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Prusol (Joshua). Dreams of my Solitude on the Life and Mechanism of the Heavens and their hosts. 8vo. Edinburgh 1878.

The Author. Ramsay (A. C.), F.R.S. The Physical Geology and Geography of

Great Britain. Fifth edition. 8vo. London 1878. The Author. Schwendler (Louis). Government Telegraphic Department. Instructions for testing Telegraph Lines. Vol. I. 8vo. London 1878.

The Author. Studnitz (A. von). Gold, or Legal Regulations for the Standard of

Gold and Silver Wares in different countries of the world, translated by Mrs. Brewer, with Notes and Additions by E. W. Streeter. 12mo. London 1877.

The Editor. Wigner (G. W.) The Water Supply of Sea-side Watering-places. 12mo. London 1878.

The Author. Winthrop (R. C.) Correspondence of Hartlib, Haak, Oldenburg, and

others of the founders of the Royal Society, with Governor Winthrop of Connecticut, 1661-1672. 8vo. Boston [U.S.] 1878.

The Editor. Wittstein (G. C.) The Organic Constituents of Plants and Vegetable

Substances, and their Chemical Analysis. Authorised translation by Ferd. von Mueller, F.R.S. 8vo. Melbourne 1878.

The Editor.

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I. On the Illumination of Lines of Molecular Pressure, and the Trajectory of
Molecules. By WILLIAM CROOKES, F.R.S., V.P.C.S.


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IL. On a Machine for the Solution of Simultaneous Linear Equations. By Sir



December 12, 1878.

I. On the Flow of Water in Uniform Régime in Rivers and other Open

Channels. By JAMES THomson, LL.D, D.Sc., F.R.S., and F.R.S.E.,
Professor of Civil Engineering and Mechanics in the University of



II. The Magic Mirror of Japan. Part I. By Professors W. E. AYRTON

and JOHN PERRY, of the Imperial College of Engineering, Japan 127 III. On the Torsional Strain which remains in a Glass Fibre after release from Twisting Stress. By J. HOPKINSON, D.Sc., F.R.S.

148 IV. Note in correction of an Error in the Rev. Dr. Haughton's Paper “ Notes

on Physical Geology. No. V” (“ Proc. Roy. Soc.," vol. xxvii, p. 447).
By the Rev. SAMUEL HAUGHTON, M.D., Professor of Geology in the
University of Dublin, F.R.S.


V. Measurements of Electrical Constants. No. II. On the Specific Induc

tive Capacities of Certain Dielectrics. Part I. By J. E. H. GORDON,
B.A. Camb.


VI. Researches in Spectrum Analysis in connexion with the Spectrum of the San. No. VII. By J. N. LOCKYER, F.R.S.

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