Annual Report on the Statistics of Railways in the United States

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1921-1942 contain abstracts of periodical reports.

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Halaman 47 - Stone, sand, and other like articles Other products of mines . Total .... Products of Forests: Lumber ..... Other products of foreste . . Total .... Manufactures: Petroleum and other oils . Sugar ..... Naval stores .... Iron, pig and bloom . Iron...
Halaman 66 - Ad valorem tax. On the value of stocks or bonds, or on valuation based on earnings, dividends, or other results of operation.
Halaman 3 - Annual Report on the Statistics of Railways in the United States...
Halaman 205 - Damage to property Damage to stock on right of way Injuries to persons Operating joint tracks and facilities — Dr. . . . Operating joint tracks and facilities — Cr...
Halaman 64 - On the Value of Stocks or Bonds, or on Valuation Based on Earnings, Dividends, or other Results of Operation...
Halaman 341 - Total Freight Revenue Average Amount Received for Each Ton of Freight Average Receipts per Ton per Mile. . Freight Revenue per Mile of Road...
Halaman 267 - Enginehouse expenses — road Fuel for road locomotives Water for road locomotives Lubricants for road locomotives Other supplies for road locomotives.. Road trainmen Train supplies and expenses Interlockers and block and other signals — operation Crossing flagmen and gatemen Drawbridge operation Clearing wrecks * Telegraph and telephone — operation..
Halaman 46 - Iron, pig and bloom Iron and steel rails Other castings and machinery Bar and sheet metal Cement, brick and lime Agricultural implements Wagons, carriages, tools, etc. Wines, liquors and beers Household goods and furniture MERCHANDISE MISCELLANEOUS Other commodities not previously mentioned Total 352,439 53,910 44,598 380 193,016 162,454 121,957 185,582 129,167 9,969 5,434 62,629 8,8?
Halaman 66 - ... equipment, or roadbed arising from the operation of such railroad under such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the said Commission, which report shall state the nature and causes thereof and the circumstances connected therewith: Provided, That hereafter all said carriers shall be relieved from the duty of reporting accidents in their annual financial and operating reports made to the Commission.
Halaman 268 - Avenge number of freight cars per train-mile, Average number of loaded cars per train-mile, Average number of empty cars per train-mile, Average mileage operated during year _ 80,493 3,219 37 73 1.1 — 9 17 1.84 11.40 73.42 9.42 6.45 2 98 25.00 1 3.4,2m 1.331 73 92 38 IM CLASSIFICATION.

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