The Book Lover's Tour of Texas

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Taylor Trade Publications, 2004 - 194 halaman
A Book Lover's Tour of Texas takes readers on a literary ride across the Lone Star State. J. Frank Dobie tells true stories of rattlesnakes and buried treasure, Jodi Thomas finds romance in the oilfields, Larry McMurtry recreates the cattle drive, and Kinky Friedman chases bad guys as a former country-western singer. Fans of history, romance, mystery, poetry, and natural science discover reading adventures as well as what to see and do at historical, literary, and ecological sites. Whether touring through reading or on the road, book lovers can use this guide to experience the state of Texas region by region.

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The Book Lover Tours the Panhandles Western Plain
The Book Lover Tours the Southern Plains
The Book Lover Tours the Big Bend and TransPecos
The Book Lover Tours North Central Texas and the Metroplex
The Book Lover Tours Central Texas and the Hill Country
The Book Lover Tours San Antonio the Brush Country and the Rio Grande Valley
The Book Lover Tours Houston and the Gulf Coast
The Book Lover Tours East Texas
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