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Transactions (continued).

Jahr 1878. 12mo. Ueber die lateinische Komödie, Festrede von A. Sprengel. 4to. 1878.

The Academy. Vienna :-K. K. Geologische Reichsanstalt.

Jahrbuch. Jahrgang 1878. Band XXVIII. No. 1-3. roy. 8vo. 1878. Verhand. Inngen. 1878. No. 2-13. roy. 8vo.

The Institution.

Chavanne (Josef). Die Sahara, oder von Oase zu Oase. Lief. 6-30. roy. 8vo. Wien 1878.

The Author. Cooper (Alfred J.) The Unequal Distribution of Heat over the Earth’s Surface. 8vo. Liverpool 1878.

The Author. De La Rue (Warren), F.R.S., and Hugo W. Müller, F.R.S. Experi

mental Researches on the Electric Discharge with the Chloride of Silver Battery. Part 2. 4to. 1878.

The Authors. Doberck (W.) Binary Stars. 8vo. London 1878. The Author. Dorna (Alessandro). Indicazioni, Formole e Tavole Numeriche per il

Calcolo delle Effemeridi Astronomiche. 4to. Torino 1878. Maniera di trovare le formole generali per Calcolo della Parallasse nelle co-ordinate di un Astro. 8vo. 1878.

The Author. Ferguson (John). On Universities and Libraries, Teaching and

Examination. Address to the Graduates in Medicine. 8vo. Glasgow 1878. On some relations of Chemistry to Medicine. 8vo. 1878.

The Author. Godwin (G.), F.R.S. On the desirability of obtaining a National

Theatre not wholly controlled by the prevailing popular Taste. 8vo. London 1878.

The Author. Hall (James). Illustrations of Devonian Fossils : Gasteropoda,

Pteropoda, Cephalopoda, Crustacea, and Corals of the Upper
Helderberg, Hamilton and Chemung Groups (Geological Survey

of the State of New York). 4to. Albany 1876. The Author. Hemsley (W. B.) Diagnoses Plantarum novarum vel minus cogni.

tarum Mexicanarum et Centrali Americanarum. Pars prima,

Polypetalæ. 1878. Holden (E. S.) Index Catalogue of Books and Memoirs on the

Transits of Mercury. 8vo. Cambridge, Mass. 1878. The Author Plateau (J.) For Mem. R.S. Bibliograhie Analytique des princi.

paux phénomènes subjectifs de la Vision. Quatrième Section. Irradiation. Cinquième Section. Phénomènes Ordinaires de Contraste. Sixième Section. Ombres Colorées. 4to. Bruxelles. 1877.

The Author. Rodwell (G. F.) Etna: a History of the Mountain and of its Eruptions. 8vo. London 1878.

The Author. Thurston (R. H.) Report on Cold Rolled Iron and Steel. 8vo. Pittsburgh. 1878.

The Author. Presents, December 19. Transactions. London :-Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Proceedings 1873. No. 2 and 3. 8vo.

The Institution. Iron and Steel Institute. Journal. 1878. No. 1. 8vo.

The Institute. New South Wales: Royal Society-Journal and Proceedings. 1877. Vol. XI. 8vo. Sydney 1878.

The Society. Turin:—R. Accademia delle Scienze. Atti, Vol. VIII, pt. 1-8, 1877–8. 8vo. 1877. Memorie, Ser. 2, Tom. XXIX. 4to. 1878.

The Academy.

Reports, &c.
London :-Reports to the Permanent Committee of the first Inter-

national Meteorological Congress at Vienna, on Atmospheric
Electricity, Maritime Meteorology, and Weather Telegraphy.
8vo. 1878.

The Meteorological Council. Royal College of Surgeons of England. Calendar, July 11, 1878. 8vo.

The College. University College. Calendar, Sess. 1878–79. 8vo. 1878.

The College. Paris :-L'Ecole des Mines. Annales des Mines. Tome XIII (livr. 2, 3, 1878), XIV (livr. 4, 5, 1878). 8vo. 1878.

The Ecole. Dépôt des Cartes et Plans de la Marine. Annuaire des Marées

des Côtes de France pour l'an 1879, par MM. Gaussin et Hatt, 12mo. 1878. Annuaire des Marées de la Basse Cochinchine et du Tong-Kin pour l'an 1879. 12mo. 1878. Annales Hydrographiques. 1877. Trim. 1. 1878. Trim. 4. 8vo. Recherches Hydrographiques sur le regime des Côtes. Cahier 3, 4. 4to. 1877. Recherches sur les Chronomètres. Cahier 12. Sro. 1878. Mer de Chine. Partie 3. 8vo. 1877. Golfe de Bengale. 8vo. 1877. Golfe de Gènes. 8vo. 1878.

The Dépôt. Turin :-Osservatorio della Regia Università. Bollettino. Anno

XII (1877). 4to. 1878.

Coutts (J.) The Philosophy of Science, Experience, and Revelation. 12mo. London.

The Author.

December 19, 1878.


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I. Researches on the Absorption of the Ultra-Violet Rays of the Spectrum

by Organic Substances. By W. N. HARTLEY, F. Inst. Chem.,
F.R.S.E., F.C.S., Demonstrator of Chemistry, King's College, London,

and A. K. HUNTINGTON, F. Inst. Chem., A.R.Sc. Mines, F.C.S. 233 II. On the Electromagnetic Theory of the Reflection and Refraction of

Light. By GEORGE FRANCIS FITZGERALD, M.A., Fellow of Trinity
College, Dublin

236 III. On Dry Fog. By E. FRANKLIND, D.C.L., F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry in the Royal School of Mines

238 IV. Note on the Inequalities of the Diurnal Range of the Declination Magnet

as recorded at the Kew Observatory. By Balfour STEWART, F.R.S., Professor of Natural Philosophy in Owens College, Manchester, and WILLIAM DODGSON

241 on Metallic Reflexion. By Sir John Conroy, Bart., M.A..


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V. Some Esperiments

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January 16, 1879.
I. On some points connected with the Anatomy of the skin. By GEORGE
Tuin, M.D. (Plates 2, 3)

251 II. On Hyaline Cartilage and deceptive appearances produced by Reagents,

as observed in the examination of a Cartilaginous Tumour of the
Lower Jaw. By George Tuin, M.D.

. 257 III. Volumetric Estimation of Sugar by an Ammoniated Cupric Test giving

Reduction without Precipitation. By F. W. Pavy, M.D., F.R.S. 260 IV. On the Effect of Strong Induction-Currents upon the Structure of the

Spinal Cord. By William Miller Ord, M.D., F.L.S., Fellow of the

Royal College of Physicians, Physician to St. Thomas's Hospital 265 V. Concluding Observations on the Locomotor System of Medusæ. By



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