The Canadian Banking System, 1817-1890, Volume 10,Masalah 1-6

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American Economic Association, 1895 - 476 halaman

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Halaman 36 - English race in the government and the legal profession, their own superior energy, skill, and capital, secured to them in every branch of industry. They have developed the resources of the country ; they have constructed or improved its means of communication ; they have created its internal and foreign commerce. The entire wholesale, and a large portion of the retail, trade of the province, with the most profitable and flourishing farms, are now in the hands of this numerical minority of the population...
Halaman 246 - ... led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention. Nor is it always the worse for the society that it was no part of it.
Halaman 31 - ... thereof, .promising the payment of money to any person or persons, his. her or their order, or to bearer...
Halaman 116 - Assets. Coin and Bullion ... Landed or other property of the Corporation ..... Government Securities . . Promissory Notes or Bills of other Banks Balances due from other Banks Notes and Bills Discounted, or other Debts due to the Corporation, not included under the foregoing heads, and exclusive of Debts abandoned us bad ...., Total Average Assets Amount of Bill Income Tax 13.
Halaman 114 - All Promissory Notes of the Company, whether issued from the Principal Establishment or from Branch Banks, to bear date at the place of issue, and to be payable on demand in Specie at the place of dte.
Halaman 350 - Incorporated" is added. Persons committing an offence against the Bank Act are liable to a fine not exceeding $1,000, or imprisonment not exceeding five years, or both.
Halaman 345 - ... are hereby assigned to the said Bank as security for the payment on or before the day of of the said advance, together with interest thereon at the rate of .... per...
Halaman 340 - The propriety of making the banks liable for each other, was suggested by the regulations of the Hong merchants in Canton, where a number of men, each acting separately, have, by the grant of the government, the exclusive right of trading with foreigners, and are all made liable for the debts of each in case of failure.
Halaman 126 - Special Conditions upon which the Company is empowered to open Banking Establishments or to issue and circulate Promissory Notes, to forfeit those privileges, which shall cease and determine upon such forfeiture as if the period for which they had been granted had expired.
Halaman 332 - Finance a sum equal to 24 per cent, of the average amount of its notes in circulation during the twelve months preceding the date of the act ••'ing into force.

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