Federal Crop Insurance: Hearing Before ..., 80-1 on S. 1326 ..., June 20, 1947

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Halaman 3 - ... to determine such controversies without regard to the amount in controversy: Provided, That no suit on such claim shall be allowed under this section unless the same shall have been brought within one year after the date when notice of denial of the claim is mailed to and received by the claimant.
Halaman 4 - ... (b) In the performance of, and with respect to, the functions, powers, and duties vested in him by this Act the Administrator may — "(1) sue and be sued in any court of record of a State having general jurisdiction, or in any United States district court, and jurisdiction is conferred upon such district court to determine such controversies without regard to the amount in controversy : Provided, That no attachment, injunction, garnishment, or other similar process, mesne or final, shall be...
Halaman 3 - States district court, or institute proceedings for review in any court of record of the State having general jurisdiction, sitting in the county or the district in which his farm is located, for the purpose of obtaining a review of such determination.
Halaman 4 - That the management of the Corporation shall be vested in a board of directors, consisting of...
Halaman 4 - Vacancies in the board so long as there shall be two members in office shall not impair the powers of the board to execute the functions of the Corporation, and two of the members in office shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of the board.
Halaman 2 - Such insurance shall be against loss of the insured commodity due to unavoidable causes, including drought, flood, hail, wind, frost, winterkill, lightning, fire, excessive rain...
Halaman 4 - ... (c) , may sue and be sued in its corporate name in any court of competent jurisdiction. State or Federal...
Halaman 2 - ... in areas and under circumstances where it is customary to reseed. Such insurance shall cover not less than 50 or more than 75 per centum, to be determined by the Board, of the recorded or appraised average yield of wheat...
Halaman 2 - The Board may limit or refuse insurance in any county or area, or on any farm, on the basis of the insurance risk involved.
Halaman 2 - Commencing with the wheat . . . crops planted for harvest in 1945" is empowered "to insure, upon such terms and conditions not inconsistent with the provisions of this title as it may determine, producers of wheat . . . against loss in yields due to unavoidable causes, including drought.

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