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1. On the Thermal Conductivity of Water. By J. T. BOTTOMLEY, Lecturer

in Natural Philosophy and Demonstrator in Experimental Physics in the University of Glasgow

462 II. The Preparation in a State of Purity of the Group of Metals known as

the Platinum Series, and Notes upon the Manufacture of Iridio-Platinum. By GEORGE MATTHEY

463 III. On the Reversal of the Lines of Metallic Vapours. No. VI. By G. D.

LIVEING, M.A., Professor of Chemistry, and J. DEWAR, M.A., F.R.S.,
Jacksonian Professor, University of Cambridge

471 IV. Note of the unknown Chromospheric Substance of Young. By G. D.

LIVEING, M.A., Professor of Chemistry, and J. DEwar, M.A., F.R.S.,
Jacksonian Professor, University of Cambridge

475 V. Contributions to Molecular Physics in High Vacua. By WILLIAM CROOKES, F.R.S.

477 VI. Note on a Direct Vision Spectroscope after Thollon's Plan, adapted to

Laboratory use, and capable of giving exact Measurements. By. G. D.
LIVEING, M.A., Professor of Chemistry, and J. DEWAR, M.A., F.R.S.,
Jacksor ian Professor, University of Cambridge


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April 24, 1879.

I. On the nature of the Fur on the Tongue. By HENRY TRENTNAM BUTLIN, F.R.C.S. (Plates 10-13).

484 II. Note on the Supplementary Forces concerned in the Abdominal Circulation in Man. By J. BRAXTON Hicks, M.D., F.R.S.

489 III. Note on the Auxiliary Forces concerned in the Circulation of the Preg.

nant Uterus and its Contents in Woman. By J. BRAXTON Hicks, M.D., F.R.S., F.L.S., &c.


For continuation of Contents see 4th page of the Wrapper.

Price Four Shillings and Sixpence.

Transactions (continued).

Tome II. Faune du Calcaire Carbonifère de la Belgique, par
L. G. de Koninck (avec un Atlas.) Folio. Bruxelles 1877–78.

The Museum. London :-Physical Society. Proceedings. Vol. II. Part V. 8vo. 1879.

The Society. Paris : -Société Francaise de Physique. Séances, Juillet-Décembre 1878. 8vo.

The Society. Trieste :-Società Adriatica di Scienze Naturali. Bollettino. Vol. IV. No. II. 8vo. 1879.

The Society.

Reports, &c.
London :- Army Medical Department. Report for the year 1877.
Vol. XIX. 8vo. 1879.

The Department. Paris :-Bureau des Longitudes. Connaissance des Temps pour l'an 1880. 8vo. 1878. Annuaire. 1879. 12mo.

The Bureau.

Loewy (M.) Ephémérides des Etoiles de culmination lunaire et de Longitude pour 1879. 4to. Paris 1878.

The Author. et F. Perrier. Détermination Télégraphique de la différence de la Longitude entre Paris et l'Observatoire du Depôt de la Guerre à Alger (Colonne Voirol). 4to. Paris 1877.

The Authors. et - Stephan. Détermination de la Différence des Longitudes entre Paris-Marseille et Alger-Marseille. Paris 1878.

The Authors. Siragusa (F. P. C.) L'Anestesia nel Regno Vegetale. 8vo. Palermo 1879.

The Author.

April 3, 1879.

THE PRESIDENT in the Chair.

The Presents received were laid on the table, and thanks ordered for them.

The Right Hon. Richard Assheton Cross, whose certificate had been suspended as required by the Statutes, was balloted for and elected a Fellow of the Society.

Pursuant to notice, Arthur Auwers, Luigi Cremona, Jean Louis VOL. XXVIII.

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