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P. 4. 1. 13. Lord Orrery, in a letter to Dr. Birch, mentions this as one of the very few inaccuracies in this admirable address, the laurel not being barren in any sense, but bearing fruits and flowers. Boswell's Life, vol. i. p. 160. Edit. 1804.


P. 30. The Plan of an English Dictionary" was written in the year 1747.


P. 67. 1. ult. Dr. Johnson's Dictionary was published on the fifteenth day of April 1755, in two vols. folio, price £.4. 10s. bound. The booksellers who engaged in this National Work were the Knaptons, Longman, Hitch & Co. Millar, and Dodsley. C.

P. 83. 1. 23. assigned:]

"Quærit quod nusquam est gentium, reperit tamen,
"Facit illud verisimile quod mendacium est."

Plauti Pseudolus, Act. I. Sc. iv.


P. 197. 1. ult. Dr. Nugent's Translation was published in 1771, 2 vols. 8vo. by T. Davies. This article, which was first inserted in Dr. Johnson's Works by Sir John Hawkins, I am unwilling to disturb, although it has very little of the Doctor's manner. It is not noticed by Mr. Boswell in his "Chronological Catalogue" of Dr. Johnson's Prose Works.


P. 203. Preliminary Discourse to the London Chronicle.] Dr. Johnson received the humble reward of a guinea from Mr.Dodsley for this composition.


P. 208. 1. ult. add, which appeared in the first volume, 1759. P. 235. Preceptor.] Published in 1748, by Dodsley.

P. 264. 1. ult. add note. Of this preface, Mr. Boswell informs us that Dr Johnson said he never saw Rolt, and never read the book. "The booksellers wanted a preface to a Dictionary of Trade and Commerce. I knew very well what such a dictionary should be, and I wrote a preface accordingly." This may be believed; but the book is a most wretched farrago of articles plundered without acknowledgment, or judgment, which, indeed, was the case with most of Rolt's compilations.


P. 270. Essay on Epitaphs.] This was one of the numerous small pieces Dr. Johnson wrote for the Gentleman's Magazine, and appeared there in 1740.

P. 281. Observations on the State of Affairs in 1756.] Published first in the Literary Magazine, No IV. from July 15, to August 15, 1756. This periodical work was published by Richardson in Paternoster-Row, but was discontinued about two years after. Dr. Johnson wrote many articles, which have been enumerated by Mr. Boswell, and there are others which I should be inclined to attribute to him from internal evidence.


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