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the Guide, we call in by name, for that they are most subject to draw back; but as for you, and the rest that are strong, we leave you to your wonted liberty. Then said Mr. Great-heart, This day I see that grace doth shine in your faces, and that you are my Lord's Shepherds indeed; for that you have not pushed these diseased neither with side nor shoulder, but have rather strewed their way into the Palace with flowers, as you should."

So the feeble and weak went in, and Mr. Great-heart and the rest did follow. When they were also set down, the Shepherds said to those of the weaker sort, What is it that you would have? for, said they, all things must be managed here to the supporting of the weak, as well as to the warning of the unruly.

So they made them a feast of things easy of digestion, and that were pleasant to the palate, and nourishing; the which when they had received, they went to their rest, each one respectively unto his proper place. When morning was come, because the Mountains were high, and the day clear, and because it was the custom of the Shepherds to shew the Pilgrims, before their departure, some rarities, therefore, after they were ready, and had refreshed themselves, the Shepherds took them out into the fields, and shewed them first what they had shewn to Christian before.

Then they had them to some new places: the first was Mount Marvel, where they looked, and beheld a man at a distance, that tumbled the hills about with words. Then they asked the Shepherds, what that should mean? So they told them,


5 Ezek. xxxiv. 21.



that that man was the son of one Mr. Great-grace, of whom you read in the First Part of the Records of the Pilgrim's Progress; and he is set there to teach Pilgrims how to believe down, or to tumble out of their ways, what difficulties they should meet with, by faith. Then said Mr. Great-heart, I know him; he is a man above many.

Then they had them to another

place, called Mount Innocence ; and there they saw a man clothed all in white; and two men, Prejudice and Ill-will, continually casting dirt upon him. Now, behold, the dirt, whatsoever they cast at him, would in a little time fall off again, and his garment would look as clear as if no dirt had been cast thereat.

Then said the Pilgrims, What means this? The Shepherds answered, This man is named Godly-man, and this garment is to shew the innocency of his life. Now those that throw dirt at him are such as hate his well-doing ; but, as you see, the dirt will not stick upon

his clothes : so it shall be with him that liveth innocently in the world. Whoever they be that would make such men dirty, they labour all in vain; for God, by that a little time is spent, will cause that their innocence shall break forth as the light, and their righteousness as the noon-day.

Then they took them, and had them

to Mount Charity, where they shewed them a man that had a bundle of cloth lying before him, out of which he cut coats and garments for the poor that stood about him; yet his bundle, or roll of cloth, was never the less.

6 Mark xi. 23, 24.



Then said they, What should this be? This is, said the Shepherds, to shew you, that he who has a heart to give of his labour to the poor shall never want wherewithal. He that watereth shall be watered himself. And the cake that the widow gave to the Prophet did not cause that she had the less in her barrel.

They had them also to the place where they saw

one Fool and one Want-wit washing an Ethiopian, with ONE WANT-wit. intention to make him white; but the more they washed him, the blacker he was. Then they asked the Shepherds, What that should mean? So they told them, saying, Thus it is with the vile person; all means used to get such a one a good name shall, in conclusion, tend but to make him more abominable. Thus it was with the Pharisees, and so it shall be with all hypocrites.

Then said Mercy, the wife of Matthew, to Christiana her mother, Mo- MIND TO SEE THE ther, I would, if it might be, see the HOLE IN THE HILL. hole in the hill, or that commonly called the By-way to Hell. So her mother brake her mind to the Shepherds. Then they went to the door, it was on the side of a hill; and they opened it, and bid Mercy hearken a while. So she hearkened, and heard one saying, “ Cursed be my father, for holding of my feet back from the way of peace and life:” and another said, “ Oh that I had been torn in pieces, before I had, to save my life, lost my soul !” and another said, “ If I were to live again, how would I deny myself, rather than come to this place !” Then there was as if the


very earth had groaned and quaked under the feet of this young woman for fear; so she looked white, and came trembling away, saying, Blessed be he and she that is delivered from this place.

Now when the Shepherds had shewn them all these things, then they had them back to the Palace, and entertained them with what the house would afford. But Mercy, being a young and breeding woman, longed MERCY LONGETA,

for something that she saw there, but AND FOR WHAT. was ashamed to ask. Her mother-inlaw then asked her what she ailed ? for she looked as one not well. Then said Mercy, There is a lookingglass hangs up in the dining-room, off which I cannot take my mind; if therefore I have it not, I think I shall miscarry. Then said her mother, I will mention thy wants to the Shepherds, and they will not deny it thee. But she said, I am ashamed that these men should know that I longed. Nay, my daughter, said she, it is no shame, but a virtue, to long for such a thing as that; so Mercy said, Then, mother, if you please, ask the Shepherds if they are willing to sell it. Now the glass was one of a thousand. It would

present a man one way, with his own WORD OF GOD. features exactly, and turn it but another way, and it would shew one the very face and similitude of the Prince of Pilgrims Himself. Yes, I have talked with them that can tell, and they have said that they have the very crown of thorns


His head, by looking in that glass; they have therein also seen the holes in His hands, His feet, and His side. Yea, such an excellency is there in this glass, that it will shew Him to one where they have a mind to see Him, whether



living or dead; whether in earth or in heaven ; whether in a state of humiliation, or in his exaltation; whether coming to suffer, or coming to reign.7

Christiana, therefore, went to the Shepherds apart, (now the names of the Shepherds were Knowledge, Experience, Watchful, and Sincere,) and said unto them. There is one of my daughters, a breeding woman, that I think doth long for something that she hath seen in this house, and she thinks she shall miscarry, if she should by you be denied.

Experience. Call her, call her; she shall assuredly have what we can help her to. So they called her, and said to her, Mercy, what is that thing thou wouldst have? Then she blushed, and said, SHE DOTH NOT The great glass that hangs up in the LOSE HER LONGING. dining-room; so Sincere ran and fetched it, and, with a joyful consent, it was given her. Then she bowed her head, and gave thanks, and said, By this I know that I have obtained favour in your eyes.

They also gave to the other young women such things as they desired, and to their husbands great commendations, for that they had joined with Mr. Greatheart in the slaying of Giant Despair, and the demolishing of Doubting Castle.

About Christiana's neck the Shepherds put a bracelet, and so did they HERDS ADORN about the necks of her four daughters; also they put ear-rings in their ears, and jewels on their foreheads.

When they were minded to go hence, they let them go in peace,


not to them those certain cau



71 Cor. xiii. 12. 2 Cor. iii. 18.

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