The Industrial clinic

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Bale & Danielsson, 1920 - 239 halaman

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Halaman 227 - The disease known as miner's nystagmus, whether occurring in miners or others, and whether the symptom of oscillation of the eyeballs be present or not.
Halaman 134 - ... and having a constant supply of warm water from taps or jets above the trough at intervals of not more than two feet ; or (b) at least one lavatory basin for every five such persons, fitted with a waste pipe and plug or placed in a...
Halaman 226 - Dope poisoning (poisoning by tetrachlor-methane or any substance used as or in conjunction with a solvent for acetate of cellulose or nitro cellulose, or its sequelae.
Halaman 226 - Epitheliomatous cancer or ulceration of the skin or of the corneal surface of the eye, due to tar, pitch, bitumen, mineral oil, or paraffin, or any compound, product or residue of any of these substances. 16. Glanders. 17. Compressed air illness or its sequelae. 18. Miners' diseases, including only cellulitis, bursitis, ankylostomiasis, tenosynovitis and nystagmus.
Halaman 112 - During the period between one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise...
Halaman 133 - ... gases, vapors, dust or other impurities generated in the course of the manufacturing process or handicraft carried on therein that may be injurious to health.
Halaman 110 - The placing or shading of lamps so that the light from them does not fall directly on the eyes of an...
Halaman 133 - A factory or workshop shall not be so overcrowded while work is carried on therein as to be injurious to the health...
Halaman 134 - ... a trough with a smooth impervious surface, fitted with a waste pipe without plug, and of such length as to allow at least...
Halaman 136 - Where persons of both sexes are employed, the conveniences for each sex shall be so placed or so screened that the interior shall not be visible, even when the door of any convenience is open, from any place where persons of the other sex have to work or pass ; and, if the conveniences for one sex adjoin those for the other sex, the approaches shall be separate.

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