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Sugar per 1,000 parts.
By ammoniated cupric






IV. Blood from sheep, in fresh state, with sugar added

After standing for 7 hours at slightly raised

After passage of oxygen for 7 hours at

slightly raised temperature
After passage of carbonic acid for 7 hours at

slightly raised temperature
After passage of hydrogen for 7 hours at

slightly raised temperature
V. Blood of sheep, in fresh state, with sugar added

After standing 64 hours at 100° F.
After the passage of oxygen for 64 hours at

100° F.....
After the passage of carbonic acid for 6}

hours at 100° F.....






VI. Blood from sheep, in fresh state, with sugar

added ..
After standing 64 hours at 100° F...
After the passage of oxygen for 6 hours at

100° F.
After the passage of carbonic acid for 61

hours at 100° F..



1.324 0.667

VII. Blood from 'sheep, in putrid state, with sugar

After standing 6 hours at 100° F.
After the passage of oxygen for 6 hours at

100° F.
After the passage of carbonic acid for 6

hours at 100° F.



VIII. Blood from sheep, in putrid state, with sugar

After standing 6 hours at 100° F.
After the passage of hydrogen for 6 hours

at 100° F.



The following conclusions may be expressed as constituting the issue of the results recorded in this communication :

That the results bearing on the physiology of sugar in relation to the blood derived from the application of the gravimetric process, and given in my former communication to the Royal Society (vol. xxvi, p. 346), are confirmed by those yielded by the ammoniated cupric test, described by me in the “Proceedings,” vol. xxviii, p. 260.

That the disappearance of sugar from the blood after withdrawal from the system takes place in the gradual manner that might be expected from the effect of ordinary decomposition, and presents nothing to support any conclusion regarding the destruction of sugar in the blood as a physiological phenomenon.

That there appears to exist a reducing substance besides sugar in the blood which is of a sufficiently stable character to resist the effects of advanced putrefaction. Expressed as sugar, it amounts to from -200 to 300 per 1,000. These figures, therefore, would appear to require to be deducted from those which have been given as representing the amount of sugar present in the blood.

That the passage of a current of oxygen through the blood does not exert any appreciable effect in the direction of oxidation of the sugar.

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