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November 1, 1877. Sir: I have the honor to submit the following report of the opera. tions of this bureau during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1877.


Requisitions registered, journalized, and posted.

Op what account drawn.

Debit requisi. Credit requi. tions, 3,294. sitions, 663.

Pay Department..
Ordnance Department
Medical Department.
Quartermaster's Department.
Adjutant-General's Department..
Appropriations under control of Secretary of War.
Expenses of Commanding General's Office
Soldiers' Home..
National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers.
Special acts of relief by Congress...
Indiau Department
Transfer and counter requisitions, issued for the purpose of adjusting

appropriations, carrying amounts to and from the books of the Third
Auditor's Oflice, &c


[blocks in formation]

Net amount drawn from the Treasury by requisitions registered in this

office from July 1, 1876, to June 30, 1877

20,958, 904 96

Appropriation warrants.

Credits, 42.

In favor of appropriations of the-
Pay Department
Ordnance Department...
Medical Departinent
Adjutant-General's Department.
Quartermaster's Department...
War Department, (under control of Secretary of War).

$13, 571, 252 85 1,549, 488 07

492, 215 56 2:22, 060 61 606, 000 00 108,066 10

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Balance to the credit of all appropriations July 1, 1876
Amount credited by appropriation-wartauts during the fiscal year end.

ing June 30, 1877..
Amonnt credited by requisitions during the same period .
Amount credited through Third Auditor's Office to appropriations used
in common by both offices...


[blocks in formation]

Amount debited to appropriations by transfer and surplus-fund warrants

during tie fiscal year ending June 30, 1877.
Ainonnt drawų from appropriations by requisition during the same

period Aniount drawn through the Third Auditor's Ofiice from appropriations

used in common by both offices Balance remaining to the credit of all appropriations on the books of

this otlice June 30, 1877

[blocks in formation]


22, 070, 169 6310, 690, 188 98

Settlements made, chiefly for the purpose of adjustirig appropriations, 10; amount involved, $705,299.47.

19 181 59

344 1,732


Settlements entered.
Arrears of pay..
Charges on account of overpayments...
Charges and credits on account of ordnance property sold or lost by employés..
Charges to officers for overpayments made on erroneous musters.
Credits for refundments
Contingencies of the Army, disbursing accounts.
Clains, war, $206,782.58..
Claims, Ir dian, $3,500,925,17
Freedmen's branch, Adljutaut-General's Office, disbursing accounts
Indian agents' disbursing accounts...
Medical prurveyors and storekeepers' disbursing accounts
National Honie for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers disbursing accounts.
Ordance officers' and storekeepeis' disbursing accounts..
Paymasters' disbursing accounts
Proceeds of government property
Recruiting-officers' disbursing accounts
Removing suspensions, closing accounts, &c...
Removing charges against officers for supposed overpayments, &c
Special acts of relief by Congress
Soldiers' Home....
Transfers to Third Auditor.
Transfers to Fourth Auditor


15 81 3


3 438

During the year the sum of $2,354.45 has been recovered from 24 exIndian agents, and $228.37 from 10 recruiting-officers, to close their accounts on the books of this office. Six transcripts of charges for double payments have been prepared for suit, 72 bonds of disbursingofficers have been registered, 855 certificates of deposit have been listed, 537 certificates of non-indebteduess have been issued, and 1,222 letters written.

The work of this division shows a marked increase compared with last year, as the following items indicate:

[blocks in formation]

Five hundred and eighteen paymasters' accounts have been andited and reported to the Second Comptroller since June 30, 1876, and 787 miscellaneous settlements made. Seventeen paymasters' accounts have been finally closed, as follows: In thirteen cases the balances due the United States aggregated $7,618.20, and that amount was recovered by suit and deposited in the Treasury. In four cases the paymasters were found to be creditors to the extent of $4,789.17, and that amount was paid them. The accounts of eight paymasters have been prepared for suit, the amount at issue being $36,979.56, chiefly on account of ba nces due the United States by paymasters who left the service in 1861.

The amount involved in the above mentioned accounts and settlements is $12,939,155.21, as follows: Disbursements, as per paymasters' accounts.

$12, 604, 998 41 Payment of stoppages and fines to the Soldiero' Home

120, 563 12 Amount stopped from the pay of enlisted men for tobacco furnished

by the Subsistence Department, and transferred to the credit of that department on the Third Auditor's books....

118, 334 84 Amount charged to regular and volunteer officers for double payments. 29, 834 22 Amount charged to officers and men for over-payments.

6, 060 34 Amount of over-payments and double payments refunded

11,067 06 Amount stopped from the pay of officers and men for subsisterce and

quartermaster's stores, transportation, &c., and transferred to the credit of the proper appropriations on the Tbird Auditor's books.... 11,810 07 Miscellaneous charges, credits, and transfers...

6, 446 55. Total......

12, 939, 155 21

There were 144 paymasters' accounts on hand July 1, 1876, 529 were received and 518 settled during the year, leaving 155 on hand June 30, 1877. One thousand one hundred and sixteen letters were received, briefed, and entered, and 1,318 written.


Two thousand two hundred and seven accounts and claims pertaining to the Ordnance and Medical Departments, contingencies of the Army, Commanding General's Office, contingencies of the Adjutant-General's Department, regular and volunteer recruiting, local bounty, National

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