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Thx undersigned were appointed by the General Assembly, to prepare, and cause to be published, an edition of the Public and Private Laws of this state. An edition of the form. er bas been printed and distributed, but the latter has been retarded by causes not within the control of those to whom this duty was confided. The doubt which arose in the construction of the Resolve of 1835, (as to the Private Acts) and which has been removed by the more definite and explanatory one of 1836; the very arduous labor of examining the Public and Private Legislation of forty-seven years; and the collecting therefrom, and arranging for the press, all the laws which were required by the Resolve, constitute our apology for the


By the latter Resolve, liberty was conferred, to omit those preambles which were not ne. cessary to a full knowledge of the extent of the rights and duties created by the succeeding Acts and Resolves relative to them. This has been done in every case in which this power could be with safety and propriety executed; and in those in which preambles were necessary, those which were on Record have been carefully abridged and prefixed. These, it is hoped, contain every fact necessary to be known, in construing the Law, either by the citizen or jurist.

In some instances, where the names of the corporators or subject matter of the Act were expressed, both in the Preamble and the Resolve, and words contained in the Resolve referred merely to the names or subject in the Preamble, these words of reference and the Preamble have both been omitted. This has not produced any ambiguity, but has excluded an unnecessary repetition.

In the preparation for the press, great care has been taken to arrange the various Acte and Resolves under distinct and appropriate titles. These are published in alphabetical or. der, and the Acts and Resolves which compose them, have received a similar collocation. The date of every act is prefixed, and whenever two or more Acts regarding the same subject, are published, they appear in chronological succession.

To have arranged and published all the Acts passed at the same session of the Legisla. ture by themselves, and under each year of their enactment, would have required less time, and superceded the most intricate part of our labor. It is believed however, that such a work would have been more complicated and less useful than this is in its present form. Now the reader is presented with every Law relating to the same subject matter, in consecutive and chronological order, and every one of a similar nature, under the same title.

In a few instances, Public Acts have been added at the close of the title, for the informa. tion of those officers, who are required, by Statute, to perform some public duty not enjoined by the regulations of the corporation to which they may belong.

Notice has been taken of private corporations which do not now exist. The times when their charters were granted and revoked are briefly stated; and if they have never been or. ganized, this is also mentioned.

The compacts between our adjoining sister States, regarding our boundary lines, and the surveys of those lines have been inserted in an appendix,

In a publication so complicated and voluminous, no one could reasonably expect that errors would not occur. To guard against such errors, as far as possible, the proof sheets have all been compared with the Record, under the immediate supervision of the Secretary of State.

Although some imperfections have undoubtedly intervened, the public are assured that our unremitting exertions have been directed to the great object which the Legislature had in view, and we cannot but hope that the volume will be found as useful as its projectors anticipated.


Hartford, October 1st, 1837.

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