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Maximum temperature in sun's

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Meteorological Observations.—Table III.

Kew Observatory.





number of


Number of
hours sun
was above
the horizon.




h. m.

120 12
81 18
54 30

h. m.
328 26
264 8
242 55






51 12
44 42
107 24
155 24
130 36
185 24
178 30
119 36

259 7
277 46
366 49
414 33
426 4
494 22
497 17
449 31
377 40


140 5



245 180 281 284 275 193 169 238 165

631 399 695 694 544 469 339 436 463



20 and 21



* Registered by Campbell's sun-dial.
+ Derived from the means of the indications of four black-bulb thermometers in vacuo, read daily at 10 A.M.
I As indicated by Robinson's anemograph, 70 feet above the general surface of ground.

Erratum in Report for 1877, p. 16, note, for “unreduced ” read “ reduced.'

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