Military Exposures: The Continuing Challenges of Care and Compensation : Hearing Before the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Seventh Congress, Second Session, July 10, 2002

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 2002 - 71 halaman

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Halaman 52 - I will be happy to answer any questions you or members of the committee may have.
Halaman 53 - PL 105-85, directed, DoD to take specific actions to improve medical tracking for personnel deployed overseas in contingency or combat operations, outlining a policy for pre and post deployment health assessments and blood samples. The conduct of a thorough examination (pre and post deployment), including the drawing of blood samples was specifically identified in the law.
Halaman 16 - I want to thank you for your continued support of the men and women who have served in our Armed Forces. As...
Halaman 46 - The components of the initiative will be a provider education program leading to certification in veterans' health; a comprehensive military history that will be coded in a registry and be available for education, outcomes analysis, and research; a database for any veteran to register his military history and to automatically receive updated and relevant information on issues of concern to him/her (only as requested); and a Web site where any veteran or health care provider can access the latest...
Halaman 51 - ... or instructions for service members to immediately report unexpected side effects to medical personnel. Physical examinations (pre- and post-deployment) were not comprehensive and information regarding troop movements/locations and possible environmental hazard exposures was severely lacking. The lack of such baseline data and other information is commonly recognized as a major limitation in the evaluation and understanding of potential causes of the unexplained multi-symptom illnesses, referred...
Halaman 57 - Cole, Clouds of Secrecy: The Army's Germ Warfare Tests over Populated Areas (Totowa, NJ: Rowman & Littlefield, 1988).
Halaman 51 - ... counterparts. Military service is inherently dangerous and certain risks are to be expected. The American Legion believes the Federal government is obligated to provide health care and compensation to those who sustain chronic disabilities as a result of such service. Title 38, United States Code places the burden of proof in establishing a service-connected disability on the veteran and establishing service connection directly impacts the veteran's ability to access VA health care. VA's ability...
Halaman 28 - VHA can now track health care utilization by special groups of veterans such as the veterans who participated in Project SHAD.
Halaman 61 - The health and well-being of the men and women who have put themselves in harm's way in defense of our Nation continues to be one of our foremost concerns and is of great importance to the DAV's more than one million members and their families. During Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, the United States deployed 697,000 military personnel to the Persian Gulf. Serious health concerns related to service in the Persian Gulf were reported as Gulf War veterans began to return home...
Halaman 53 - Moreover, personnel were not provided information conceming vaccines or prescribed medications. Some medications were distributed with little or no documentation or dosage instructions, to include possible side effects or instructions to immediately report unexpected side effects to medical personnel.

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