nursing;
Posey's System-Eye, Nose, Throat

and Ear; Jacobson's Surgery.....320-322
Cathell's The Physician Himself; Cul-

breth's Materia Medica; Matthews on
How to Succeed in the Practice of
Medicine; Dr. Gould's Biographic
Clinics; Hare's Progressive Medicine;
Rockwell's Pocket Text-Book of An-
atomy; Crocker's Diseases of the
Skin; Wood's Reference Hand-Book;
Twentieth Century Practice; The Bu-
bonic Plague Conference at Wash-

XX Century Practice; Thompson's

Practical Medicine; Lea's Medical Ep-
itomes; Crocker....

Harrington's Hygiene; Oertel's Medical

Microscopy; McMurrich's Human Em-
bryology; Noorden on Disorders of
Metabolism and Nutrition; Hare's
Progressive Medicine, March, 1903;
Lewison Treatment of Stammering
and Stuttering; Lippincott's Interna-
tional Clinics; J. Whitridge Williams'

Cuban Smallpox and European Small-

pox Compared; Senator Gibson's Open

Jacoby's Therapeutics of Infancy and

Childhood; Dudley-Year-Book of Gyn-
ecology; Keyes on Surgical Diseases of
the Genito-Urinary Organs; Garri-
gue's Science and Art of Obstetrics;
Lippincott's International Clinics;
McGrath, Surgical Anatomy and Op-
erative Surgery...

The Increasing Use of Cocaine in Pitts-

burg and Eleswhere; Views of Indiana
Women on Race Suicide-Comments
of the Editor; Cryoscopy; Heavy

Veasey's Ophthalmology; Babcock's Dis-

eases of the Heart and Arterial Sys-
tem; Pawlow on The Work of the Di-
gestive Glands; Sajous' The Internal
Secretions and the Practice of Medi-
cine; Rockwell on Medical and Sur-
gical Uses of Electricity.. ...530-531


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